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President Donald Trump and Political Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy


President Donald Trump and Political Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

Al Martinich, Tom Palaima

Back in August 2016, Angel M. Castillo, based on what was being said and done on the campaign trail, proposed as an analogy from psychiatry that Donald Trump and his supporters were suffering from a collective case of political Munchausen Syndrome. Boiled down, this means that although they were leading reasonably good lives, they acted in the political sphere like they were somehow marginalized victims being done harm by other social groups.

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“After North Korea conducted several nuclear tests, Trump said that North Korea will “be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen,” if it did change its behavior.”

ITS A CONSPIRACY!!! the writers are trying to confuse me!!!

Name it whatever you like. The fact of the matter is that either “we the people” are being placed in a manipulation conun-drum to attempt to convince us that we hold no agency over those elected to represent us.
Quite simply: Use it or lose it. (agency that is)

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In MSP, the victim doesn’t necessarily play the role of helpless child. It’s quite possible that the victim is a fully capable and self-sufficient adult unknowingly poisoned by the perpetrator of MSP.

So, while I understand your frustration, it’s possibly misplaced in this instance. On top of that, there sadly are plenty of adults who look to political leaders as father figures:



Back in August 2016, Angel M. Castillo, based on what was being said and done on the campaign trail, proposed as an analogy from psychiatry that Donald Trump and his supporters were suffering from a collective case of political Munchausen Syndrome. Boiled down, this means that although they were leading reasonably good lives, they acted in the political sphere like they were somehow marginalized victims being done harm by other social groups:

I agree…but this assessment overlooks what the professional managerial class in general, and the political class in particular, refuse to (adequately) acknowledge: they both kicked the working class to the gutter (that which lies beyond the curb). And now…the middle class with rising health care cost, education, and declining wages, rising mortgages, career prospects with burgeoning technology, etc., et. al., are the new working class! Now both have to be politically resuscitated; a task both party’s have little to no will to undertake.



Another way of putting might be a media-specific method of marginalizing marginalization by means of ‘projection’- the latter being perhaps the most common media practice characteristic of the trumped up “administration” ( negative administrative strategy).

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What many are not recognizing is Trump is dyslexic. He doesn’t read and as one Harvard linguist said …Trump has only basic language skills. Often the first clue with a child is delayed language.

He sat in class and became what so many become when they can’t read…the class clown or the child acting out… Then about puberty most acquire emotional problems if the academic problems haven’t been addressed. Their parents either not understanding (or not wishing to acknowledge) the problems send them away to military school. I have read Trump was sent away 5 years!!

So yes, he no doubt has severe psychiatry problems by now as his basic problems were never recognized. And, by the way dyslexics usually are always poor spellers.



It’s bad enough that we have to look at his name everywhere at the time.

When we also have to see his ugly face, day after day, it’s beyond disgusting.

Please Common Dreams, I am trying to hold my food down here.

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That day ain’t gonna happen.



He apparently reads his speeches. Dyslexia manifests in different ways. Difficulty reading or understanding written words and sounds is part of the picture. It can include difficulty writing which is part of the difficulty processing information. It’s a learning disorder. And it definately leads to acting out behavior in the classroom and the labeling of children as behavior disordered. When I worked in schools as a social worker, dyslexia was never a designation used in special education assessments to help kids in education because, quite frankly, there weren’t qualified teachers capable of the specific techniques needed to help these kids. The department of education specifically states that dyslexic children are to be identified and accommodated but they aren’t, at least in the county I worked in; it was very frustrating. But it was the answer to the age old question: why can’t kids read and write? Because they are dyslexic. I worked out statistically how many kids that is but it’s too early for my brain, but the numbers are big. That is a HUGE failure of our education system. That is the most basic thing we should be teaching. And we don’t.



There is not a great attempt to educate school districts i.e: regular ed teachers, counselors regarding the Federal/State statutes for handicapped. Dyslexic children are identified and they are served under the category “Learning Disabled”. This was also true of ADD/ADHD children. In the federal statute ADD was initially called “Minimal Brain Dysfunction”. In later years when many people didn’t know the history and the name change, they thought ADD was not covered. Then school districts tried to cover the ADD children under Public Law 504 which didn’t have nearly all the protections of IDEA.

One specific thing which is crystal clear in the law is a “Learning Disabled” child must have an average or above average IQ. Some school districts have self contained LD/Gifted classes. You may know a child who struggles to read but whose math scores are off the charts.

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This is an articulate site, but this piece is remarkably off the mark, sorry to say.
There is no Munchausen syndrome here. What you have is an entire segment of whites up in arms because they perceive their privileges are no longer working for them. That segment are mostly (but by no means all) the uneducated white working class, who, before globalization used to lead comfortable lives, as well as the poorest whites, who have always been next to the bottom of the ladder, with only the blacks to step on.
Added to the economic resentment of lost privileges by the white working class, you also have (playing an increasingly important role) the identity resentment of whites in general, who see what they consider “their” “white” country gradually turning into a third-worldish brown nation
These factors, loss of privileges and threats to identity, have combined to cause what is known as self-destructive revenge, where upsetting the existing order, even at the cost of self-inflicted harm, becomes the primary objective of social drive. Whites are not taking it anymore - the white trash at the bottom want to reclaim their power over the blacks, the blue collar trash are fed up with the browns competing for their jobs, and increasingly, middle class whites feel it was time to make America the way it used to be.
These cultural conflicts have caused the US to morph into a quasi-third world country, a process with no end in sight.



