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President Accused of 'Another Blatant Violation' of Constitution Over Reports Foreign Officials Rented Luxury Condos From Trump Real Estate Empire

President Accused of 'Another Blatant Violation' of Constitution Over Reports Foreign Officials Rented Luxury Condos From Trump Real Estate Empire

Julia Conley, staff writer

A government watchdog said Thursday that it was investigating reports that the Trump administration had allowed at least seven foreign governments to rent luxury condos at a building owned by President Donald Trump—a possible violation of the Constitution's Emoluments Clause.

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How much can we talk, impeach impeach him now!!!

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The Dems think they will lose in an impeachment, thats not true at all they will lose if they dont impeach. We must call our reps and Sens demanding impeachment not only of Trump but Barr as well.


For more balanced view here’s another link:

" Trump World Tower is not owned or controlled by Trump, but is instead owned by individual, third-party unit owners and controlled by a condominium board made up of those owners," the spokesperson said. “As a result, when units are sold or leased, Trump does not receive a penny because it is not the seller or lessor of those units. Instead, those sums go entirely to the unit owner who is selling or leasing. Without the statement that Trump World Tower ‘is controlled’ by Trump, there is no connection between the sale or lease of units and any amounts paid to Trump and, therefore, no story at all .”"

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And once again nothing will be done about this except normalizing.

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This Bully has been doing whatever he wants since day one, and most likely half of it is illegal. Can’t fathom why not one person or faction can’t seem to get him outta there. How much more of him are we planning to endure?

If that were the case they why didn’t he divest? In order to confirm this one would have to look at the ownership of each unit. Any guesses as to who owns what? Beware and be aware of propaganda. Personally I trust Richard Painter and the people of CREW more than anyone at “The Hill”

From the article linked by CD:
“The State Department records did not make clear who owned the units in question.”

Well, i guess American Oversight should do the due diligence and check who the owners are. My guess is, they did and it wasn’t what they expected, and that’s why they don’t mention it.

As for divesting, maybe he didn’t want to. He sure isn’t required by law to do so, but i might be wrong about that

a possible violation of the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause.

jesus h christ why do we keep pussy footing around the naming of criminality and obstruction. The rump LIES and this is CLEARLY a violation. Speak truth to power. Words matter!

The blatant fact is Trump has violated the emoluments clause in dozens of ways and should be impeached and found guilty.

It’s not likely to happen with our corrupt duopoly parties.

He’s required by the Constitution NOT to profit from dealing with foreign powers, law does not get any higher than that. Divestment, or a blind trust, are the accepted ways of avoiding this. He very intentionally chose neither.

The Koch type Libertarians got their long called for wish. “Government has to be run like a business” and the reason a business exists is so that the owners can profit off it. You really do not think people set up business to ensure kids can get health care or not get shot in their schools?

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If it was that easy, Nancy would have been all over it a long time ago. I think it has something to do with service in return for payment. She’ll have to prove that Trump favored one of them countries over others just because they leased a condo in a building managed by a Trump company. Nevermind that the lessor might be a person or entity that has absolutely no connection to the President.

I highly suggest you get a copy of the Constitution and read it, maybe even study it in depth, it is after all what we in America live by. If you contact your Rep. in Congress and ask for a copy I am sure they will provide you with one at no charge. Have a nice day.

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I bet they would not have set foot in this place though:

Nope. Under impeachment in Congress, the standards of judicial proof are very different than in the courts. All you need is the number of votes in the House to bring charges. Then for conviction all you need is the number of votes in the Senate.

Both parties are filled with craven cowards subservient to the oligarchy. THAT is the problem.

H[quote=“Ditton, post:15, topic:63119”]
I highly suggest you get a copy of the Constitution and read it, maybe even study it in depth, it is after all what we in America live by.

Granted, we Americans do indeed say we live by the Constitution and not only that but we frequently raise holy hell when somebody comes along proposing a law that others feel violates their Constitutional rights. An example of this of course be when someone proposes some common sense regulation on the ownership of guns. (I truly think the majority of Americans think “The Constitution” consists of The Bill of Rights and nothing more.) As long as we’re discussing the Bill of Rights…how did drug prohibition ever happen when Alchohol Prohibition required a Constitution Amendment to both Prohibit and then relegalize the outlawing of alcoholic beverages? The bottom line is we talk a lot about the Constitution but do very little to enforce what it Dr ales to be as the rule of law. Like Dubya said himself, “It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!” Congress does not coin our currency, search of property and even seizure of private property by law enforcement without due process is a common occurrence, the right to keep and bear arms has nothing to do with maintaining a free state or well regulated militia, etc., etc.

I have a recommendation for everybody who likes to bitch about their Constitutional Rights being violated. Sometime, just get a copy of the full U.S. Constituon and a copy of Black’s Law Dictionary and read the Constitution from start to finish while looking up anything that you don’t understand in Black’s Law. You will soon discover that if we actually lived by the U.S.Constitution instead of merely talking about it this would be a vastly (and IMHO far better and happier country) to live in. You know, kindof the same principle as that where Christians actually followed the teachings of Christ rather than the Old Testement and Paul…some dude who obviously had an axe to grind with everyone else. It wouldn’t make the U.S. an exceptional country by any means but it would still be far better than the mess we have now where lawyers make our laws up as we go for the convenience of whomever may be our current leader. That’s why the U.S. is such a loose cannon among civilized nations. We just make shit up as to what’s convenient at the time it’s made up. Just my two cents worth for the day.

I did check this out when people first started clucking about “emoluments”. Not being a constitutional scholar i checked out what people smarter than me are saying.

The consensus seems to be, it’s not gonna fly. And it’s prolly not worth the 2020 elections to go ahead with it.

Then you won’t mind being ruled by a dictator.

Your 2 cents here is actually worth a dollar. Well done.

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