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Praising Sanders for His Call to Ban Law Enforcement Using Facial Recognition Tools, Digital Rights Group Urges All Presidential Hopefuls to Follow Suit

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/19/praising-sanders-his-call-ban-law-enforcement-using-facial-recognition-tools-digital

Yep, He’s still on my side.

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Like the death penalty, in the hands of politically driven prosecutors and overzealous policing agencies, there’s high probability for abuse, here.
" Charge 'em all and let the gods sort it out " is some pretty sketchy legal reasoning, as well.

Not Highly probable - Definitely WILL be used by every business, Church, local government, spouse, parent, that can get their hands on it.

“Vox: Bernie Sanders said he would ban police use of facial recognition as part of his plan for criminal justice reform - a stance that could influence other 2020 candidates who have voiced concern about the technology to do the same.”

Of course it will influence them, that’s what most of them have been doing all along, stealing Bernie’s ideas once they become popular. Warren has had a few of her own, but beyond that, the rest are just riding his coat tails (except Biden, he’s still in right field). The question is how many of them will follow through with these ideas if their elected? With Sanders’ historic record with these type of issues, I would trust him more than any of the rest.


Just the newest way to keep track of political enemies. If one really wanted to arrest the already known criminals, the WH is full of them. The pimps, the lobbyists, the revolving door politicians, the liars and so on.