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Pre-Wheelchair George H. W. Bush Groped Me in 2006, Fourth Woman Accuses


Pre-Wheelchair George H. W. Bush Groped Me in 2006, Fourth Woman Accuses

Jon Queally, staff writer

A former Republican state senate candidate in Maine, 29-years-old at the time, says former president grabbed her during a photo-op years ago—long before he was in a wheelchair.


When you head the CIA you can murder a President and get away with it (see Family of Secrets by Russ Baker).

Oligarchs assume groping women and grabbing pussy is a traditional privilege.

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Thanks nb - you’ve said it.
As if this is remotely newsworthy, especially compared to what HW got up to in his “prime.”


I think the truth is important, especially with all the time and effort that goes into making people believe what they are seeing is anything but the truth.



I am not at all surprised. This is typical behavior for these “entitled” elite who think that they are owners of the world and everything in it. With a few exceptions, they are mostly crooks and hypocrites.


41 probably thought it was his constitutional rite.


Barbara Bush, you’d better give Poppy a stern talking to. He’s a pussy grabber.


Maybe a good, swift, hard, kick in their groin might get them to reconsider.


Forget his butt grabbing, this prick was the man behind the Kennedy assasination.


Also, Iran-Contra, Panama bombings and mass death of innocent Panamanians to get reportedly one Noriega, Central and South American killings, all the drug running, like cocaine, and heroin, the crack-cocaine epidemic in Los Angeles…GHW Bush’s evil goes far and wide…


The man, the psychopath, is a monster in so many monstrous ways.

And Barbara? She has gleefully supported him, and their monstrous offspring.


It is just as disgusting to me that anyone, especially a woman actually defended this old fart. If there is ever ANY reason to say it is okay to act like that, I cannot think of it. Andrea, you messed up badly. Accidental touching is one thing. Old man Bush probably hasn’t had any accidents that involved women in his entire life. Let’s not make up excuses for his type of mind set. He did not get to that kind of mind set by being a really nice guy to women. Let’s be honest.


As if the way men think about and treat women wasn’t fundamental to the patriarchal death cult that is destroying our world.


Our obsession with celebrity is masking the true nature of these revelations. It is that men have power over women in our society, and they frequently abuse it. Every woman knows this: responses have ranged from disgusted abstention from various activities and careers to collusion by using sex to promote oneself. But this isn’t about washed up politicians and actors, This is about the power imbalance which means men can assume women are there primarily for their pleasure, and are happy to barter sexual favours for various rewards. It’s hypocritical to pretend that punishing a few scapegoats will achieve justice - only an assertion of women’s equality as people, not sex objects, will achieve this.


We leave the lying and nonsense journalism to those better at it, Breifart and Faux News. But considering the bigger issues, I would have to say this story pales in comparison to, oh lets see, how about Trump wanting to hand over Medicaid and Medicare funds to line the pockets of billionaires for starters.


Oh, and that claim has been proven false. Check your sources before you start spouting “fake news” as your savior, The Orange Oaf, would say.


Couldn’t agree more. But this is still valuable (especially for the majority who don’t know about the important stuff) - to publicly expose who he really is even in his personal life.


To Natureboy… You have done your research and are absolutely correct.


To Dogpaddle… True. this President has blood on his hands on so many levels.


Plant their phkn jewels up near their vocal chords!!