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Predictable and Deplorable: US Lawmakers Vow to Slam Door on Refugees



Blame the victims, typical.


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This is even though it is turning out that most of these monsters are actually French citizens. Hmm... I'm guessing that there are plenty of homegrown US citizens who are angry and crazy enough to carry out something like what happened in Paris.


Already happening in our schools.


Many towns in Germany that have had to accept the influx of refugees are experiencing major problems, which is understandable when people of two very different cultures, social customs, religious beliefs, and political systems are forced together. Crime is on the rise, gang-like activities by the male refugees threatening the local populace coupled with, joblessness, language barriers, and sanitation issues are left to the town administration and residents to confront and resolve. If there is to be acceptance of refugees into any country, it must be carefully planned for, closely monitored, and executed with utmost caution bearing in mind what the repercussions will be on down the line...plans for the futures of these refugees also have to be considered. It is a very complex problem that knee-jerk responses cannot resolve.


Apparently, there are those Governors who are responding as Governor Brown did in California. Complex? Of course, but we are a nation of immigrants and though I strongly suspect some of my neighbors will complain I hope none will harm the new immigrants as some ignorant and evil people did after 9-11 attacking
Sihks because they wore turbans.



If you slam te door on immigrants and refugees in response to the Paris attacks, it means not only that these terrorists win, it's a victory for terror as a weapon and will assure many more such attacks in the future. it's how terrorism works, and why



Have you any evidence/links to reliable news sources to back up these claims? Unemployment would be strange considering they've only just arrived and haven't finished processing them yet. Crime? Gang like activities? All in a mattter of days-weeks?


I'm trying to find a pattern in the states (and one Canadian province) that are exhibiting this vile xenophobia. Most of the states engaging in this behavior are the usual suspects but Illinois (70% of its population being very ethnically diverse Chicago) and Massachusetts are the surprising ones.

Is Saskatchewan a relative immigrant-free province? Never having been there, I tend to thing of Saskatoon or Regina as being pretty much like, say, Peoria or Kokomo except with Scottish surnames dominating...

I'm proud to say that both my Governor and Mayor (Pittsburgh) made statements today in support of accepting refugees.


All of that is especially despicable, because the west, initially started by the victors of WWI, - predominantly the UK and France, but the US perfected the mess, mostly during the last few decades.

Now let's see, who is left holding the bag:
There is an unprecedented flood of refugees, which overpowers the resources of Germany and other European countries. The sad fact is that primary initiators of this mess, the UK and the US accept only 20,000 and 10,000 respectively, while Canada, which did not take part in the assault on Iraq has committed (informally) to accept 25,000 before the end of this year and Germany, which did also not take part in the Iraq adventure and had no part in the malicious hacking up of the Ottoman Empire , will be stuck with accepting at least 800,000, though methinks more than a million.

The problem in France bears watching, especially in view of this: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/02/41-admitted-false-flag-attacks.html and my suspicion right from the start that this might be one. That suspicion received reinforcement here:

QUOTE: France's state of emergency may last months
Hollande to propose changes to constitution such as increased surveillance and stripping citizenship amid safety threat. UNQUOTE

That raises in me the suspicion, That we may be dealing with exactly the kind of False Flag event to increase government surveillance. Yes, I know, that ISIL has taken "credit" for the massacre. Why would they not, if suggested by the suppliers of their weapons? It is a feather in their cap, to pull it off.


My "sources" are relatives and close friends in Germany who are experiencing this up close and personal. The news outlets will not cover or carry the stories for fear of fostering anti-refugee sentiments. Former U S Army barracks at closed bases in this town in Germany were totally refurbished and converted to apartments (fully furnished) originally meant for German citizens who were low income, disabled, or elderly and with the influx of refugees the new apartments became the refugees' new homes. Do you think this might cause resentment? The young men walk down the narrow streets arm-in-arm daring the citizens to walk past (and laughing at the reactions they get)...older people are afraid to come out of their homes. These displaced people who have lived under the miserable conditions they experienced in Syria or other war-torn areas either forgot what having sanitation was like and/or have little to no idea what to do with their refuse beyond chucking it outside. And it took no time at all for this to happen.


Well, I hate to be a party pooper...but how exactly are these many "security checks" supposed to happen when the head of the FBI apparently said there was no way to vette Syrian refugees at this time as there are no "reference points" available from Syria?


The US being the perpetrator of violence, terror and death in the ME bears direct responsibility for the plight of the internal and externally displaced peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. This is the unmistakable result of the American illegal and utterly immoral invasions, unnecessary and deliberate carnage, unspeakably vicious violence repeatedly exercised unto the people of the Middle east since the 1980's. It is like adding insult to injury to refuse accountability for our military adventurism senseless bombings and massacres like a bunch of heartless psychopathic sadistic cold blooded murderers.


Excellent description of the almost all of those Governors of "red states" who btw collect the most from the US government, but don't want to share in the assistance of compared to Europe very few of those who need a place to go for escape from the own persecution.


Think before you write, Germany is an alley of the US and Israel whom together account for all major global violence and terror today.Germany is a NATO member, a military pact that has long outlived its usefulness and should be dismantled but instead is being used by the US to create war and misery around the world.


Right on the money. I am amazed when I read or hear people say behavior like this is "un-American." If we honestly look back at our history, we would recognize the atrocities we inflicted on so many people worldwide. Whether it was the carnage of native Americans on this land, the enslavement of black people from Africa, the firebombing of civilian populations during WW2, the willingness to use atomic weapons on two cities, the war crimes in the Philippines, agent orange, plutonium warheads, and a willingness to inflict torture on prisoners in our custody, we have shown the world how devoid of compassion we can be. It doesn't surprise me to see our lack of concern for desperate people fearing for their lives. We broke the china in the Mideast and we have no desire to accept responsibility for our actions.


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