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Praise for Inspiring Speech, But Progressives Warn Against Folly of Oprah 2020 Calls


Praise for Inspiring Speech, But Progressives Warn Against Folly of Oprah 2020 Calls

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The answer to Trump is "to elevate politicians who do the politics better than the other guys"—not wealthy celebrities


Here, here! Couldn’t have said it better. This lack of imagination on the part of many in the Democratic establishment just shows how totally intellectually and morally bankrupt the institutional party has become, and why they need to die and go the way of the Whigs into the ash heap of history. Please, all progressives need to come together under a different banner to bring forth a candidate or candidates who are vastly more progressive and qualified for office at all levels. Let us use the ballot access of the Green Party to help make this happen in 2018 and 2020.


Nothing but bread and circuses in the USA nowadays. The USA Empire is going down in flames, but god knows how much damage it will inflict upon its way. The future is looking rather grim. Or should I say Grimm.


“You get an arms deal! And you, and you and you and you all get an arms deal!”


Again: Isn’t it time for a Constitutional amendment calling for the "SEPARATION OF CELEBRITY AND STATE"?!


Exactly!! The writer nails the state of the country’s sad situation and attraction to stoopid electoral choices perfectly.


Oprah? Who the hell is Oprah? ( I am NOT being disrespectful to blacks and women )

Honestly, I’m just not a fan of billionaires, period.


The follow-up to George Bush was Obama, who, despite the phony inclusiveness of his language & marketing, carried forward & broadened the all the worst Bush policies. Obama brought the war on terror to Africa & Syria, quadrupled drone strikes, made mass surveillance universal & ‘legal,’ and gave permanent amnesty to the bankers.

Likewise, Oprah would be a logical choice to re-brand all the horribleness of the Trump years with phony identity politics. Like Trump, she is a plutocrat, demagogue & narcissist of the first order. But unlike Trump, she is ‘nice.’


Loved her speech, but make no mistake, Oprah is a die hard neoliberal and stalwart defender of the status quo. She preaches a gospel of self-help and self-improvement. Her fans eat it up. Yup, with the right education, friends, social contacts, hard work, blah, blah, blah, you, too, can realize the Great American Dream (just like me). Her message is never about challenging the system; it’s all about adapting to the system. It’s a gentler, more inspiring version of the Republican philosophy that if you’re poor, it’s your own damn fault.

Can’t help but believe that the Democratic party elite is swooning at the prospect of an Oprah candidacy. If it comes to pass, as a woman, I’ll be branded a traitor for not supporting her. Here we go, again.


Oprah is another snake oil salesman. Didn’t she bring Dr, Phil and Dr. Oz to the addicted, non-thinking, afternoon television viewers?


Always happy to read someone’s post who is AWAKE!


Sounds like you are saying she is just another NEO-liberal hypocrite? Probably right. Let’s hope we never have to find out, eh?


Another CD poster put this up recently. It’s worth a read.


No you won’t. Misogyny is not even an issue as to why she shouldn’t even be considered.


I would correct that to read, “Unlike Trump she is a Woman. Of Color”. Just to keep up the Hillary campaign strategy. Looks like 8 years of Trump.


Hope this trial balloon bursts quickly.


Let’s quit talking about it then. Oprah has no desire and smart enough to know better. Power corrupts.


“Praise for Inspiring Speech, But Progressives Warn Against Folly of Oprah 2020 Calls”

Another great piece Jake Johnson—thank you.

Though “folly” is putting it mildly. We are talking about the collapse of an empire here which may bring down most life on the planet as it implodes.

The fact that Oprah as president has been a headline in most MSM sources is yet another example of how low the media + the duopoly + a huge % of dumbed down Americans (who are licking this up) has sunk.

To top it off we have Bill Kristol tweeting (and much more) ‘I’m With Her’ on possible Oprah 2020 bid.

Have we hit rock bottom yet? I fear that we have not.

A slight digression: anyone familiar with Morris Berman (Why America Failed)and his group of followers called WAFERS?

The question of “why America failed” needs to extend to why humans failed (no good acronym for that!).

Obviously what happens in the u.s. does not stay in the u.s. ----- the collapse of the u.s. and all that is being vomited up by Trumpism and u.s. oligarchy is a global emergency.

The current euphoria re: Oprah 2020 punctuates the state of pathology that is the u.s.-----this is surreal. I wish it were as simple as “Why America Failed” . . tragically we are on a trajectory of ecocide which will extend beyond u.s. borders.


Oprah Winfrey.

The Bernie Sanders of News and Entertainment.


Caveats about mass movements and the dynamics were beautifully articulated by Eric Hoffer in The True Believer and today well worth revisiting. Because the predation of late-stage capitalism is so all pervasive - into all aspects of life, it is extremely hard to elevate and maintain conceptual resonance with the necessities ad nitty gritty of engaging functional society.

Putting [false] names to what we are seeing is the master stroke of the billion dollar Mad Ave machine. Hoffer and many others conscientiously cut through the BS.


“Propaganda … serves more to justify ourselves than to convince others; and the more reason we have to feel guilty, the more fervent our propaganda.”

“There is perhaps no surer way of infecting ourselves with virulent hatred toward a person than by doing him a grave injustice.”

“Things which are not" are indeed mightier than “things that are”. In all ages men have fought most desperately for beautiful cities yet to be built and gardens yet to be planted.”
― Eric Hoffer, The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements