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Preparing for the Storm


Preparing for the Storm

David Cortright

More than five weeks after the political tsunami and many of are still living in a state of denial.

It’s understandable and even commendable in one sense: we must never accept Trump and the hatred and bigotry for which he stands as normal.

We must never consent to our democracy being subverted by a foreign power, to a government run by those who reject science and disdain the poor and needy.

Yet we also need to be realistic and must prepare ourselves for the ordeal that lies ahead.


Strap on the shield of truth and courage and work perseveringly for real progressive human values to be enshrined in politics.
Oust the corruptors of all stripes!
Democracy now!


At least when it comers to climate change there is some reason for optimism because the states play such a large role largely independently of the federal government. The NY Times has an editorial today outlining what the states have accomplished and their future goals. Of course globally the picture on climate change remains bleak and more rapid action in countries all over the world will be needed to avert catastrophe.


One good strategy, I think, is extended, and repeated general strikes. Just don’t show up. En masse.


“We must batten down the hatches and prepare to protect ourselves and the most vulnerable…” I agree, but we have to note that we’ve spent the past 20 years maintaining a pep rally for the middle class. Liberal media redefined our “inequality” discussion to mean the gap between the better-off, and the very rich, virtually disappearing real US poverty. Not everyone is able to work, and there aren’t jobs for all. We’re 20 years into one hell of a war on the poor. Many knew that the years of this administration marked our last chance to turn things around, and it was worth a try.


Think: The US shut down/shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare aid in the 1990s, creating an abundant surplus of job-ready people (replacement labor) who are desperate for any job at any wage. The rules have changed. How many people here can risk losing their jobs by walking out, knowing there’s nothing to fall back on?


Cortright undershoots here, perhaps imagining the upcoming storm as too much a quibble between ruling parties. It seems worth considering in a rough way what sort of forces are arrayed against the population, if not altogether with each other:

  • The food industry, particularly Bayer-Monsanto, mostly in conjunction with US agencies in particular
  • Water distribution, partly subsumed to fracking and oil pipelines, but also as an investment commodity for Nestle, among others
  • Energy, of course, involving an intersection of Exxon and Middle Eastern states with GE and the MIC and nuclear industries with international finance and pharmaceuticals, including what are usually called drug cartels.

So the storm involves most of what supplies most daily needs for most of us. We have to find other ways of accomplishing that so that we can abandon and disassemble these entities.


QUOTE: We must never consent to our democracy being subverted by a foreign power, UNQUOTE

That is unmitigated bullshit! This “outside interference” is a red herring. It never happened!
Hillary Clinton and the DNC lost this election all by themselves without any outside help.
In their arrogance they failed to listen to the people in their own party.

It is ironic that the one country, which has made interference in other countries’ politics the cornerstone of its foreign policy is so ready to accuse others of their own sins.




Now is NOT the time to “hunker down,” but to take the offensive in a way that will not alienate Trump supporters by vilifying them. We would serve our cause well if we show some empathy for these people now. All too soon, they will realize that Trump has played and deceived them. If they are pissed off at the “liberals” always denigrating them, it will be that much harder for them to accept the reality and realize that the Progressive causes is where they will be most comfortable and welcomed.


That is also debatable.
Germany with one quarter of the population of US has shipped just as much production capacity to China as we.

• Germany led the world in solar panel technology, exported that to China. Now China out produces Germany and everybody else in that industry
• German companies built the first high speed rail installation in China from down town Shanghai to the airport. Now China has the by far largest high speed rail net in the world and exports “their technology” all over the planet.

But are the Germans crying? - Naah, they just do better.

Last time, I looked, about 400,000 (the US equivalent would be 1.6 million) openings in manufacturing went begging. Companies had to decline orders for lack of workforce.
The association was hoping that a lot of the newly arrived refugees could soon be trained to fill those vacancies.
See: https://www.asme.org/engineering-topics/articles/manufacturing-processing/how-does-germany-do-it


This “Storm” is a mosquito bite in the grand scheme of the imminent collapse of our civilization, now ordained by our refusal to plan ahead and our mantra of ever continuing growth in this finite world. We overpopulate and therefore we perish. All the current refugee migration just says that nowhere is safe from collapse. It will be world wide, even to the mountain tribes in Nepal or New Guinea. Some First Peoples not wholly tied up in our economy might be able to save them selves initially, but as we collapse we will ransack the whole planet, oceans included, leaving little of use for survivors to use. We are soon to be history. Now THAT is a STORM!!!


I, for one, will miss President Obama at the helm of our great ship of state. I fear that we are headed into very stormy and unchartered waters and that our new captain is not up to guiding us around the shoals that he seems to enjoy toying-with along our perilous journey towards a questionable destination. In the end you get the kind of government that you demand and deserve. We deserve Donald Trump, because he is what we have become, and what we deserve because of it. Freedom is not free, you have to fight like hell for it each and every day. What are you willing to fight and die for?


Since the troll is a narcisist, we can deny him gratification by not calling him by name.

This is not substitute for other measures, but it takes little work and no money, so we might as well add it to the rest of what we do. I’ve chosen to call him “the troll” for now.


I think I like what you’re saying… in other words… take down the corporations… but first, find a way to survive together… as in maybe, “tribal communities”…However, when ever I start to write something like this… and begin to feel a little bit positive… then I remember… who will baby sit the nukeplants.


Yes… and when there are a lot less people… those nuke plants … will have no babysitters… unless of course, the rich decide to kidnapped a bunch of us and use us as slaves to do the dirty work of keeping them from melting down… for a while anyway…but, I doubt they will get the chance… I really wish other people would think of this scenario… think about the 400 + nuke plants around the world… THAT IS WHAT WILL DO US IN… COMPLETELY… if it were only (haha) climate change… some of us, might make it… it would be a pretty horrible world to live in … however, considering that all of the nuke plants, would EVENTUALLY MELT DOWN… well, bye bye mother Earth…