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Preferred Popcorn Moves to Protect Bees and the Environment


Preferred Popcorn Moves to Protect Bees and the Environment

Center for Food Safety

WASHINGTON - Center for Food Safety (CFS) today congratulated Preferred Popcorn, a fully farmer-owned company, for its leadership in taking a bold step toward removing bee-toxic insecticides from their popcorn supply. The most widely used class of insecticides, neonicotinoids, are harmful to both bees and the broader environment.



What I am about to say is not original, but it needs to be said again and again and again until murderous companies like Monsanto et. al. stop producing the life-murdering chemicals like Roundup-WHICH ARE MURDERING THE BEES.

The immoral, greedy CEOs of this company et.al. are like the greed-addicted salesperson who will sell you THE ROPE WITH WHICH TO HANG HIM.......

When all the bees are extinct--which means, IOW, they are d e a d!!!!! will Monsanta & other criminal enterprises then try to manufacture another LIFE-MURDERING chemical -in a vain attempt to pollinate ????

Lissen up, people, DO NOT BUY OR USE ROUNDUP. It murders bees which we humans must have in order to pollinate ! Without bees, we either accept a CHEMICAL substitute, with its eventual resulting WORSE HEALTH for us all--or we insist that Roundup & other murderous chemical pesticides be REMOVED FROM THE MARKETPLACE.

God only knows what horrible cancers or other sicknesses have already been caused by the use of Roundup. One of my closest friends, a biochemist Master Gardener, she regularly used to use Roundup on weeds in her beuaitful gardens. Now she is in a retirement community in its special "
Alsheimer's wing." It may just be that Roundup was a factor in her losing her mind. Who knows? DO NOT BUY OR USE THIS DANGEROUS PRODUCT--for your own health and for the health of your loved ones. IMO the federal agent/agencies which "approved" this extremely dangerous product, may well have been bribed/otherwise compromised.


No need to associate Round up with some medical condition in humans without the proof. The stuff is bad enough for everything else living. When the bees all die off we won't be too far behind and it's not just the bees that are being killed off. In the fall I used to love the Monarch butterfly migration in the last 5 yrs. they've almost totally disappeared. I've also noticed many of the song birds are gone where I live as well. The world is growing silent because of the greed of a few.