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President Drinks Glass of Water With One Hand, (Small) Crowd Goes Wild

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/06/21/president-drinks-glass-water-one-hand-small-crowd-goes-wild


Hey give Trump credit, if it was Obama up there he would probably have just pretended to take a sip like he did at Flint.

It is all a Kabuki theater that doesn’t mean anything and the sooner that we as a whole wake up to this the better.


A repost:

After hearing the following exchange from the Tulsa Trump Rally—

Protestor to a Trump supporter : “All lives cannot matter if black lives don’t matter. Why can’t you see this?”

Trump supporter in response : “White lives matter too. White skin matters”

I could only conclude that what the Trump supporter was saying is that white “ skin " can only matter so long as black “ skin ” does not matter.

And that is where we are. That sums it up: Skin, the outermost layer of the human being, is what is to count or not count if it has more melatonin.

From Abby’s adjoining article:

“To deny him [Trump] is to deny themselves.”

To deny that black lives matter under the retort of “All lives matter. White skin matters” is also to actually deny themselves, why can’t they see that?


If the Trumpturds really believed all lives matter, they would be denouncing Trump.


Nit picking:
Melanin is a skin pigment. Melatonin is a sleep hormone.
And nits are lice eggs…


Ladies and Gentlemen, you have just witnessed the visual definition of thin-skinned. Oh, the poor, poor man-child.


Right you are, Webster. I will have to remember that but glad you caught it. Thanks.

Well it appears that the Invisible Majority showed up with the Silent Majority to pack the stadium to see their beloved Hair Furor.


I was lying in bed last night and the name Trumplethinskin came to me (which I believe I saw somewhere before). After all his followers love a dark and nasty fairy tale. Trump seemingly is able to spin a yarn into gold when it comes to them.


A repost as well:
Because they are so deeply imbedded in their racism they cannot see any other color than white being the correct one and what counts when it comes to which lives matter. But truly there is no answer other than they are severely mentally ill to believe such insanity at all. It would seem that the human brain has too many flaws in its ability to “think insane thoughts” for the human race to survive long term. We are at that point now I fear. I wish I had more melatonin as well so I could sleep through this unfolding nightmare. (Insert smiley face)


That the Trump campaign – so supposedly adept at social media – got pwned by mostly kids on social media is awesome. It’s early, but Trump is clearly imploding. that’s the good news.

The bad news: He’s running against Sleepy Joe Biden, who, other than forming some meaningless task forces while promising his corporate overlords that “nothing will fundamentally change,” hasn’t actually done much campaigning or generated much excitement.

Hmmm? Hasn’t done much campaigning. Maybe that’s kinda good news?
After all, the more Hillary campaigned, the more she turned voters off.


A reply from Neil J. Smith (writer I often quote–for good reason):

[T]his White man did not hear the question. The question to be asked is, “'Am I my brother’s keeper?’ If the answer to that question is “Yes,” then obviously “Black Lives Matter.” However, if the answer to it is “No,” then no life matters.” Again, as previously observed, “If I must explain myself further, then you are dead from the neck on up.” Remember, however, how badly people listen. Have we not been saying forever, so it seems, “White Man listen?” This man was most certainly not listening

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See the response from the former Black Panther, Neil Smith which I posted.

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Bet he’s been practicing drinking one-handed all week so that he could perform that task specifically for that meager crowd – poor little bunker brat is as clueless as his cult members!


For a sitting President that’s not a (Small) crowd…it’s a TINY crowd


Gotta love those kids. Thanks Abby, I posted a twitter link about this in the news section this morning before seeing this story.

Yes, the teens mangle the ticket sales in Tulsa. TikTok helped as the kids from all over had an opportunity to respond to the President—as all people were encouraged to call in for tickets…some kids used google where their names and numbers would not show----but others signed up for tickets to Tulsa. Those who asked for tickets n with their real phone number had tons of calls and message re; their tickets-------but for once Trump ws telling the TRUTH as the number of calls inn for tickets was huge-- AND -for once he wasn’t lyiang-----but a lot of the calls for tickets were frauds----and how fun that the teens as America’s future adults have already learned hoe to hoist our lying terrorist stupid man president on his own petard! : )


It may be kabuki, but it matters

Check out these people…Closely

Lots of Venom in those eyes

So PROUD of the Young People

Punked em GOOD

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Skin color… I still remember a Thanksgiving family dinner when my extremely racist family began seriously discussing whether a certain movie actress who was from South Africa(and whose name currently escapes me)was of “mixed blood”. Was she a n******. I sat there for a few minutes, remembering my mother’s constant brainwashing not to make her sister angry, then I got up and left after saying, 'Does it really matter? Most of my posse are people you wouldn’t want in your home. And, right now, neither do I!"
To show the goddess has a sense of humor, I am of mixed race. And adopted. If they had seen the photograph of my birth father, I would have been returned to the adoption agency tout de suite!


It was a cool prank but I think turnout for Bunker Bitch’s CoronaFest 2020 would have been dismal in any case – even the overflow crowd didn’t materialize.

That said, I wonder how the Trump campaign plans to ward off pranksters in the future.
Seems like these kids have the smarts to foil Trump’s team where this is concerned – hilarious.