Unfortunately, where I worked, determining that a child as dyslexic was not done. That would mean an expansion of the special education program where the administration was intent on slashing funds and cutting positions and funneling sped funds to other programs. Illegal? Sure, but you have to be caught. But that accounts for the high drop out rate and low reading scores. You can’t graduate if you can’t read. You can’t really function well in any setting if you can’t read well or on a basic level. The first eye opener was a case I had where the middle school I was assigned to insisted I refer a kid to court because he wouldn’t go to school. When he was tested I found out he could only read one word-CAT. I posed this question to the administration, how am I supposed to persuade a child to attend school who will not receive any reward from attending; who will not succeed? And we want to shove STEM studies at kids but we don’t teach them the basics. Even average kids these days have horrid writing skills. Way off topic but worthy discussion nonetheless. Have a great day!

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Interesting, and good effort to diagnose DT. One thing we can all agree on: The President of the U.S. is mentally challenged! Dt was and still is a shady business man. He was and still is a TV personality who craves attention and likes power. This is a “role” for him to play or play out while he has the floor. He will make a lot out of this after he leaves office. It will be a never ending reminder that: “Well, I was president of the United States! How can you refuse me anything?”

My diagnosis? He’s an unactualized, immature, insecure person with antisocial personality disorder…with sociopathic tendencies .



I can’t help but understand what you’re saying!

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Pailarae, in case you haven’t seen it, the book titled “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” is an in-depth discussion of Trump’s dangerous psychopathology written by prominent psychiatrists.



We knew we wouldn’t be able to get our negation word omission past theoldgoat.

The intensity of responses to what was meant to serve as a useful way of seeing and understanding the harmful effects the actions of our president and his enablers and followers are having on our body politic is perhaps not surprising in these days of demagoguery, abandonment of cooperative management of our government, and intentional dismantling of government programs and controls designed to serve the common good and protect those with little or no power or resources.

In the home of the brave
Jefferson turnin’ over in his grave
Fools glorifying themselves



Ever since the college led revolution(s) of the 70’s, the establishment has been dead set on destroying public education to prevent another drive towards civilizing America.
It seems the final push towards destroying public education entirely and privatizing it all has begun.
Starving public schools of funding is of course the best way to undermine education, and it also incentivizes more destructive behavior on the management side.
More over, it allows private/corporate interests much greater freedom to influence both curriculum and staff assignments in return for “charitable donations”.
The end result is of course a drastic reduction in student performance for normal students while children with special needs are left behind entirely.
All this they can then point to and go “look public education is simply not working, why not let the free market work its magic?”
The Ivy league schools where the people behind this are sending their own children will of course remain untouched.

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CD has been awful lately with a complete lack of editing/proofreading. Every article for the last several months has has multiple grammatical errors - misspellings, words left out, incorrect word used etc.
My son still does not have full time work with benefits despite his degree in Classics and Mediterranean Studies from Penn State. . I would like to put him up for CD’s new proofreader if the job comes with health bennies. Not a joke btw.

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December 24, 2018 … United States ; US State Department to Increase funds for Ukrainian Navy. Officials cite Russian ‘escalation’ in decision to add to financing. It is unclear if planned social security and medicare cuts will be sufficient to build up the Ukrainian navy. Read Complete Article here.

Trump is not the only traitor working to destroy the united states with death by a thousand bites…



I offered my services up to Reader Supported News in order to make the site more palatable and ‘viewable’ and to screen posts if need be in order to allow posters the ability to post instantly. I made the offer twice, even once getting a response from someone, albeit, not the site’s owner. I was told she would forward my email to the site’s owner and I never got a response. Not even a thank you for your interest.

I now believe that, sadly, many progressive sites are merely investments for site owners and a few people they know and in many cases, the site’s content and the sites themselves suffer from horrible page design, lack of editing and in the case of RSN, the loss of ability to communicate effectively.

I have not been back to RSN in a few months, because I got tired of waiting two days for a post to show up. I also thought it rude that the owner didn’t even want to take the time to shoot of a quick reply to an email.

P.S. I have two comp. sci. degrees and offered up my services for the sum of $1,000 a month. I did so because I valued that website and was a poster and member of that community for a long while. I offered up the minimum that would cover my bills and would have been overjoyed to help make the site and the community better. OH well.

P.P.S. I do believe that CD is one of the better of the progressives websites. I really like the page and site design and enjoy the discussions and value the fact that we can post instantly. My beef is with ‘other’ progressive sites.