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Prayers and Sensible Gun Regulations


Prayers and Sensible Gun Regulations

Jan Dizard

Sorry, but prayers are not being answered and sensible gun regulations are not forthcoming. We need to stand back and focus on the steady accumulation of mass shootings. First, we need to separate gun suicides and one-on-one gun homicides from mass shootings.


While this argument to ban semi-automatic assault rifles make perfect sense it is important to keep in mind that many right wingers are arming themselves for war and recruiting former military personnel to bolster their forces. Many are white supremacists arming for what they believe will be an inevitable race war and many are Patriot movement militia members who are arming themselves to take on the New World Order which they believe aims to enslave everyone. The discussion of assault rifles is taking place of in the context of a country with an irrational right wing that is paranoid and accepts numerous conspiracy theories. I think this is one reason why the NRA finds it so easy to mobilize vast numbers of people to oppose any gun control legislation. As a recent New York Times article pointed out the power of NRA isn’t based on giving money to politicians but on being able to organize voters.


“As for guns deterring the overreach of government, how have our guns deterred the current administration from stripping consumer protections from payday loan sharks, or preventing the administration from gutting environmental protections of our air, water, and public lands? How have guns deterred the rise of neo-Nazis and racists in our midst?”

Very well said.

I’d like to ask the gun-toting patriots and defenders of freedom, before you begin your rebellion against a government that wants to take away your light bulbs, or - blasphemy - pay for your sister’s contraceptives: please give me a little time to remove myself from your proximity, because when your masters bring the pain, I don’t want to be nearby.


What you shoot birds for, what, fun? You enjoy that? As far as I;m concerned you too have a ‘mental illness’ and so shouldn’t be alllowed a gun. Certainly, at least, lacking in the empathy genes.


The Second Amendment was codified by a group of (mostly) white men who had just overthrown their government a few years previously. They realized that government could be oppressive and autocratic. In their political wisdom, they realized that only their ability to defend themselves against the overreach of government was the primary reason for their own hard-won political freedom. They wanted future generations to be able to shoulder the responsibility for their own protection against anyone and everyone. They realized that the line between “good” and “evil” didn’t run between ideologies, but through the hearts and intentions of every man, woman and child.

For someone who claims to be a gun person, you fail utterly in your failure to see that some people seek to remove the free will choice of my personally embracing the responsibility of defending myself, my family or innocents, because someone else abuses that freedom. You are actually supporting the notion that “the general public” is “guilty” of some manner of “pre-crime” before actually having done anything illegal. This is endorsing “presumed guilt before proved innocence”, and is a flagrant violation of the US notions of juris prudence!

It’s a strange ideological contradiction: Progressives belief humanity is inherently good, and even perfectible, but those same Progressives refuse to allow humanity to bear responsibility for free will.

You do not make the sheep more safe from the wolves by eliminating the sheepdogs.


IProgressives are fine with letting people have free will with things that typically hurt the individual (e.g. drug abuse) but when it comes to things when misused or used for evil hurt other people, well that’s when progressives try to think of solutions to achieve less harm. E.g. registration and training and the ability for law enforcement to seize registered weapons when under a gun restraining order (as could have been the case for the Florida shooter had he lived in California).

Most Republicans with Ronald Reagan being a perfect example are a bunch of hypocrites on this topic. They were perfectly fine restricting guns when the Black Panthers walked around open carrying loaded weapons in the 60s. Why not sensible gun regulation now?


Having all those guns doesn’t seem to be working very well in defending yourself from an increasingly oppressive, corrupt and even fascistic government, just like you claim it was supposed to, does it?


They should go to the Middle East, and join the Taliban!


No you shouldn’t have a gun. Why are you shooting birds- I am sure you do not eat them. You are a cruel , deranged individual, and no it is not your “right” to harm animals.