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President Donald Trump Culls the Herd

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/07/president-donald-trump-culls-herd


Sorry, Les. Your math stinks. Now, yeah, T.rump is doing everything he can to make things worse, but, c’mon, the Worldometer data was right there to copy, and instead, you multiplied the death rate per million by ten, and then claimed it was per 100,000.

Shoddy stuff. It’s not necessary to game the numbers to make T.rump look bad.


Accurate enough for government work…

He moved the comma in the wrong direction.

Once again tiptoeing through the tulips / two lips of a narrative presenting nothing other than finger pointing.

I wanna slam down the gauntlet and challenge writers to meet a minimum standard: When the finger is pointed, words repeated (which is precisely what these deviants want) and blame placed on us, these writers might want to consider providing commensurate activism organizing opportunities.

Why not begin to foster connections across issue activism and group interests; coordinate days of action demonstrations and other possible civic actions.

The necropolitics is a done deal. Time for civic engagement, planning, and making optimal use of the weeks. Not a peep is said about Trump’s concerns/anxieties that this is precisely what is (and needs to be) happening. I would submit that this is why he is so anxious to go full blown reality TV. And guess what: the response to consequences of wave intensification of corona will be: ‘I was just trying to test the waters … I didn’t mean it’… or some such malarky.

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“Chris Christie, got more to the point by saying we just have to get used to the rise in deaths if we want to save the American way of life”. I think he meant to say, “the american way of death” brought to you by the “Grim Reaper in Chief”.


´ taut’ "…as long as he could taut the [relatively low death projections]
taught to pull at both ends and you’ve got ‘taut’ - but can’t tout it.

Trump’s 2016 campaign mantra “I could shoot somebody dead on Fifth Avenue in broad daylight and not lose one vote” is the understatement of the century when you consider that Trump, Moscow Mitch and their organized crime syndicate disguised as the GOP have the blood of tens of thousands of needless deaths on their hands, and Trump’s approval rating continues solidly in the 40s.


My math stinks. I continually suffer from decimal points dashing about like greased pigs. If I use a pocket calculator I wind up doing double-entry bookkeeping to double-check. That’s why the lovely, literate programming language Python is a godsend for me: When my mistakes mechanically multiply like digital rabbits, I’m more likely to notice them.

I despise and distrust Worldometers because they’re stuck on a racist term to describe this disease. Makes me wonder about hidden agendas. My main source is Covidly. They only show raw counts (no ratios), but you can click to sort on any column, and their Graph page is superb.

For demographic mortality (per 100K as customary, with case-fatality in the chart as well), the page Johns Hopkins maintains is a great bookmark:



I think this was more a case of quantitative ignorance than of gaming the numbers since he made the same mistake for every country and thus the mistake wasn’t related to the point being made about the administration’s actions relative to that of other countries.

Not just culling the herd - creating a gigantic pool of “2nd class citizens” marked with the scarlet “C-19” within the united states, namely all people who contracted and survived covid-19. Though they may come to wish they hadn’t.

The pentagon has confirmed that covid-19 survivors will be permanently “disqualified” from any military service. Why would they do that?? What do they know that they aren’t saying??

The only reason they would do that is that they know that covid-19 is a recurring illness that never goes away. it will always have the potential for a “Flare-up” within the host.

So the disqualification starts with military service. Where does it go next?

  1. health care coverage premiums
  2. life insurance premiums
  3. education expenses
  4. personal credit & loan approvals - car/ home mortgages
  5. employment - career
  6. life partners - relationships

To anyone not wearing a mask, you are a f**ucking idiot, you are the one’s destroying our economy, and you will get what you deserve you selfish scumbags.

P.S. this disease can be contained - Hong Kong has had no new cases for 17 days - Hong kong has more people than the entire state or Arizona.


The Trump Adm. and the Republicans have a new voter fraud measurement tool. It’s called an Official Republican Death Certificate.
By cross-referencing the voter rolls in the upcoming 2020 Federal, State and local elections, with the county and state lists of the officially dead ( a lagging indicator ), the Republicans will find 4-5 people in each state who died from COVID-19 after casting absentee or mail-in ballots. Holding a Prime Time National Presidential News Show, to announce their truly real great official and " not fake news " findings:
they will then allege a massive voter fraud conspiracy. Republican governors and Sen. Majority " Leader For Life " McConnell, along with President "I’m No Quitter " Trump, will nullify the results of all elections and refuse to leave office , pending an official hand recount. And, use the ruse that dead people voted in almost every state, and all current/subsequent results are therefore invalid. Pending further notice by Sir Jared ( Jail Bait ) Kushner and Honorary Gen. Stephen ( Baby Eater ) Miller. Even calling on, out of an abundance of caution the U.S. Armed Forces if necessary, to enforce this Really Great Executive Emergency Declaration Order I Just Made Up.
Justifying all their coordinated interverventionist actions the Trump Adm., the Republican Party, The Heritage Foundation and the Rev. Billy Graham, Jr. will invoke the really true history and official record of America.

