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Praise for Progressive 'Torchbearer' Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Takedown of 'Career Politician' Joe Crowley


Praise for Progressive 'Torchbearer' Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Takedown of 'Career Politician' Joe Crowley

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Progressives praised U.S. House primary candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez—"a torchbearer for the progressive movement"—for her performance Friday night in a debate against Rep. Joe Crowley, a powerful player in the Democratic Party's establishment and longtime representative of New York's 14th District.


A huge BRAVA to Alexandria!

When the issues that are called “progressive” are fully examined and supported by candidates without any quibbling or hesitation or BS smarmy evasions like establishment DINO’s, the people will see the truth! Those issues are American, human, Common Good issues, that benefit all people, our republic, our common environment and our civilian society rather than the for-profit war-machine, greed, usury, pollution, and exploitation - the Common Good rather than common greed and the vulture capitalism that has our society and political processes by the throat - made wage and debt/interest slaves of the 99% to enrich the few beyond bounds of decency.

Our laws ostensibly Of, By, and For the people, now subverted to of,by, and for the most predatory financial/economic/corporate and military special interests in our national sphere, with government dominated and coerced by the most despicable excuses for human beings!

When we see candidates of great courage and integrity running and winning on the issues, like Alexandria we must have hope and support them! In NY especially political corruption runs very deep, including the DP, and must be exposed as complicit to the scams and usury and defeated!

The vulture capitalist vision and MO is a malignant cancer on NY, the nation and world that values nothing other than the worship and endless quest for “growth” (that BS catch-all), power, and profits uber alles! ENOUGH!

GO Alexandria!


She lost me when she said Praised Rep. Jose Serrano. I think we all know by now, that democrats say the right thing when running for office, but I’ve learned that most of them are beholden to corporations. I don’t get swayed by rhetoric. I’m still waiting for the next Eugene V. Debs.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demonstrated exactly why corporatist Democratic incumbents like Joe Crowley need to be replaced with progressives who will actually fight for legislation that will help the working people in their districts.

“Ocasio-Cortez is campaigning on a long list of progressives stances, including: mobilizing against climate change, improving the federal government’s failed response to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, advancing LGBTQIA+ and women’s rights, and abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a federal agency that has been widely denounced for terrorizing immigrant communities and separating asylum-seeking families at the nation’s Southern border.”



The issue with the Democratic part in the USA, just as it is with the Parties deemed “left” here in Canada, is not the individual Candidate that might run under that banner.

It is the systemic corruption of Party Politics and how the apparatus of the given Party act to corrupt or compromise that individual voice. Critiques of the true Progressives within a given party , just as happens here on these boards, start first to advocate for realism and compromise. They claim one can not be a “purist” and in order to get the deal done some principles or ideals must be surrendered.

One of these is “surrendered” after another in “You give us this and we will give you that” type exchange. “Ok we will work to protect abortion rights but please pull your Bill asking for an end of the US presence in Syria”. "Ok we will work for a minimum wage increase , but you have to allow our “welfare reform Bill”.

This very much like the Martin Niemoller article “first they came for the Socialists…”. Afer a few years in Politics under what is the corrupt banner of that party, the person who entered with Progressive Credentials has compromised those principles and ideals to the point they are no longer distinguishable from the members they sought to replace.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the one! “Medicare for all” - EXPANDED & IMPROVED! Yes! (Not the current worthless LBJ version of Medicare): not single-payer - not universal, uses private-for-profit-corporation insurance providers and uses captive HMO providers - infested with corporate waste. Abolish I.C.E. - A BIG, YES! - Free public College and University Tuition (And a “Jubilee” for the $1.4-trillion currently owed by students). $15 and a Union. I added a little to what she actually said, but it’s what We the People are expecting - NOW - not in some magical future. I’d recommend substituting “honorable” for “proud”, too. The Plantation establishment repubs and wall street dems like using “proud” a lot. Just my opinion, but shared with a lota people n these horrific Climate Change days, going forward.


The greatest “compromise” nearly all U.S. progressive Dems continue to make is that they refuse to recognize (or even support) the most powerful imperial nation in human history and accept its Permanent War status.

Ocasio-Cortez seems to be one of these. A daughter of an immigrant mom, she rightfully calls for abolishing ICE and aiding Puerto Rico, but she simply does mention any human beings outside of her identity groups.

