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Preparing for Doomsday: A Shelter-in-Place Mentality Is the New American Normal


Preparing for Doomsday: A Shelter-in-Place Mentality Is the New American Normal

William Astore

Has there ever been a nation as dedicated to preparing for doomsday as the United States? If that’s a thought that hasn’t crossed your mind, maybe it’s because you didn’t spend part of your life inside Cheyenne Mountain. That's a tale I’ll get to soon, but first let me mention America’s “doomsday planes.”


If only the U.S. officials could think the same way the author did. At least part of the reason the doomsday clock is so close to midnight is the constant wardrum beating both sides of the political aisle do. It seems like both Ds and Rs are just itching to fight another nuclear power and trigger doomsday. And for what? Profits? Some suicidal urge and desire? Whatever the case, the beat goes on...



I am surprised that there is so little discussion of one ever so obvious "plan" for our future which could include using our nuclear weapons, probably in their entirety. The likely resulting nuclear winter could quite likely counter global warming. Of course there is the problem of a rather long half-life of radioactivity, but hopefully some one could figure how to shorten that time to a level where people could wander about outside quite a bit before the next round of nuclear explosions since we would have to keep the nuclear winter ongoing. I realize this is not an ideal scenario, but it is often good to think outside the box.


A wonderfully sane piece of writing! This should be on the op-ed pages of every newspaper in America, a place which badly needs to come to grips with its conditioned fear complex, and to begin to understand how this mentality has developed, as well as whose interests are served by it.


Not possible. Humanity cannot survive in a nuclear winter. With the amount of nukes that would be launched the entire world would be covered in lethal radiation. Whoever does manage to "survive" will still suffer agonizing deaths in the end.

The sad and scary part is there might actually be people high in government that believes humanity can survive and prosper in such an apocalyptic scenario.


Hundreds or thousands of precious 1% entitled snowflakes all in one place—what could possibly go wrong? The billionaire bunkers sound HILARIOUS to me. Hey, here's an idea. Could we have a big fake-out war and get them all to go in them? Then we lock the doors from the outside and live happily ever after. You may say I'm a dreamer...


Actually, Cheyenne Mountain is back in business. I'm not allowed by this site to include a link, but the Daily Mail from 8 April 2015 details how the military is moving back into the mountain.


Ummmm. Is it not obvious dude? The job of every MIC general is to instill fear----that is what powers all the weaponry.