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President Applauds 'Transparency' After Trump Jr. Forced to Come Clean


President Applauds 'Transparency' After Trump Jr. Forced to Come Clean

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

With no apparent sense of irony, President Donald Trump on Tuesday defended the "transparency" of his eldest son's decision to tweet a damning email thread—which legal experts have deemed a "


amazing to me how all the apples haven’t fallen very far from that despicable tree.

those kids learned well: lie, bully, buy, lie some more, and kill innocent animals if you are in a place to do so. you’d think at least one would eschew dear old dad… even Wm. Koch seems to have broken away from rotten Daddy Fred. (i hope)



I have thought for some time now that it would be “hubris” that would bring down the trumps. they are well on there way down that road, the true nature of this familly is starting to ooze out in all its slimeiness, there arrogance is going to be there undoing, and the lies are starting to catch up with them, and leaders of many countries now have trumps # and have zero respect for the man. I think the trump name is going to become a handicap. And trump jr’.s political aspirations need to be quashed now so we dont have to be subjected to his smarmy countenance when and if he grows up.


Tick, tock…tick, tock…tick, tock…

Ah, what a refreshing sound. Watergate all over again.


Trumpanzee jr is 39 – I think it’s safe to say that one ain’t gettin’ any smarter! :clown_face:


AS Hillary Clinton said when somebody wanted to talk about the death of the Ambassador of the United States to Libya “WHAT DOES IT MATTER NOW”?. That was not a very thoughtful attitude over the deaths of the four diplomats but after all it is a year since this meeting happened and there is no evidence that there was anything to it at all. How much more can CNN go on with YESTERDAYS NEWS?
Is the United States the most delicate democracy in the world? Or the most aggressive dominatrix?
Is there a shred of evidence that the Russians did anything at all, or anything that had any effect on anything? If there is then let the people see it and make their own judgement.


Overheard in The Oval Office:

‘This is fake news!’
‘What, he released emails conclusively proving that he and Jared are liars?’
‘Quick, come up with some alternative facts!’
‘And gas up Air Force 1–I’m heading to Trump Buenos Aires.’
‘Of course gassing up includes booze and hookers, you moron!’


DJT, Jr to his male genetic donor: “Payback’s a be-ahtch, ain’t it, DaDa…”

(DJT the lesser had to endure his father’s cruelty and emotional punishment for too many years and, at one point in his life when DJT was leaving Ivanka for Maples, the lesser became the “prodigal son” and would not have anything to do with dada for years. Guess the money was too good to stay away forever…)


I wondered how many comments would be posted before a burger-brain would demand Mueller turn over his entire work product right now, or it’s a nothingburger.
It was four.
Anyone following this story knows there are at least four ongoing investigations.
Mueller’s investigation will last another 8-10 months, at least.
And, people wonder why Donald Trump is POTUS.
Maybe you should get your information from McDonald’s Monthly Employee News Letter.
And, have your order supersized while you’re at it.


You left out RT, Pravda, and Drudge Report…


Sorry, I was driving between Vladistock and Moscow. I’ll pull over next time.:wink: