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Pramila Jayapal, Motivated by Wave of Right-Wing Attacks on Reproductive Rights, Draws Praise for Sharing Her Abortion Story

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/14/pramila-jayapal-motivated-wave-right-wing-attacks-reproductive-rights-draws-praise


Let me first state, so there’s no mistake, I completely support Pramila Jayapal’s, and any woman’s right to chose whether they need or want an abortion. I applaud her bravery in telling her story, a story that is no ones business, but hers.
That being said, I think this was a really bad political decision. I only feel that way because Jayapal is the face behind the M4A effort. I don’t know how (we just don’t think the same as those on the far right), but some how the evil ones on the right, will use this story to demonize the new M4A in congress, and to the American people.

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There are a lot of unanswered questions about M4A but this shouldn’t be one of them. How can you have a national health plan that denies life saving medical care to one gender without giving that person a choice.


Apparently value of life in America is dependent upon race, gender, and religion. For example, bombing the smithereens out of the people of Yemen, or anyone in Palestine, or Syria for example , is not seen as a problem. It also appear that black people of just about any age seem unable to acquire many Constitutional rights and are killed quite often and often at very young ages.
However, women exercising the right to control their own bodies for whatever reason is verboten to many. I realize that many religious groups in America are against abortion for any reason: apparently many of these politician types seek to ban abortions—but they wait until a child is born to begin the lack of food and medical plans. America is often a very strange place.


The health care profiteers could hardly demonize Medicare for All more than they are already. Pramila Jayapal’s abortion doesn’t have a thing to do with Medicare for All.

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“Pramila Jayapal’s abortion doesn’t have a thing to do with Medicare for All.”
I know that, and you know that, as well as most here at CD, but mark my words, the enemy of M4A will find a way to twist this, and make it about M4A to the American people. And as usual, some will believe it. I would love to be wrong on this, but I don’t think I am. Any other Congresswoman, it wouldn’t matter, but for the country, Jayapal is the face behind M4A.
Sadly the demonization of M4A by those fighting it, is just getting started. The more desperate they become, the uglier it’s going to get, we can’t afford to give them any ammunition.

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It shouldn’t but it does. Medicare is federal funding and as such currently can not be used to provide abortion care. It would have to repeal the Hyde amendment, correct me if I’m wrong. This is just one example of the unintended consequences of which there are many.

I think you’re correct, but like you, I’m not completely sure about the Hyde amendment. That’s how it was portrayed in the media when Biden tried to announce his support for legal abortion.
I guess I should have been more clear in my first post on this subject. I do agree with you that legal abortion must be included in M4A, but was referring to Jayapal’s story, and in that context, her story shouldn’t have any bearing on the peoples right to a plan like M4A, but the far right will see that it does in the discussions about the adoption and implementation of it.

Ok, thanks very much. I agree. I know that context is important but the basis for legal protection is privacy. I don’t think the right is able to see this as a personal medical choice and constitutional right. When I sat on human rights committees, there were parents that wanted to sterilize their adult children because they were unable to give consent, that was not allowed either.

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I can’t say that I agree with either extreme – murdering full term babies or zero abortion rights. I have trouble believing that it is God’s will that every 12 year old impregnated by a drunken step-father should have the baby. Medical science is a power that did not always exist and we should use that power with both wisdom and compassion. Gopherit

This a much larger issue than you might think. Check this out.

What did you think of the video? There are a lot more questions that need answers. Obviously, I’m pro choice.

I did answer your question. And you answered mine.

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If you want to perseverate on this fine, I choose not to participate.

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