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Pregnant Woman and Toddler Among Those Killed in Israel's Latest Vicious Assault on Gaza


Pregnant Woman and Toddler Among Those Killed in Israel's Latest Vicious Assault on Gaza

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After a massive Israeli bombing campaign in the Gaza Strip early Thursday morning killed a pregnant woman and her 18-month-old daughter, Israel's vicious assault on the occupied Palestinian territory continued throughout the day on Thursday as the nation's air force leveled a major civilian cultural center in Gaza City and slammed more than a 150 other targets.


This is the core of the failed state that claims to be the “chosen people”. So choosie are these zionists that the people that the “chosen” dispossessed cannot be permitted to live as dignified human brothers and sisters. Now, also keep in mind that YOU are not permitted to bring the Palestinians succor in any way shape or form.

Netanyahu and the US quarters participating in this have shaped him and the government he leads into what would appear to be worshipers of a satanic twisting of the core teachings of each and every grounded religion on the planet. Israel is sinking into its own delusions much as is its cohorts in the US.

End the genocide.


Avigdor Lieberman is probably one the last people in the world who should be a defense minister. It is unbelievable how the extremists have taken over power in Israel. Lieberman has advocated ethnic cleansing. I think he used to be regarded as someone outside the mainstream in Israel but apparently he is now an acceptable person to be charge of the military. Unfortunately we have seen the extremists take power in the US. With a lot of support of people who basically support ethnic cleansing. It would seem hard for the US government now to criticize Israel for shading the truth when the US presidents utters and tweets lies constantly. And even when it comes to criticizing Israel for using excessive force in Gaza the US is not in good position since it is involved in the use of excessive force in Yemen.


I think I will have to stop using the word Israel or Israeli…I will shorten Israel to Izzy and Nazis to what they have become. In the kingdom of IzzyNazis-------Death through Genocide is their worshiped and chosen one.


This horror is being inflicted by the gutless horrors who whinge because people label them, rightly as racist. The people who claim people are being ‘antisemitic’ when there are over 500 million people who speak a Semitic language, of which five million mau be Jews.

Why does the rest of the world put up with this pathetic nonsense?


If Israel was responding tit for tat against Hamas for its missile attacks against Israel, then how about just flinging new missiles helter skelter into Gaza, like Hamas does to Israel, instead of targeting various buildings or cities.




We’ve had fascists rise to government leadership, especially in US and Israel which may simply be part of the US fascism as we fund and sell weapons to Israel. From what I’ve seen of the violence of these governments I’ve be very happy to see them all arrested and put in jail. Isn’t that what the United Nations is supposed to be doing?

The UN merely recently made clear the poverty levels in the US and the US had to LIE about it in defense.

From Gaza to the Middle East and everywhere that the US/CIA has coup’d and warred, my feeling is that this chaos is necessary for them to feel safe – they have to think of this violence as a shield from citizen’s having the time and opportunity to judge them – to hold them responsible and accountable. Sadly, what I’m saying is – if this is truly more than my guess and they do feel this way – then they will try to increase the wars already raging. IMO, if our government continues to threaten a war with Iran, I think we have to find ways to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Why are we not using lawyers and lawsuits –

Shouldn’t we be able to appeal to World Courts to censor and/or control US/CIA violence?

To use world public opinion to stop them?


Hi Emphyrio,
zionazis----that works too. Oh, I just thought of another…netanYAHOOS might work also. : )

Maybe we should all mail lots of this book to the Izzynazis. “Man’s Search For Meaning,” by Victor F. Frankl I don’t think many there have read it…


I am embarrassed for Jake Johnson and Common Dreams—it was Hamas that launched the attack, not Israel. Hamas not only launched it, but often they launch attacks from schools and hospitals in order to get their own people killed—this is s a documented fact. The headline is backwards—it should read “Hamas launches additional attacks on Israel, civilians killed.” Shame on this reporter


End the genocide, end Hamas, PLO, and Iran.


Here is the good news, people who blindly hate the Israeli democracy, blindly hate the US democracy. People who like the Palestinians and their subjigation of minorities and women, also like Iran, Syria, and Somolia. Long live the Israeli people whose brave outpost of freedom and democracy serves as a beacon to justice everywhere.


I was sorry to hear that Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery had a stroke yesterday and is in critical condition. That country really needs a lot more people like him.


deck –

Here is the good news, people who blindly hate the Israeli democracy, blindly hate the US democracy. People who like the Palestinians and their subjigation of minorities and women, also like Iran, Syria, and Somolia. Long live the Israeli people whose brave outpost of freedom and democracy serves as a beacon to justice everywhere.

Israel is not a democracy – nor is the US – nor has it been from Day #1.
Our Founders never created a democracy here – they created an Elite-Patriarchy.
Nor did they give us the tools to hold anyone immediately responsible for their actions and to stop them.

Nothing wrong with the people of Israel who are essentially liberals as trapped by fascist leadership in their nation as we Americans are trapped by the rise of our own fascist government. Israelis want peace and an end to this violence/genocide by their government. Each attempt at peace has led to assassination – Prime Minister Isaac Rabin being the last to try only to be slaughtered again by the fascists in control of Israel.


I took the time to study some of your older posts. Shouldn’t you maybe switch to other websites like Breitbart and Co ? You would get a lot more ‘Likes’ there. Here, not so much…


The only comment here that makes sense the rest are just antisemitism as evidenced by the usual racist rhetoric and name calling. Maybe Israel should respond to missiles with slingshots would that make you bastards happy?


Shouldn’t you wash your mouth out with soap?


Every one who has been elected to office in the USA and works within the government of the USA and who holds citizenship papers for Israel as well as the USA must leave Congress or your job working for the USA. We no longer can put up with citizens of foreign countries using the USA, our country as a store house for military equipment used endlessly to kill Gazans. Congress critters are in position of power in our government that no foreign citizen should hold.

Let’s eliminate dual passport Congress members with our vote in 2018. The rest, hopefully, up for reelection shall be sent home in 2020.

Of course, the American people may have been neutered. They may be to weak and ineffectual to hold self management as an asset and so we will see nothing done. Its up to you folks. The ball is in your court. Live with this news everyday watching it just getting closer day by day to your community. Or?


A 10 minute newbie zionist racist spewing the typical blather & apologies for Israeli atrocities and mass killings of unarmed Palestinian men, women, and children …


A perfect example of the depraved thinking of Hasbara troll propagandists…Israel is a poor democracy just trying to survive and make peace with an enemy that wants to exterminate the Jews…the reality is that Israel has violated International Law, UN Resolutions and Charter, has illegally colonized Occupied territory by brutality and racist violence, murdered thousands of un-armed Palestinian, international, and American protesters to their ethnic cleansing and genocide…Israeli snipers target medical personal and journalists killing many! Scum pigs with the colossal gall to write such lies and distorted history!

The reality is Gaza is Israel’s Warsaw Ghetto, 1.8 million plus Palestinians blockaded, starved, denied medical supplies, building materials, water, food, access to the Med, and attacked with indiscriminate and banned weapons by the Israeli IDF killers, armed with US weapons and support from our killer scum!

You are the embarrassment and depraved apologist for Israeli atrocities/murders…