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President Donald Trump 'Engaged in a Cover-Up,' Says House Speaker Pelosi

President Donald Trump 'Engaged in a Cover-Up,' Says House Speaker Pelosi

Jon Queally, staff writer

Under increased pressure from progressive members of the Democratic caucus and constituents to move more aggressively toward impeachment proceedings, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday morning used her strongest language to date against President Donald Trump as she accused him of being "engaged in a cover-up."

Didn’t Nancy protect W. Bush saying “Impeachment is off the table”?

Didn’t Nancy protect tRump by refusing to impeach him also?

There is a fox guarding the Republican coup, and her name starts with Nancy. It appears that millionaire/billionaire status can alter one’s perspective.


By not having an impeachment inquiry or impeachment hearings the Speaker is obstructing justice, full stop.


“…used her strongest language to date…” Wow, that’ll show him.

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Reminiscent of HRC’s “cut it out!” message to Wall Street.

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The one that is helping Trump’s obstruction of justice and cover-up; IS YOU NANCY!


Actually Nancy, you’re leading the cover-up. Just like you were a leader responsible for covering up the crimes including torture and the mass slaughter of Iraqi civilians by the Bush Administration. Corporate State Democrats are up to their necks in complicity with these dangerous regimes.

And here we clearly have a fascist in the White House and Nancy will do everything in her power to thwart any impeachment proceeding she is a dangerous person, and she will continue to protect Trump while ostensibly “following the facts”.

Trump should rest easy with Nancy on his team.

You are right Ditton, I think.
For her to claim she is concerned about what the republicans might think that they can get out of an impeachment inquiry, is sad. The repugs have most of this figured out, and ahead of time at that.
You just have to notice how repugs are calmly confident in their direction.
With Mueller, or without Mueller, I sense that we are, and have been, are played all along.
I just wish I knew for sure.

We are being played, in the worse way, by both parties. This is worse than a three ring circus with Howard Stearn claiming that he knows this thing was a p.r. stunt, as reported by CNN. May they all rot in Hell.