  1. " If people of color were meant to be fully empowered citizens of this great country they would have come here on The Mayflower. And; not on slave ships, not by crossing borders to pick fruits and vegetables or work in meatpacking plants, not falsely claiming to be Native Anythings and, certainly not by being unable to purchase a good health insurance policy after reading the fine print on a 18 page Disclaimer Statement. "
  2. " The women of America, with vaginas and who plan to use them, are not really great Americans if they have not purchased, read and/or listened to, the complete Bible Teachings of Focus on The Family & the Family Research Council, on a Kindle or Audio Books. "
  3. " Americans without an Ameritrade account or who didn’t have a mutual fund account in 2019 don’t really understand the future of this great country. And therefore, shouldn’t have a right to fully participate in civic life and use democratic tools based on a flawed Constitution in the first damn place. "
    Just speculatin’.

Trump doesn’t have a “rock solid 40% base” except in the sense that people to the left of Trump have the other 60%.

Every valid poll shows that people support leftie policies, not Trump’s

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Hell no, we won’t go (back w/o vaccine).

I live for my family. We are not willing to be infected for the Donner Party to feast.

It is time for the governed to withdraw their consent - with passion and urgency.


Amy Goodman reported today on “Democracy Now!” that it has been determined that if this appalling piece of garbage (my words) had acted in January more then 60% of the people who have died could have been spared. Trumpo the Traitor, being the twisted, narcissistic, sociopath that he is couldn’t care less. ALL he cares about is being, ahem, re-elected, so that he and Moscow MItch can continue their crime wave and also so the Orange Pustule can evade any possible prosecution by the SDNY for his many crimes in New York and elsewhere.
We’ve talked about the callous disregard that previous presidents have had for people of other countries like that asshole Bush the Lesser who lied us into a war that resulted in hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians being killed. Now we have descended to a level where the Current Occupant can blithely talk about 100,000 or perhaps many more more Americans dying and he says it so casually like he did when asked bout the tragic realities of this and he said - “It is what it is,”
Donald Trump is a deeply corrupt, subhuman monster. If he somehow gets 4 more years of power we are finished.


And therein lies the tragedy. The same thing was shown in Michael Moore’s film “Fahrenheit 11/09” that on issue after issue Americans favor more liberal policies. However, as the extensive analysis of political scientists Gilens and Page from 2014 showed, the wishes of the American people have almost nothing to do with the business of Congress. Our voices are just not taken seriously by the hierarchy of power in Washington. And when we do manage to get a real representative of the people like AOC to gain office the DNC has already started to primary her because she is too liberal and outspoken. Her likely opponent is an ethnic women of Italian-American descent who is a political moderate and was living in Trump Tower before she declared. I’m sure Pelosi will give this woman, Caruso-Cabrera her full support.


Some of the little pigs are more worthy than others. The less worthy will perish by design and by default. MAGA!! s/

This isn’t just Trump and his criminally negligent cabal. It is republican dogma. They just don’t say it out loud most of the time. They absolutely hate the American version of Everyman.

That herd includes everyone. Trump’s personal valet tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday.

One of President Donald Trump’s personal valets, who works in the West Wing serving the president his meals among other duties, has tested positive for the coronavirus, the closest the virus is known to have come to the president, a White House official said. …

After learning one of his valets was infected, Trump became “lava level mad” at his staff and said he doesn’t feel they are doing all they can to protect him from the virus, according to a person close to the White House.

“Lava level mad,” that’s a new one. CNN reported the “#)*@ hit the fan,” but y’all folks can git yerselves back to work now, y’all hear. (Trump’s got an election to win and he can’t do it if the stock market/economy is in the tank.)


This is a white supremacist dream!! Black people die at higher rate and they do not even need to pull the trigger!!! Trump and his people are insensitive to these numbers because that is the exact group of people they would like to get off the voting records. What better way than sending our people to work and watch them die!! The permanent voter suppression!!
I cannot shake this out of my head.
Forcing people to go to work before the healthcare system can get some breathing gap and prepare and increase hospital capacity and testing is a death sentence for mostly African Americans.
I believe lockdown is not permanent solution but opening up must be carefully calculated.


Valuable post, Atlas. Frightening, but valuable in its truthful assessment and commentary.

DON’T give the GOP any more ideas on how to CHEAT in Elections. We have had a hard enough time trying to STOP since 2000 (S)election of GW Bush.