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Premature Release of Covid-19 Vaccine Could Be a 'Dangerous Experiment on the American People,' Nurses Union Warns

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/03/premature-release-covid-19-vaccine-could-be-dangerous-experiment-american-people


There may be no vaccine for COVID-19 because people who have gotten one strain have later been re-infected by a different strain. It may even be possible for the same person to be infected multiple times by the same strain.

But the worst thing would be for a vaccine to come out that makes subsequent infections with a later coronavirus worse.

Which is entirely possible due to something called Antibody Dependent Enhancement.


Last week during a 400 mile drive (I haven’t been more than 25 miles from home since Covid struck) I was in the hinterland where I was limited to “Christian” radio stations, which I had not listened to since I was a truck driver 40 years ago, back when those stations were limited to salvation and redemption.

Apparently today’s “Christian” radio stations are 100% GOP/faux noise propaganda with a “Christian” spin with far fetched Bible references occasionally tossed in. During the hour I listened there was no discussion of salvation and redemption, just serial references to “the 2021 reset when our rights to buy and sell will end”, among other fear and greed messages that have served the GOP so successfully.

Despite Trump, Moscow Mitch and the organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP being squarely behind the push for a Covid vaccine in October, the broadcast bombasted Bill and Melinda Gates for pushing for a premature vaccine that would include a “cocktail” that would include RNA and DNA altering agents, including allegations that Melinda wears an upside down cross whenever she is in public.

And I thought the Vatican had co-opted Christianity when I was growing up Catholic during the 50s and 60s ?


Dow off more than 800 points today, for no particular reason – the huge balloons of Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft getting deflated a bit, mainly. Current valuations are absurdly stratospheric, as the Fed pumps money into the stratosphere.

Potential vaccine news releases become another pile of chips in this grand casino, just barely – albeit risibly – maintaining the dollar’s status on the global stage as the world’s sole supercurrency. Clap if you believe in Tinkerbelle, children!

Like @zed, I’m still looking for someone to explain how a vaccine is supposed to work, in the absence of natural protective immunity, in the presence of reinfection after four months, sometimes with hospitalization the second time around. Even if the observed cases of reinfection are rarities, they cast grave doubts on the very possibility of any safe and effective coronavirus vaccine. But something similar enough to SARS2 to enhance the severity of the next infection we catch? That seems well within reach for us, given the puzzling twists of this formidable microbe.


Maybe they are referring to the WEF’s “The Great Reset”.

The poor and especially, once-middle-class do have a lot to be afraid of because an old WTO deal that dates back to the 1980s, before the Clinton Administration, and the Uruguay Round, in the 90s, (its between hundreds of countries, we were one of its main backers) basically set up a big trade between the oligarchs of the world - a huge con game we scratch their backs and they scratch ours, and it’s destroyed democracy - the part about people voting to and actually changing policy, as far as progressive policy thats allowed, but in all practical terms because the WTO can sanction us if our laws dont conform, its arguably not allowed, only “progressive liberalization” is allowed which is only deregulation. When something is deregulated, for example, dismantling Medicare because its expanded, or Social Security because it gets in the way of outsourcing jobs to developing countries, they cant be re-established except at tremendous costs, in the case of any significantly sized area, with healthcare it would be astronomical as its based on their lost expected profits from the jobs which could be substantial because they would get to pay their workers so much less.

This deal was signed more than two decades ago, and it trades away potentially an unlimited number of jobs, if our own or other countries qualified firms can do them cheaper. Whoever is the cheapest, gets a right to do them. This will heavily impact the core of American society. Cutting heavily into incomes because even jobs that are not directly impacted will see heavy downward pressure oin wages, because jobs will become a lot harder to get.

Just a few years ago, we signed a procurement agreement. So there cant be any kind of new deal style make work programs, either, in more and more areas.

Many of those jobs will go to developing countries, in order to prop them up. Unless our wages fall to be lower than theirs.

