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Preparing for Trump: A Ten-Point Plan


Preparing for Trump: A Ten-Point Plan

Peter Dreier

Many Americans would not be surprised if on Jan. 20 Vladimir Putin administers the oath of office to Donald Trump, the Ku Klux Klan youth choir regales the inaugural crowd with a stirring rendition of “Dixie,” the Chamber of Commerce orchestra performs “Hail to the Chief” and the inaugural party is catered by Carl’s Jr. (whose CEO, billionaire Andrew Puzder, a foe of the minimum wage, is Trump’s nominee for secretary of labor).


I like Michael Moore's plan better, because it's only a 5 point plan. Keeping it simple seems better to me since I am feeling rather burnt out and depressed. Also, Moore's point 5 fits my thoughts exactly: no matter how bad we imagine things will get, they will get worse than we can imagine.


Trump and his billionaire gangsters most likely laugh at Mr. Dreier's plan. Deal with them at their vital points, where they can not afford to give ground.


"A CBS survey showed about one-quarter of Trump voters said he is not qualified to be president."

So, why did they vote for him? Totally irrational. Don't they care about the United States and the rest of the world? Why vote for someone who is not qualified for the office? I don't think that I will ever understand such Trump voters.


Ten point plan for whom? Looks like a conventional, politics as usual, work through the system, co-opt the movement, exploit progressives along the way plan for the Democratic party, to me. No thanks. These tired resistance-based strategies that offer no alternatives to Trump are what got us Trump in the first place. Resistance will sputter and fail, again, if the alternative to Trump is the current neoliberal Clinton-based Democratic party.


How about this One Point Plan. Economic democracy and how to achieve it. We have always stood in need of that. Without it no political democracy can last for long. Trump is living proof of that.


How can progressives take seriously a proposal that fails to tackle the view that right liberal Democratic Party machine politics lost the election that the progressive Democrat candidate could have won.

One must conclude that Professor Dreier pictures Democratic business as usual - with the 40+ percent of Democrats that voted for Sanders working their tails off in return for...what?...no representation, and more of the policies that, as another poster noted, sank Democrats in the last election.

No, progressives must formally withdraw into a bloc and demand representation - meaningful power-sharing in return for their vote. This is a course of action that might combat the right.


People voted for Trump to stop Clinton.


They voted for Trump because they thought HRC was even more unqualified to be President.


The article lays out some good points, but there needs to be a Plan B, since it is highly unlikely that Democrats will really fight Trump's agenda and his nominees. Within the next few months or so it will be business as usual on Capitol Hill with a full on Democrat compromise / sell-out. Plan B should include an appeal to so-called 'progressives' who vote Democrat to abandon that corrupt party and help build an alternative, or join the only political party that fought Trump's theft of the election, the Green Party.


Currently elected Democrats are on the take as much as the Repubs.

Peace Activist Larry Darcey told me that it always boils down to We the People.

I don't know how, exactly, it will pan out, but, something surely has to give.

When 99% of 300 million Angry People get to the point that they have nothing left to lose...


He said "Moderation in the protection of liberty is no virtue....", but I like your idea (which is original) better.


While I like Dreir's plan on paper, the reality is that he has many holes in it. For example he says that "journalists must not normalize Trump". The problem is that MSM journalists must do what they're told or else they won't have a job. Corporate media has already been instructed to "normalize" the Trump Presidency and everything from 60 Minutes to talk shows are already treating Trump as "normal". Also, if protests occur across the country, just as it happened during the Iraq invasion, the media will ignore the protests and instead focus on "normalizing" Trump. It is what the MSM does. Ot won't change its spots because it can't.
I do agree that we can do more to protest Trump at the State and local levels. I also agree that the Democratic Party must be overhauled, but since the election, the corporate Democrats have actually dug in rather than surrender to the will of the 99%. Too many ill equipped and ignorant people run for office regardless of their party affiliation.
Trump's nominations have shown us in advance that he is ready to wage war against the 99%. Corporate America will fall in line as a Trump presidency still appears to be far better than a functioning democracy free of graft and special interests. The MIC is thrilled at the new hawkish administration. Every corporation out there is expecting a big government hand out at the expense of gutting social programs. And a pliant media will continue to blame all of our hardships on 'market forces', 'economic slums', 'foreign intervention' and other such nonsense.
The worst part is that most Americans WILL see government as the problem and not the solution as the MSM adroitly focuses on any and all targets except their well heeled sponsors.
A sudden proliferation of nuclear weapons production? The dismantling of Medicare and Social Security? Ratcheting up fossil full production in spite of global warming? Instead we will be encouraged to sit back, have a beer and enjoy the ball game because after all, these men in power are smart businessmen. They know what they're doing! TV says so!


What matters to people the most, at the proverbial end of the day, is whether they have the means to keep their families together, housed and fed. Many don't. At least some of us already have our hands full dealing with the consequences, and don't have time for the list of currently trendy issues/causes.


