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Prescription for Afghan Hospital Bombing: Independent Investigation and US Troop Withdrawal

Prescription for Afghan Hospital Bombing: Independent Investigation and US Troop Withdrawal

Medea Benjamin

On October 3, a US airstrike destroyed a Médecins Sans Frontières (also known as Doctors Without Borders) hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, killing 22 healthcare workers and patients. On October 6, the commander of US armed forces in Afghanistan, General John Campbell, told the US Senate Armed Services committee that the attack had been an accident.

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To withdraw from ‘the graveyard of Empires’ would be an admission of defeat. Yet another in the recent history of U.S. military adventures. What then ? Another false flag pentagon operation would be required to boost the virus of hegemony. Only when the last drop of oil is extracted from planet earth will our ’ democracy lovin MIC’ go back in their shell. Remember, the U.S. military juggernaut that sucks the lifeblood of treasury out of society, survives on fossil fuel. Sans oil the tanks, planes,and soldiers can’t plunder countries.


Despite 14 bloody years, what doe Amerika have to show for it?

Well, a couple of things:
the multi- billion $ heroin business.

The estimated 14 million dollars per minute profits of the MIC. These might have some bearing on what Amerika has to show for this long and sanguine to the economic elite, war.

The Commander of the US Armed Forces in Afghanistan, General John Campbell told the US Senate armed forces committee that the attack had been an accident. Campell assured the committee that the Pentagon was carrying out its own investigation that would be " thorough, objective and transparent ".


General Campell already has jumped to conclusions and lied about the hospital attack being an “accident”, when nothing could be further from truth!

General Cambell reminds me of the hanging judge in the old west, judge Roy Bean. First we will give you a fair trial before we hang you!


So the Pentagon is going to conduct a “thorough, objective and transparent” investigation whose thoroughly transparent objective is (a) to come up with some complicated reason why this obvious war crime is no such thing or if that proves impossible (b) find some low level US serviceman to hang it on.


BINGO, BINGO! Yes, I wonder if they fail to lie their way out as being a war crime, what poor schmuck will have to take the fall!


We should also let other criminals investigate their crimes to determine if they’re guilty or not.

We could solve the problem of growing prison populations while reducing the cost of trials.

Of course the crime rate might go up a bit.

Letting criminals get away with their crimes often leads to them repeating them.

Look at all the neocons who lied us into war in Iraq…


Excellent commentary on the US hospital attack by Ms Benjamin! The hospital attack and attempted cover-up are filled with inconsistences and repeated deceptions/lies from the US. The attack itself, the C-130 weapon used and the claimed “threat”, the targeting precision on only the hospital building, claimed “mistake” hitting a well-known hospital, “failure” to identify the target as a hospital and failure to contact staff that an attack was imminent all point to a premeditated war crime (or not credible incompetance) - The cover-up stories/deceptions reveal partial truths, but an independent investigation is absolutely demanded!

The perpetrator cannot be trusted to investigate itself! Here is another piece with some new info and analysis.

Call for/allow an independent investigation Mr. Nobel Peace Prize winner!



The terrorist atrocities of imperialist amerika continue. Yet, with every murder, the empire slides further into the abyss; done in by the suffering it continues to bring on the World!

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