This means at least two things that will lead to progressive failure:

  1. The U.S.-led Permanent War against nearly all of humanity is wrong and immoral on every level;

  2. The U.S.-led Permanent War against nearly all humanity mathematically guarantees domestic austerity and a general inability to win and fund progressive programs as we continue to descend into fascism.

Call me a purist, but I cannot accept a politician - even as great-sounding and with the biography of Ocasio-Cortez - as long she continues to look away from the central realities of U.S. imperialism and militarism.


Quite frankly ANY Politician running that is not calling for a 50 percent cut in US MIlitary spending and demanding all of those bases be dismantled the world over and the troops brought back to the USA is not a Progressive in my books.


we have JOVANKA BECKLES, who is running for an open seat in the California state legislature, who came in #2, in a top 2 race, the primary on the 5th, in a field of 15. JOVANKA too is a breath of fresh air, knows her constituents, has served the Richmond City Council as a member and a vice mayor and took NO CORPORATE MONEY, is supported by OUR REVOLUTION, Bernie’s organization and won her right to be in this race through the most progressive agenda and a coalition of grass roots organizations, headed by the Richmond Progressive Alliance and strongly campaigned for by the Democratic Socialists of America East Bay chapter, in the Bay area of California. these are exciting times folks, showing us that things will change when we come out and fight and organize for what we say we believe in and want. Now we face the monied interests who tried to defeat Jovanka in the primary, including the candidate they shoved down our throats, the woman who never held any elective office, but rather worked in the white house under the former president, wrapped her arms around him and every person of color she could find as a white woman running against a strong woman of color and others. Women of color must lead the way. So glad to read about Ocasio-Cortez! May she succeed in her efforts and may she and Jovanka eventually meet up in Congress!


So you think Crowley is a better choice? He voted for the Iraq War, and he voted against requiring Congressional approval before sending U.S. forces to Libya. http://www.ontheissues.org/NY/Joseph_Crowley_War_+_Peace.htm


From the primaries that have so far been held it appears most Democratic voters are voting for the candidate who they think has best chance of winning in the general election but this looks like a safe district so I think Ocasio-Cortez will win. I don’t think the DNC, Chuck Schumer, etc are concerned about a Republican victory in this district.


Nowhere did I say Crowley a better choice. Your rebuttal is strawman.

I am suggesting that due to the nature of the Democratic party and its underlying corruption Oscario Cortez will be another Crowley in a few years time.


If Oscario Cortez were only running as a Green Party candidate she’d be awesome. Of course, if she said she’s " a greenie " in Queens, voters would assume she was from Mars and held a work visa. Then they’d escort her back to the spaceship.
If she ran as " a greenie " though, she be called a Miniature Collie by Glen Ford, et al. The Greens-In-Charge just can’t understand politics is defined as " the art of the possible ".
The Green Party definition of politics is, apparently, " if it has 4 legs and barks at all, the fire hydrants’ voice is not being heard, here. Who represents their oppressive conditions. "


She is very articulate and has promise if she can rid her platform of the propaganda that is so common in political parties.


Ther is only one way to explain such “purism” that would cause you to refuse to vote (if you lived in Queens) for Ms. Ocasio-Cortez. And that is that you are so self absorbed and narcissistic that you really don’t give a flying fuck about humanity.

Although, strangely enough, your “purism” over “the most powerful imperial nation in human history” does not seem to affect your support of murderous savages like Assad and Putin in Syria - who are committing, in objective, quantitative terms, far worse atrocities against humanity than the US is doing at present.

Please get psychiatric help.


In my lifetime (my friends call me ‘Fossil’ for a reason :wink: I’ve seen plenty of activist-turned-candidate-turned-politician individuals who at some point dropped their torch when they let themselves be absorbed by the corrupt political system. I am not holding my breath…


So you’d rather vote for a corrupt clown, who helped Hillary steal the nomination from Bernie and thus elect Trump? STFU.


At your age can you even hold your breath? Try a respirator or an iron lung, if not.
Then, if all else fails, hold your nose and become a mouth breather.
BTW- What’s the weather look like in 2020? In Queens and Washington, D.C., specifically?


New Progressives will get my vote any day over these corrupt Democrats who have screwed us time and time again by voting with Repugs on Bills that harm us.


Bravo! This passionate articulate young woman needs support. More than that, the 14th district of NY needs this young woman. Mid-western interested onlooker, but what pleasure it would give this old white guy to support and work for the young woman who is committed to work for me as she prioritizes making government work for the people. One at a time - truth will win.