Infrastructure construction will likely be tendered in competitive bidding and outsourced if it uses tax money, it is supposed to be in more and more areas.

Do prevailing wages or minimum wages apply? This is a controversial area, and frankly they may not be, even our right to make foreign firms pay a legal US wage is contentious as the poor countries view it as their right to pay their workers as little as they want, after all, its because they are poor that they get special preferences giving them the ability to charge a bit more and still win.

These deals change absolutely everything, thats what they intend to do, and not in a good way because they will massively increase inequality, and force a race to the bottom on virtually everything.

And they may well leave it impossible for many people to find work or for the government to extend them a helping hand. (unless its a huge emergency, and then it can only be extended to the smallest possible group, the destitute for example, after they no longer have any fungible assets, or for a limited time, for example, that may apply to the ACA, which violated a standstill clause in an Understanding on commitments in financial services we signed in 1998. Which was supposed to freeze finacial service regulation at that 1998 level.) We could lose Medicare also if it breaks therse rules intended to limit the damage public services (which are defined only as totally cncommercial and lacking competition of ny kind, or a slightly more lenient definition for parts of our social security system which allows government help in areas where money is spent and business is transacted but only if its limited to the retired. )

instead, the products and services of foreign countries are supposed to be given a chance to do it. People will be drained of everything they have. I’m sure that the intent. We have a scary government now, both parties are run by rich people and they have taken away democracy because they felt it posed a threat to their profits. they decided this among themselves.


Now that democracy has been absent for a long time, TPTB have a lot of BS they want to cover up, so bluntly, we’re being fed tripe.

the only way out is the truth, people have to learn it and not the dishonest propaganda, the actual thefts are real.


This may be coming up on the time for Fauci to take off the gloves and confront Trump et. al., no holds barred, if they are going to try to pull something like this. A premature vaccine, as well as a Trump reelection would be a disaster. Put it this way Donald Trump is a catastrophic health risk. We need to be inoculated from him.


Hahn’s display of subservience to drumpf in the case of convalescent plasma does not give much faith in his ability to stand up against him when he wants a vaccine, any vaccine, inflicted on the American public. The idea that there will be any data on safety or efficacy by that time is absurd, so that leaves us with the choice of being injected with a) something benign but useless, b) something not so benign and useless, c) something useful but with dangerous unknown side effects, d) something that will protect us safely. The problem is that we will not know which of those categories any vaccine occupies in two months.


We are still searching for a vaccine for the common cold, which is a Coronavirus. This idea that the White House has suddenly latched onto of seeking herd immunity was discarded by the UK government when their scientific community laughed them off the stage. If it were to work, assuming it can actually work, would require 2.15 million deaths to establish a base of immunity among the infected who did not succumb to the disease.

That’s a lot of dying, even for Trump.

A rushed vaccine could have all sorts of unforeseen sequelae, just like the H1N1 vaccine that we were forced to take in the 1970s when Ford was facing the possibility of a pandemic. Hundreds got a paralytic syndrome from it, and some died. A vaccine before election day is a GOP pipe dream, but we will be the ones getting smoked. Possible side effects, lies about efficacy, lies lies and more lies, just to get votes. To hell with real world consequences.


But, most probably, the political juggernaut is telling everyone to be ready by November, because it is an election stunt.Yeah, get ready in November and it will be here next April, after the election.

Thanks for being ready.


Oh man, now my brain is really short circuiting. Now we’re saying that the CDC, which formerly was a Godlike entity regarding all things related to CV19, now is not to be trusted because it is bowing to “political pressures” (which obviously it never did in the past.) Anthony Fauci, also that infallible and angelic entity with many ties to Big Pharma who was fighting almost single-handedly to save America from CV19, is denying that the FDA or CDC would ever bow to political pressure (they never have in the past …) and yet his impeccable highness’s opinion in this instance is being disregarded by those who blame the pandemic, and everything else in the world and America that is bad, on Donald Trump (an individual I will fully agree is worse than a bad joke, but who simply is not fully responsible for all the various FUBAR aspects of our society, which are long in the making).

