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Pramila Jayapal Frustrated by Democrats Using Medicare for All Label to Push Plans 'That Are Not Medicare for All'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/31/pramila-jayapal-frustrated-democrats-using-medicare-all-label-push-plans-are-not


The thing that galls me the most in this whole controversy is that the insurance/pharma lobby is using all that money we overpay them to propagandize us against our own best interests. Ain’t corporate capitalism grand?


Pramila Jayapal sees it for what it is; Medicare for some to keep profits safe for the corrupt Insurance industries!


I can understand where it seems kind of reasonable to allow private insurers to continue to have some role in healthcare even as the need for a government run single-payer system such as Medicare-for-all is increasingly needed and desired by the public. However, the problem with giving private health insurance companies a foothold in a revamped healthcare coverage plan is evident in the current Medicare plan. Somehow private insurers were able to infiltrate Medicare with the Medicare Advantage program to cover that 20% that Medicare used to cover. And they have been using the foothold to wedge themselves further and further into the plan.

This is not new for corporations - this is their MO. They are always working to undermine perfectly well run government programs.

That’s why the Sanders-Jayapal plan continues to be the one that we should be working for. Not the “lite” plans such Harris’s.


The operative word because these phony, pro-profit for insurance companies are are NOT reasonable. No Expanded, Improved Medicare For ALL? Then NO health insurance for these worthless windbags in government! They deny us a livable planet, they deny us publicly funded education, healthcare, transportation, housing–oh but plenty of trillion dollars for the war machine. Enough! Total, non cooperation!


No. Market capitalism can barely allocate optional commodities evenly (consider the price range between pre-ripped and bedazzled designer jeans and K-Mart dungarees), but it fails, utterly and abjectly, to do so with the necessities of life—water, food, housing and health care come immediately to mind.


Party strategists do this with language all the time. As example the word “Progressive” is being hi-jacked by labeling anything to the right of Trump as “Progressive”. This the same issue I have when Sanders described as a Socialist. He is NOT a Socialist.


Hey, I agree with you.

Clearly, my word choice was poor it making it “seem” like I was saying that it “seems kind of reasonable” to letting private insurers have some role. Your the second one to comment on that.

I was not saying that. I was trying to say that this position if often portrayed this way, especially since we are coming off of an insurer system heavily weighted to private insurance. But obviously that did not come off well to you.

However, the rest of my post was written to debunk that position. Ultimately, we end up agreeing.


I’m surprised that Jayapal is surprised. Many of us warned this would happen, I know it was easier to label it Medicare for All or M4A for progressives, but the for reasons stated in the article, is why I was insistent we stick with “Expanded, Improved, Medicare for All”. Makes the new bill much less confusing to the public, and harder to be co-opted by DINO’s and repug’s.


I agree, there can be a place for high end, platinum, extra coverage plans.
But only as an option after EVRERYONE has full coverage with improved M4ALL.

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Thanks for clarifying.

!. If your employer provides your healthcare and you get laid off, you lose your healthcare at the end of the month. 2. if your employer wasn’t providing your medical, you’d be taking home more in your paycheck. 3. Medicare for all would be good anywhere in the US. 4. The money for medicare for all could come from the bloated Pentagon budget! Either that or you could keep paying through the nose every time a healthcare CEO wants a new yacht!


Don’t worry. After all the fur and feathers on Medicare for all, the Green New Deal and the rest of the things that might actually save the planet, the “Supreme” Court will decide for Big Pharma, Big Hospitals, Koch Bros. et al., maximum profits, 5-4. That will end this act of the National Kabuki. After all the bribes have been paid and the Swiss Banks refilled, the plans will start for the 2022 Mid-term Kabuki.
*Then, if we live that long, will come the BIG KABUKI of 2024.
*There is always the possibility that before then, there may well be the ritual burning of the Constitution, the demolition of the Statue of Liberty and the formalization of “Rule by Decree.”
*When I was a boy in the 1930’s and 40’s, the United States tried to govern things the “Right Way.” Now we seem to be trying to perfect the “Reich Way,” worldwide. The Oligarchy will promote the starving billions to fight each other, sell all sides expensive weapons, bank the profits and watch the show. About the only hope is that the Oligarchy will get to share a lot of the mega-tons.
*On the other hand, I’d like to see We the People of the World wake up, decide on Peace, Love, Charity and Empathy, and save and transform the world.


Obviously Harris is adjusting her Health Care Plan to satisfy the latest propaganda from the Profiteers that people want to keep their private insurance.

This is ridiculous. As Liz Warren has pointed out Private Insurance Companies are in business to make money not help their policy holders.

They make more Profit when they deny Health Care Procedures.

Senator Harris is willing to allow the Private Insurance Companies continue to Ripoff there policy holders and deny paying hospital bills that will force their clients into Bankruptcy Court.

Sorry, she seemed like she might be a decent candidate to take on the Bigot occupying the White House, but apparently she is Indecisive, Spineless and Non-Committal when it comes to providing Decent Health Care for ALL Americans.


Why not just “steal” Nancy Reagan’s line - Just Say No - to private health insurance. There is no moral advantage or necessity, to save corporations, which continue to abuse the public.


People who claim to love their company insurance need to be questioned. Do you like your ins., or is it the choice of doctor and hospital you like? If it is the latter you can keep those and be paying less in the end. What say you now?


Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins made a 15 minute video response to the “debate” last night. His comments on Medicare for All start about one minute in:


Goals of " Solutionaries"

Note to Nancy Pelosi -
Congratulations. The check from the AMA is in the mail.


Here’s a telling and tragic fact about America’s health"care"system. In 2014 one half of all personal bankruptcies in the U.S. were initiated because of the inability to pay medical bills. In 2017 that percentage had increased despite more Americans stating that they wanted some form of Medicare for All.
Remember the Gilens and Page study which concluded that the business, and I do mean business, of Congress has almost nothing to do with what the American people say they want.