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Preparing Medical Students for a Warmer World


Preparing Medical Students for a Warmer World

Christian Cayon

The World Health Organization has called climate change “the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century.” Similarly, the United Nations’ ninth Secretary-General, António Guterres, refers to climate change as “the most systemic threat to humankind.” The scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is “unequivocal” according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a scientific and inte


Climate AND toxins in the food chain ranging from GMOs that compound the use of pesticides, many forms of pollution driven by climate change exacerbating natural disasters, and free ranging petrochempharma.


The fossil fuel industry receives a lot of criticism these days, and rightfully so. But in the final analysis, we are the ones who support the energy industry and it is our standard of living that will need to change. So contemplate what you can do for the cause

Personal Actions

End our love affair with the automobile

Ride more trains and buses

Car pool

Walk and bike more

Turn off the air conditioner in the summer and dial the thermostat down in winter

Become vegetarians or vegans

Refill plastic water bottles with tap water

Discontinue using aluminum cans with and without carbonation

Maximize use of reusable bags and products

Recycle junk mail

Forego fast junk food

Go to “slow food”;

Recycle maximally, especially aluminum cans

Drive and accelerate more slowly

Climb more stairs

Plant more trees

Forego use of spray cans

Ride more trains and buses

Repair, mend and alter as much as possible

Buy solar panels

Compost as much as possible

Last person out of the room turn off the lights

Eat and farm organic

Ride more trains and buses

Fly fewer planes

Promote conference calls and web cams, fewer meetings

Use manual tools instead of power tools

Share more

Use rakes rather than leaf blowers

Decrease use of bottled water and refill plastic bottles with tap water

Maximize reusable bags and products

Push rather than power small mowers

Replace lawns with vegetable gardens

Stop fertilizing and mowing lawns

Compost as much as possible

Minimize use of disposables (Pampers);

Maximize high efficiency LED and solar powered lighting;

Limit endless gadgets

Use motion lighting, where appropriate

Decrease consumption

Limit family size

Local Government Actions

Reorganize cities, building taller residences with a smaller footprint (the end of suburbia)

Institute a carbon tax

Promote car pooling subsidize and expand mass transit

Expand bike paths

Have shareable (zip) cars

Ban electric outdoor signs;

Eat and farm organic

Promote conference calls and web cams, fewer meetings

Eliminate approximately 50% of all street lighting and office lighting in unoccupied buildings

eliminate “fast junk food”; go to “slow food


Federal Government Actions

Ban gasohol

Rein in the militaries for defense only and outlaw war

Discontinue night baseball

Make electronics, house wares, furniture, etc to be as durable and long-lived as possible

Recycle maximally

Make appliances to be as energy efficient as possible

Discontinue aluminum cans

Ban electric outdoor signs

Maximize solar and wind power;

Change from petroleum based fertilizers to regenerative agriculture

Reverse deforestation, plant more trees

Restrict spray cans

Promote conference calls and web cams, fewer meetings

Promote zero population growth with free condoms and family planning world-wide

End yearly auto model changes;

Proscribe junk mail

Scrap the mission to Mars

Adjust tax laws to limit family size

Promote limiting world population growth


Health impacts may be more far reaching than anyone has anticipated…

One of the key, and best known impacts of Climate Change - sometimes termed ‘Global Warming’ - is Sea Level Rise (SLR), but the world’s imagination has only been galvanised by the notion that land will be flooded.

Flooding ‘per se’, however, is not really too weighty an issue, what does chill the blood is the ecotoxicological impact. Consider the fact that “land” is a term that encompasses a bewildering number of geological formations, many of them permeable to water. Shales, sandy beaches, porous rock, as well as soils of equally diverse composition.

As SLR progresses, water will sep into these fractures, voids and permeable materials, and eventually find the voids humanity excavated to dispose of its wastes. And what a range of wastes! Cemeteries, landfills (aka municipal dumps), sewers, fuel repositories (think of fuel stations, with their underground tanks), mass graves, animal caracass pits (especially from epidemics like the Foot & Mouth epidemic here in the UK, oor swine fever in holland, or bird flu), toxic and radioactive waste repositories, mines and mining spoils, etc…

As sea water penetrates these voids (note that salt water can dissolve the clay linings used to protect acquifers from landfill leachates) it will pond, saturate the lowest levels, gradually rising through the waste, dissolving and suspending the most chemically and physically mobile fractions of acids, alkalis, pathogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic compounds.

Then, as the pressure gradient increases, tidal pressure will begin to mobilise these fluid accumulation, much like a pump, diffusing leachates with their suspended and dissolved urden of chemicals, organic and inorganic, into the nearest bodies of water. Estuaries, harbours, rivers, lagoons… any body of water subject to infiltration by sea water will operate as a micropump.

As these pollutants flow out, they will disperse, but onthe whole they will be redeposited onto the coast by the LongShore Drift (LSD) that progresses alon the coastal margin of ALL continents in a sawtooth motion, until it finally flows out to sea in a plume, joiing all other plumes of similarly diverse composition, in the open waters.

The outcome is predictable: wastes absorbed and adsorbed on skin or scales, ingested with contaminated food, like algae, coated in the oily fravtions of the waste streams, or ‘inhaled’ through gills, will begin to affect ALL marine coastal species and, as coasts are the nurseries of the seas, marine productivity will plummet.

This will create a glut of biomass for other species to feed on, as dead or dying juveniles of all species disperse in the water, consumed by other species, and bioaccumulating in their tissues, causing disease, infertility and death. The process, repeated uop teh food chain, will affect every manner of sea life, as well as birds feeding on teh floating bodies of the dead and dying fish, crustaceans etc…

I am sure I don’t have to paint you a picture…

We MUST stop Sea Level risae before it’s too late, but also begin to excavate and remove all the waste repositories most accessible to SLR.


Gea Vox.


Climate and toxins and sea level rise AND horrendous increases in radiation levels from surveillance, communication technology, increased frequencies in home wiring without rewiring them, nuclear, technology, technology everywhere.
Except for sunburn and electrocution, doctors know nothing about diagnosing radiation illnesses.