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'Presidency for Sale': Report Details Big-Buck Spending by Influence Seekers at Trump Properties

'Presidency for Sale': Report Details Big-Buck Spending by Influence Seekers at Trump Properties

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"Business is booming at the Trump International Hotel in D.C., not because of the décor, but because corporations and foreign governments want to curry favor with the president."

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Thought that was against the emoluments clase.

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The buying of government has reached it’s most outrageous conclusion …
a president who is primarily in the business of selling government …!!

How long have we known about the “selling/buying of government” by our
legislators, presidents, political parties?


And remember, the Trump organization is not publicly-traded company. It is a closely held family business. A portion of the money that is spent at a Trump hotel, Mar-A-Lago or golf course goes straight into Donald and his sons pockets. In the case of the golf courses and Mar-A-Lago, all of a new member’s initiation fee goes straight into his pocket (Im not making this up!).

The corruption is so profound that if it were a fictional movie screenplay or novel, it would be rejected for being over-the-top comic-bookishly puerile.


But, you know, HRC, who released more tax returns than any candidate in history, whose foundation released its financials, whose every utterance was parsed to tonal qualities, and who was investigated multiple times over multiple years on mostly over-hyped trumped up nonsense, was way more corrupt. Thank god we have an honest grifter in the White House.


Know what dead-obvious sarcasm looks like?

He was addressing the large number of “Hillary will be worse than Trump” types who were particularly prevalent here on Commondreams in the last presidential election, and ultimately, helped elect Trump through their votes in certain states in my part of the country.

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Yes, I can see that definitely. I hear some of them have filed a lawsuit, but by the time that comes to light it’ll be years. I hope you are having a good day as well! Big snow storm coming here.

" 'Moluments, Schmoluments!  If the Presidunce does it, it’s not illegal!" — Tweetle-Dumb

Well, let’s see — our first president, George Washington, was sworn in back in 1789, is that right . . . ?

MAYBE – if the RePoopLickin’s don’t manage to call off elections entirely by 2020 – enough frogs will realize things are coming to a boil and jump out of the duopoly pot. Had Hilliary been elected, Amurika’s descent into korpocracy would have continued gradually, and far more frogs would be just be happily croaking in their nice warm baths.

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I have no doubt that Trump will prostitute the White House and himself out in all directions while exploiting his position as president to the max in making inside deals and getting richer. Any bets against Trump getting busted for ethics violations before he leaves office? Will he be caught in ethics violations and impeached out of office? Someone needs to invent an internet impeachment game of participants throwing rotten peaches at a moving erratically Trump running across the screen.

National Funeral Directors…buzzards waiting for the prey?

Oh since at least the early 1800s. Not much has changed except for them having gotten even richer.
So how long is this trickle down thing supposed to take 3 or 4 millennia? I’m pretty sure I won’t live that long and neither will they. Trickle Down is a lie!

All those soldiers who died expanding the empire, oops, I mean fighting for our freedom will need to be buried.

Yeah Festus I get it. By the time, they get to that case, I could be taking a dirt nap!

Donald Trump finally goaded the FBI into investigating contributions - foreign and domestic - to the Clinton Foundation as a possible means to gain the ear - and support - of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

At the same time, people and organizations - foreign and domestic - are patronizing Trump properties in order to curry favor with the man who has failed to separate himself from his private holdings by even the sham of a trust. They are not contributing to the Trump Foundation - itself a sham - but are putting money directly in his pocket.

And Jared Kushner, while heavily involved with the Israili-Palastinian “peace process”, is aware that his family business is involved in a $30 million dollar deal with Israel. If he has put his holdings into a trust, it is certainly not “blind”.

And nobody in any branch of the United States Government seems concerned.

“With Liberty and Justice for All”. Apparently only Liberty applies to our Thief-in-Chief. Justice will have to wait.

Moss –

Actually, since I wasn’t around in 1800’s … was thinking of Ralph Nader’s efforts
to wake up the nation on this issue … and think he goes back at least 50 years on that.

Yes, a lot of people tend to forget about how the robber barons of the gilded age corrupted american politics. Making the rich richer back then didn’t help the poor any more back then than it does now.

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