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Preempting Democracy: What's Not Being Voted on This November Is Sinister


Preempting Democracy: What's Not Being Voted on This November Is Sinister

Simon Davis-Cohen

State preemption has reached an infamous status. People are outraged by state legislatures’ claim of unilateral authority to prohibit local governments from raising the minimum wage, curbing fossil fuel extraction or otherwise increasing state protections for workers, the environment and even tenants. It’s an accelerating issue; state preemption bills are broadening. For example, in Michigan and elsewhere the preemption of local minimum wage hikes is being expanded to include all law making that regulates employer-employee relations.


Gerrymandering of districts has concentrated red power in state legislatures of blue states. ALEC sweeps into motion and uses these power bases to decide that while "states' rights" trump national interests, local rights must kowtow to the red power base at the state level, lest a kernel of blue corn reveal it sweet goodness to the people.


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Let's put all of the following together:

  1. Corporations use of gag laws
  2. TIPP and TPP Insider Settlement Dispute authorization = corporations make law and override national sovereignty insofar as imposing Labor and Environmental Laws
  3. The planned War on Drugs created a major class of felons who no longer can vote
  4. Republican gerrymandering of voting districts allots them a disproportionate representative "share"
  5. State Secrets & National Security clauses blocking what the public can know or learn about... even in relevant court cases

And now this new States' version of number 5! The stated reason: state preemption.

Add in the constant surveillance of citizens, embedded journalists providing the public with artificial official news narratives, and the exclusion of alternative views along with those who offer them... and it's ALL about control of, for, and by the corporate 1%.

  1. Laws that address mythical voter fraud to prevent people from registering to vote.


We thought we were in the twilight of Democracy but it was only the cold light of the full moon. Twilight was long past.


Corollary to #2.: Corporate claims over common, public spaces as their protectorates.


Yes anyone who actually believes this is a democracy should look more closely. From cages that are called "free speech zones to all of the points raised by others. The majority of people in this country are so busy watching reality TV and shopping at Walmart, most of them doing so because they are so tired from working multiple jobs and just barely scraping by. We have the illusion of democracy and pretty soon the illusion will be goine. I fear that the only way we will ever see real change is if we have a peoples revolution.


Of all the oligarchy's attacks on democracy, taxation is one of the most effective. Give politicians your tax revenue so they can give it to their cronies, blow it on wars, pass tax hikes on to you and give businesses an excuse to lay off employees they want to get rid of.

Conservatives want to get rid of taxes. Why not, as long as we the people get some economic equality and democracy out of it? With a yearly cap on personal wealth established by popular referendum, the rich get to give away all of their excess wealth to the rest of us.


This is why a candidacy of Bernie Sanders is so important-focusing on real issues. But these issues and more need to be raised on the local level. People don't vote in local elections, and this is how the corporations keep their control. Alec figured this out awhile ago.
I understand the wall, I run into the wall everyday,people need to understand the importance of voting in local and state elections. It was a socialist city council member Kshama Sawant who started the $15 minimum wage movement-and the corporate media was laughing,saying it would go nowhere. Now most people realize its needs to be higher than $15. Healthcare is another great organizing issue!

Beware of false prophets! These so called people representing the left,what are they doing? I realize this more watching Obama.People who talk a lot,but are making a nice living off the corporate world and really are only interested in serving themselves.


Two words. Corporate feudalism.


Wen the corporate realm and the political realm are indistinguishable you have fascism.


This really seems to boil down to ALEC supported politicians attempting to understandably support those who paid for their ticket to the dance. It is simply a logical result of private contributions to political campaigns. This system likely has been present since Washington"s supporters buying mead for the voters on election day. That this often corrupt system has been in service so long is likely due to its seedy appearance and questionable results. We understood that politicians often lied and adjusted to the condition but now aspirants are chosen and funded entirely by corporate interests. This can be laid at the feet of the very bad and rather stupid decision made by the Supreme Court on Citizens United. The question that has never been addressed is, How are corporate personhoods entitled to a voice in government? They have no individual life force. They do not breath. They have no bodily functions. To misquote Shakespeare,"when you cut them they do not bleed. They are Not human so why in the name of humanity do they deserve a voice in the governing of a nation of people?


Then we have the irony of corporate monopolies touting the free market.


I suppose the greatest obstacle to overcome in any judicial challenge is the longstanding position or recognition in law that local governmental units are merely delegated functions of the state governments. This is a almost insurmountable obstacle to judicial relief. I think I'd like to have seen this mentioned in the article.

Getting control of the state legislatures and governorships, as well as statewide initiatives that involve the entire state in voting for progressive causes, seems the best way forward and will give ample opportunity for engaging the people and the corrupt system directly.