Protest, demand, organize, call and complain to get all the neoliberal DNC Democrats out of power and sign petition to End the Electoral College:


Trump is half Mussolini and half PT Barnum -- a made for media mixture. He will offer political entertainment to the masses while looting the country. He is betting that so long as he can keep the howling dogs in the public square satisfied with the red meat of racism they won't much care about what is going on behind the scenes. While there certainly was a populist economic overture to his campaign message, Trump's calculation is that the racist impulse is stronger and will provide him with cover. He might be right. We will find out soon enough.


It really doesn't matter how many points a plan has if most of them are hopeless. You can wish the media would do all kinds of helpful things but it won't. Until we take it over. You can "oppose" every single thing the Republicans do but it will make no difference; as long as they're in power they'll do it anyway. And they'll stay in power and probably cement it with gerrymandered districts at federal and state levels, more election stealing and above all with money. Until

Those Republicans who dishonestly and illegally stole this election don't care if they don't have what we think of as a "mandate". No one else does either and constantly harping on it makes us look like the pitiful losers the right already thinks we are. They don't need a mandate; they have power. They stole it for their own demented reasons and they're going to use it for those reasons, just like they have for the last 40 years, in ever-intensifying fashion.

There may be Republican infighting, but counting on it is crazy. The Republicans line up behind their leader; the obvious divisions between corporate and religious right wings haven't caused a rift in 40 years and they're unlikely to now just because there's a president we like even less than usual.

I have a 3 point plan. We're in charge of whether each point succeeds.

  1. Organize. Wherever you are, find those who agree with you, learn together what you don't know, and tell the people who disagree: what's going on, how we got here, what the consequences are (you might have to learn a little psychology and a lot about climate catastrophe).

  2. Protest. Make it long and loud, and when that doesn't work but has at least gotten attention on the internet (not in media; it's right wing and you can forget it doing anything that will help us and you can generally count on it doing everything it can to hinder us) then obstruct. Blockade, boycott, refuse. Absolutely relentless peaceful protest and obstruction of every single thing the right wing does on a local, state and national level, everything that right wing religions do, that large corporations do, is necessary for the rest of our lives.

  3. Organize. Set up alternative forms of governance and living. Transition Initiatives, local currencies, co-ops and worker-owned businesses; pursue everything possible as a cooperative to counter the predation of our increasingly brutal corporate government. We have to do this locally, intra-state, interstate, nationally, internationally. Remember that when Gandhi invented this form of political change it became clear that not only was peaceful action necessary but self-suffering was, too, to show that self-interest was not the reason for the action, the betterment of all was. That's what recruits others, including those supporting the opponent. Undercut the opponent's support, income and actions in every way possible, remembering, however, that power is not the goal, changing the opponent's mind and actions are, and the opponent's and everyone else's welfare is as important as ours.


Very nice. I find this entry very straightford and helpful....and human as opposed to merely political.I am so disenchanted with politics as usual...It's far too easy to subvert and then to disappoint.


Like all "Progressive" perspectives, aimed at promoting "lesser evil" Democrats, do-good Middle Class individuals or "band-aid" fixes, Peter Dreier does not recognize, let alone mention, the underlying cause of the the major economic, ecological and social crises facing humanity.

The now globalized capitalist economic system has collapsed and can never be "fixed" to work for the majority of humanity. .It is not possible to allow run capitalism's drive to maximize wealth and profit for a tiny minority of capitalist individuals while at the same time provide for a universal minimum standard of living for all people.

The globalization of capitalism has meant that capital has shut down locally bounded enterprises and moved labor intensive industries to the cheapest labor markets, causing global unemployment worldwide.

Computer technology, automation have made the management of global enterprises instantaneous, allowing corporations to minimize and eliminate taxes in local and national governments, impoverishing essential health care, education and infrastructure (water) budgets.

Automation is minimizing and eliminating the need for unskilled labor but also highly skilled labor as computers and programs eliminate many human skills, replacing skilled workers with much fewer needed computer programmers.

Global warming, climate change, environmental crises worldwide are most devastating to the the poor and working classes worldwide. These crises are not simply created by "humans" but are specifically caused by multi-national corporations who refuse to shut down toxic energy (oil,coal,gas,tar sands, nuclear, etc.) industries to maintain their massive profits. These profits are massive because these capitalist enterprises refuse to eliminate environmental pollution and human destruction because the costs would minimize and eliminate maximization of profit.

The "progressive" left and traditional labor movement are incapable of providing any positive alternative to the crises created by capitalism in the 21st century.


I think we need to stop personalizing this. Whether what’s his name stays or goes, the right wing’s agenda and policies will continue, as they have for decades, always standing on the shoulders of dwarves. The effect of the Republican racism strategy is 2-fold. It provides an ’other’ that fits into and reinforces the stereotypes already accepted by a large minority in the US, and it re-channels the economic and political dissatisfaction of a large majority being stolen from, into scapegoating certain groups and thus distracting them from the ongoing theft by the already-rich.

I think that's what we need to focus on; not just the diagnosable Narcissist in the White House, but the fact that the narcissistic, anti-social, Wetiko-infected party that controls all 3 branches of government, the party that's the purest manifestation of a narcissistic, anti-social Wetiko-infected culture, put all of them there.