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Predicting Even More Horrifying Conditions, Historical Journalist Describes Parallels Between Trump Migrant Detention and Concentration Camps

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/07/predicting-even-more-horrifying-conditions-historical-journalist-describes-parallels

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Exactly. At present these ugly prison camps are making money for corporations, but what happens when we decide that is too expensive and want to stop funding them.



Send not to know for whom the bus with blacked-out windows rolls,
It rolls for thee…


Any day now, I mean it could be in the next hour! Pelosi will announce urgent public hearings on the human rights abuses ongoing, and demand DEMAND immediate access to every last one of the immigrant concentration camps!!!

It will be glorious!

Actually, such things don’t bug Nancy too much. Hell, even torture doesn’t phase her.


Oh, they will get funded, all right. The political contributions of the private prison industry will insure that they do. And the public who pays for it will continue to be propagandized into believing that this barbarism is essential to “national security”.


I live at the base of Apache Leap in AZ, just west of the San Carlos Indian Reservation. The Rez is recognized as the first concentration camp in the world. Look at the treatment of the Native Americans, the horrors never stop, ever, they just include more brown people.


I recall that early on, Hitler wanted a solution other than imprisoning Jewish people, and asked other countries if they would take them. They said, “No” and then he moved on toward death camps.

Also, in history, armies captured a large number of the opposing soldiers, and after holding them for a while, decided that it was a logistical nightmare to feed and house them, so they “simplified” matters by simply killing them all.

Present conditions are atrocious to be sure, but in terms of historical precedent, I don’t know that people will be held indefinitely.

Oh my, the treatment of children and families at the hands of Politicians. And all those MAGA Trump fans…lock them up; deprive them of basics; snatch them from their families/mother’s arms! But aren’t they the party that holds children and family sacred through their “Christian” values? Children-so special. We will force women to have children when they want to terminate. Because we LOVE children. Of course, once they are born, we will make sure they have little health care, no food safety, no chance for a decent education (public education being screwed by conservatives), and, by god, if they aren’t citizens, we will toss those children into prison detention centers or cast them back out into the desert (unless we can get away with killing them). Welcome to the United States: land of the “you better be white or die”

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