Look, the vaccines they’re working on really do work by triggering a DNA/RNA response, that’s not conspiracy theory. Such vaccines have never been tried before. And the approval of vaccines usually takes years, even though in the case of influenza vaccines, they are not very effective (65 percent maximum effectiveness, look it up) and actually make a lot of people sick. But of course, this is all conspiracy theorist material, as is anything that dares question the efficacy or safety of a CV19 vaccine, and anyone who dares asks any questions is claiming that they know more than Fauci, the FDA, or the CDC, those entities that everyone is now disputing … Um. Wait, now I’m feeling all conflicted all over again. Maybe if I just vote blue, wait for the real trusted CV19 vaccine to be developed, hide in my basement and cross my fingers
… Everything will get back to normal again.


Trump and his wrecking crews do not listen to nurses. They’ve got their own personal nurses and doctors - neither of which the likes of CD posters can likely afford.

Thank you for an honest, intelligent reply to a mindless kneejerk comment. Oh how easily we let them herd us into our pens. In the USA, the mindmasters have decided that if you are sceptical of the corona politics you are “right wing”, and if you go along with the madness, you are “progressive.” Funny, because in France, where I live, most of the corona sceptics are considered “gauchiste.” That is, just the inverse. Here, at least, that assessment is closer to the truth. I can’t really speak for the STates, since I don’t live there any more. Back in the day, however, those who questioned official narratives were usually written off as “left-wing kooks.” Now the PTB have decided that you’re a Nazi if you entertain any “conspiracy theory.” And the faux-gressives go right along. Of course, even by the mildest European social-democratic standards, most American “progressives” don’t seem progressive at all, especially now that those who embrace the Democratic party seem to have accepted its deep infiltration by the intelligence agencies and the neocon mafia. Which is to say nothing of its mainstreaming of reactionary identity politics (especially race) as a red herring to avoid discussion of structural political economics.

It’s paying off for the masters, however, as the shock troops of the dispossessed kill each other in the streets instead of banding together and going straight for the heart of Mammon…

Pity the land, pity the world.


Everything could have functioned close to normal from the very start of the pandemic, if people had been wearing a mask in public and had been practicing social distancing. So, you will just have to get used to the fact that nobody with half a brain trusts Trump.

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The CDC and GOP predict such a vaccine would come out November 1, two days before the election. So maybe it’s another voter suppression strategy: get people to stand in line for the vaccine and maybe they won’t vote. The most literate people would be those who know about it and get in line first. Wouldn’t they be those most likely to vote for Democrats??

Based on my months of study of the potential origins of SARS-CoV-2-19, the chance of a “vaccine” being “d) something that will protect us safely” is close to zero. Anyone wish to lay their life on the line even further for Greffex profits?


Ebola is still uncontrolled, after all this time. Alas, I have my doubts as well.

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Get people to stand in line to get vaccinated and then be too sick to stand in line to vote is more like it. all because they refused to drink bleach !


Are you familiar with the still ongoing story of the AIDS crisis and the war being waged between both French and US companies in the World Trade Organization against companies like CIPLA and its CEO Yusef Hamied and several other modern day heroes who succeeded for years in making cheap lifesaving drugs available to give people with AIDS an opportunity to live without paying as much as $50 a day for the privilege?

, ~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVf2UUu_w4o



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What most of us want is a safe, effective, timely vaccine, if that’s possible. 200 vaccines were under development six months ago. What we get is entirely dependent on who bought the stock options.

You should understand that things can go wrong with vaccines. Yes, some people die, hopefully few, and that’s why they test vaccines. Yes, it was worrisome when the vaccine industry used to put mercury, a known toxic metal, into their vaccines as an adjuvant, an artificial irritant to make the vaccine a bit more effective. Yes, half of the medical community refused to take the anthrax vaccine during the anthrax scare, even though they were ordered to take that vaccine.

FYI: ~http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1790953