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President Amplifies 'Cowboys for Trump' Calls for Executing Democrats

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/28/president-amplifies-cowboys-trump-calls-executing-democrats


Perfect, Trump should hire him as press secretary or head of his campaign. An honest look at Trump’s sick mind. If this was in a novel it would be unbelievable.

De ja vu all over again, Germany 1930’s, at least the Germans have learned from their mistakes; Americans not.


This clown Griifin has fornicated with too many prairie dogs. The syphilis has ravaged his brain.


This cowboy said it has come down to Love or Hate America…which proves the simple and feeble mind of the individual that that Donald adores.


Who convinced liberals to give up their guns?

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Yup, just a matter of time before someone goes to their town hall, gets a copy of the list of voters (including address and party affiliation) and goes door-to-door with an AR and high-capacity drum.

Much more effective than the kind of homemade pipe bomb the leader of those anti-Michigan lockdown protesters was caught with.


The only good Trump is a dead Trump. Of course I do not mean that in the physical sense; I mean it in the political sense.

I would never call on people to commit violence against any members of any political parties.

Other people and presidents do that.

I do not.


I thought I heard someone say, the only good Trump is a dead Trump.
Thank you!


19th century robber baron Jay Gould’s dream that “half the working class kill the other half” is closer to coming true than it ever has.

The oligarchs who own the duopoly are salivating.


Death by public policy

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red ant black ant mentality


After the talibundies were barely chastised for taking over Malheur and then won their court cases, this is the outcome we should have expected.

If hippies, black or brown people had taken over Malheur they would have been locked up post haste or worse.


It was only a matter of time when “the only good Indian is a dead Indian” would become "“the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.” These are the cretins in ascendency who are determined to impoverish the mind and imagination of our world by spreading their hateful monoculture.


This isn’t new to anyone exposed to the hardcore followers of Anne Coulter or Alex Jones, but when the Dotard publicly thanks a guy who is repeatedly turning to homicidal rhetoric, that says something seriously dark about where we’re at.

In any decent country, this would be a cause to force resignations.


New Mexico is a kind of ‘live and let live’ state in many ways. Fortunately, there are way more cool people than morons like Griffin that live there. That’s one reason why it is a blue state.


It seems like the last few years we’ve been seeing the worms come out of the woodwork in the United States. I guess Trump gave them the feeling they are free to move around. In some ways this might be a good thing because we see the reality of what has been lurking in the shadows of the U.S. for so long. We cannot deny it - but hopefully we can mount the forces to prevent them from gaining more power in the country. I have to remember all of the americans and other nationalities who gave their lives fighting fascism in WWII. And all of the african-americans who stood up (and died) to fight the white supremecists during the civil rights movement. We cannot let down the memory of them and what they fought for.


Stupids for Trump, hey with supporters like that who needs an election. They’re ready to kill for him and kill tens of millions if they could. What a fucking sick minded pile of shit these bunch really are. What? They think people are going to just sit on their hands and let these sick minded morons kill us off? Hell No even a 4 year old can fire a gun.


You know the truth, so what are you and i going to do about it is the real big question. I think this medium along with other bright spots on our USA publishing horizon have made it crystal clear over the decade who the enemy are. So i think that now it is time for action. Might that mean mass education, preparation for civil unrest, rallies, demonstrations or a combination thereof is sorely needed.


“Cowboys For tRump” should rename itself “Dumb Shit Assholes For Hair Hitler The Flaming Orange Satan Chump tRump”! It suits shithead morons like them.


You might be surprised to find out how many liberals own guns, including the notorious, nefarious AR-15 along with a couple three or four thousand rounds of NATO, 5.56mm, 62gr steel center core armor piercing ammunition, with a plan, a hope, an intense burning desire to NEVER, EVER, HAVE TO FIRE IT.