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President Chaos

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/02/president-chaos

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Mass infection has been their strategy all along.

We have the dregs of humanity in positions of power, and they wish for nothing less than “the air we breathe.”

It could not have been more clear that trump is a malignant, overt narcissist. It seems he is also a sociopath. The latter is becoming more clear as we go along . .

As such, anyone who knows anything about narcissism knows this:

Chaos and Narcissists: How Disorder Favors Narcissists
29 march, 2019
“Without a general state of disorder, a narcissist can’t control others as easily. If there’s order, narcissists have no power at all.”

This is why I think Fauci should disavow himself from trump as he is part of the crazy making and chaos that trump generates.
Narcissists use what is called triangulation, pitting people against each other and it seems to me he is doing that with Fauci.

And no, this is not a conspiracy theory. I believe the science and the data. I don’t believe schools should re-open as Fauci stated last week he hoped for.

I believe in mandatory masks and more to stop the spread of the virus.


From the article:

“the Democrats will promise that they will let him off the hook legally, not support any number of likely indictments against him or his family members.”

Biden promises a return of the Obama-Biden administration, and Obama is doing more campaigning for Biden than Biden is doing. Those two gave us the infamous “look forward, not back” approach.

So who thinks that Trump will be prosecuted for anything???


I’ve feared Biden will pardon each and every one of this degenerate administration and their criminal enablers.

It’s exactly the tag-team type of corrupt corporate controlled politics we’ve seen for decades.

They’ll call it “Across the aisle cooperation and forgiveness.”


Although Nuremberg scale trials are needed to administer equitable justice to Trump and his regime’s operatives to justice, seeing how bipartisan was redefined to mean capitulating to the GOP agenda when the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) was formed in 1985, Bill Clinton presided over more dismantling of FDR’s New Deal than any GOP POTUS, no bankster was prosecuted for causing the 2008 crash, and no Dubya regime operative was prosecuted for war crimes, Trump is likely confident he won’t need to cut a deal with the Dimcritters to avoid prosecution.


The only deal the asswipe in chief should get is if he doesn’t get his crooked family and his ass out of the White House in 5 minutes we’ll have the Capitol Police drag you out by your stupid red tie.


I am hopeful he will be prosecuted in NY state court, where Presidential pardon powers have no sway.
As far as the federal level, you are most likely correct.

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Trump will never be prosecuted for anything substantial and in a sense so what? When he is defeated he will leave. End of story. He will lose the election overwhelmingly. He cannot survive rejection and repudiation - only rationalize it. He isn’t going to delay the election either. This kind of nonsense makes him appear omnipotent which he clearly isn’t. The election will be held. Even if it is messy, he will lose, then he will leave claiming the nation is unworthy of him. Trump draws his power from his rallies. When the virus took that away all he had left was his power to manipulate the media and the people surrounding him. It isn’t enough and he’s like an addict in withdrawal. Shaky from this, he becomes desperate and makes mistakes - like this election date changing nonsense, or sending in Federal agents. Nothing can replace the “love” and “adoration” he receives from events like the rallies and his old TV show. Some observes are so blinded by his shtick they can’t see this prizefighter is on the ropes and about to receive a knockout blow. It must pain him that a tiny enemy consisting of a few rouge strands of RNA has brought him crashing to the mat. It certainly won’t be Biden that brings him low! Out of power he becomes irrelevant. Revenge is pointless. He will never feel any remorse whatsoever and he has good lawyers. Not only that, but a misguided prosecution will empower him once more. Trump is a cancer that must be excised. It’s too bad we have to return to the days of Obama and the same old hope-a-dope roadshow. It won’t be an improvement.


I suppose it’s possible the old man might wind up with the brass ring, but that won’t bring back any old days. For starters, we’ll still be navigating the SARS2 Global Depression, amid Floyd Rebellion rip-tides… don’t get me started on what follows! The most credible prognosticators are those who admit that circumstances have juggled and garbled our potential futures beyond all recognition.

Such an admission might indicate that our potential futures are both more dangerous and more hopeful than before. Unreasonably compassionate responses cannot be reasonably excluded, as a possibility.

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Shall we let the next imposter steal the country blind as well?

I think not.

I have no children, however, expecting them and their children to pay for the thievery we permitted on our watch, and just say, “Sorry kids, we can’t hold that thief responsible, he’s got good lawyers,” well, that’s one way to lose the respect of the next generations.


I didn’t foresee the virus and I have no idea what the future will bring. I do know that Trump has failed and one way or another he is on the way out and an era has ended. Calvin Coolidge famously said that the future will be better or worse so there is hope - not the “hope” the last snake oil salesman Obama was selling. That brand is past it’s expiration date too.

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It’s kind of hard to wrap your mind around but you cannot punish him because he will never admit to any wrongdoing. Not to anybody which is what you would expect from a criminal, especially one on trial, but not to himself either. He cannot entertain the idea that he has done anything wrong. He will always blame his accusers, absolve himself, and therefore, cannot be punished. Don’t take my word for it. He’s been in court many times and each time, has been “totally vindicated”. Same with the impeachment. It’s wasted energy to prosecute since what his accusers want is an admission of guilt, or lacking that, revenge. Neither can be obtained. The tables will always be turned and exasperation is the end result. Worse, the fight energizes him. It turns him on. It makes him relevant. a force to be reckoned with. Better to turn away. That, by the way does not mean that he should not be prosecuted. But with Trump, you have to be realistic about how he will respond and not get your hopes up. Let the river take it’s course, or a dispassionate approach by prosecutors will yield better results consistent with justice.


I do not see your concern with how he will respond. He’s the criminal. Who gives a flying you know what about how he responds. That’s totally irrelevant to his criminality.

Making a strong example of him is exactly what this country needs and must have as a warning to others who believe they are also above the law.

Have you ever been robbed? And did nothing about it?


Exactly. If FDR would have publicly hung those who were part of the attempted coup against him, would we still be fighting fascism today? Maybe, but they’d be much less bold then they are now.


Biden isn’t going to prosecute anyone in the Trump administration. Trump probably knows this already, but his paranoia might force him to do something stupid, thinking that it is needed to keep himself safe.

It would be much smarter for Biden to promise to let Trump off the hook, and then arrest him as he leaves the White House. But we know Biden has no interest in that.

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If they’d caught, prosecuted, and executed all the KKK murderers back in the day, there’d be a lot less racism too.

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I am explaining how he will respond. He will respond in this way whether I am “concerned” about it or not. When he turns the tables on his prosecutors, those who are seeking to prosecute him will be the ones punished. And yes, I have been robbed and “done nothing about it” because you must consider the cost of pursuing justice when the result will be punishing yourself in a misguided attempt to obtain the impossible. Trump feeds off the negative energy his haters freely give him. Remove the spotlight and you starve the beast. Trump loves it when liberals refuse to let go.

Despite the overt labels, they are, as you implicitly point out, members of the same party. I remember so clearly when Obama was elected, hoping for some action on things like the W administration’s warrartless wiretapping (remember the Church committee?), but instead, he said that he “wanted to look forward, not backward.” This was very interesting to me, since ALL law enforcement is retroactive by nature. “A nation of laws”? Ha. Perhaps at one point, but no more.


I am good with this under the following conditions: Trump surrenders all real estate holdings wordlwide, to be sold and proceeds go to the many people he has done dirty over the years. He and his wife and children and their offspring be banished to his favorite country, Russia, never to return to the US. Any other options are welcome.