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President Barack Obama Delivers Farewell Address


President Barack Obama Delivers Farewell Address

Common Dreams staff


Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.


And so it ends-one of the greatest scams in US history, and that is saying something. I can't bring myself to read his speech.


i dont care what any of you say, I LOVE OBAMA, peace yall


You wonder if any of the presidents realize how boring they are. Boring and sickening.

Obama-Bush-Clinton-Bush-Reagan-Carter-Ford-Nixon-LBJ; they all run together in a nauseating blend of political blandness/ nothingness.

There hasn't been an inspiring humanitarian speaker since JFK left us. I was 11 at the time. I remember speeches he delivered then, and fortunately can Google or watch them at times on Youtube.

Bernie comes the closest to JFK; probably why he'll never obtain the presidency.


It is probably intentional. After all, the people really can't see the horrible things you are doing if they are not even going to bother watching your speeches.


That is why whistleblowers and a free, net-neutral, internet is important, for us to find out what our "leaders" are doing with the censorship of the media. That is why our "leaders" want to kill both.


Went partways down the page. Picked a line out at random , this one mentioning US troops fighting In Iraq and Afghanistan and equating them with those that marched at Selma as if wars of aggression against Foreign states and mass murders committed against other people are the same things those marchers at Selma wanted.

Codswallop and demeaning to those truly interested in pursuing the cause of Human rights.

He even made the march at Selma into something ugly.I am not going to bother with the rest of it.



Eight years later, it turns out change is up to you.

It would have been nice if he'd added something about "it will never come from anywhere else, regardless of what those on the campaign trail may say."


I wholeheartedly agree with you re: JFK. As for "Bernie", he sounds like a humanitarian populist, but, in reality, the system is so managed today that no one who is authentically one would be allowed to attain the power his supporters ascribe to him. His role, in all likelihood, is to act as a safety valve-- to verbalize the issues of concern to real progressives in order to make them think they are being addressed, thus preserving the "legitimacy" of the (two-party, corporatist/fascist) system.


The Barach that the People actually voted for, in 2008, gave his Farewell Address the day he was Inaugurated.


With the possible exception of Carter, all owned men.
JFK obviously was not.


While LBJ was short on inspiring speeches, he knew how to get legislation enacted.


Who owned LBJ?


Bernie "the safety valve"....really? That's how deep he was? I don't share your perception.


I know you're sarcastic but in reality - the change IS up to us. But, we want someone else to do the work while we sit writing comments instead of writing letters to our congresspeople and to editorial pages, organizing, leading and attending meetings, calling our Senators, running for school board, marching in the street, working our streets, doing one political act per month, week, day.


Yes we can? No, more like for the last 8 years: YES WE CONNED!


Brown and Root
You know them as the BR in KBR - Kellogg, Brown and Root
Google search "LBJ Brown and Root" - take your pick ..


Obama: " I am committed to president elect Trump."

That statement by this war criminal proves Obama was just another stooge and fawning parasite for his masters, says it all!