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President-Elect Trump Lies About Non-Existent Voter Fraud on Twitter


President-Elect Trump Lies About Non-Existent Voter Fraud on Twitter

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

With attention on recount efforts in several swing states, President-elect Donald Trump late Sunday claimed, without proof, that "millions of people...voted illegally."

Trump wrote on Twitter that "serious voter fraud in Virginia, New Hampshire, and California" cost him the popular vote, though current tabulations estimate that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is ahead by nearly 2 million votes.


How anyone could vote for someone who lies as much as Trump is beyond me. When did millions of Americans stop caring about the truth? What has happened? Why don't people care about the findings of fact checkers? Have all standards for integrity been thrown out the window in America?


Used to be when a "Strong Man" overtook a nation he would seize the radio stations and newspapers to control his message. Trump is by-passing the media entirely and creating his own outlet that only he controls with his direct message. This is definitely a recipe for propaganda, misinformation, and out-right lies.


I live in New Hampshire. State representatives in the GOP last year said this is a real issue. Governor-elect Sununu said that the state is "busing people" from Massachusetts to vote for Democrats (I don't think he was specifically referring to Hillary).

I don't know of any busing, but voter registration lists are public documents. I've seen the one for my town and I saw a half-dozen names on that list of people I know live in Massachusetts which I can prove because I actually have copies of their drivers' licenses for business purposes.

After I voted in the primary (for Bernie) I got a nasty letter from the Secretary of State office saying that if I had an out-of-state ID, I would be stricken from the rolls. This is very insulting first of all because not only did I show my in-state license when I voted, to prove I wasn't committing fraud, but many people who can't show an in-state license are allowed to vote.

Why? Many people have already said that elections offices looked for first time voters and targeted us because we were more likely to have voted for Bernie.

Now would be a good time to end this shit of "when their party does it, it's bad". The hypocrisy is nauseating..

EDIT: And these are NOT people who used to live in NH who moved to MA. They never had a primary residence here.


I agree. Jill Stein, now with the help of the Democrats, calls for recounts in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin based on the undocumented and unsubstantiated premise of Russian hacking and voter fraud and she raises more money in one week than she did in her entire presidential campaign. Meanwhile, these same donors and progressives continue to bash Trump for any claims he makes of voter fraud. If our side says it, it must be true; if their side says, it must be a lie. Critical thinking this is not.


Okay, being reduced to common vulgarity by the stupidity of this jackass. My Comment? Stupid f*&%. Doesn't he even realize that making that asinine allegation he is giving even more fuel to the idea that our election's results were fraudulent, and that a recount (or even let's start all over again!) is called for? God Almighty what an imbecile. He makes Reagan look like a genius, and George W. a choir boy.


The article quotes an election-law expert saying that "The level of fraud in U.S. elections is quite low." And the Obama administration countered Jill Stein's concern about the integrity of the election process in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania by saying that there's no evidence of tampering in this presidential election, and that the results accurately reflect the will of the people.

So where are the headlines accusing Stein of lying?


I haven't followed this very closely. Did Stein say there was fraud, or that the margins in those states were close enough that election laws allow recounts based on the possibility of normal error?


I posted this in wrong article lead. I have since moved it to proper one (robert Parry Article on fake news)


Fraud isn't the issue entirely for Stein, is it?


It will be a good day when these 'journalists' refuse to obey CIA orders instead of later coming 'clean' after the damage has been done.


The vote count is not that close in those States. The difference in in the thousands. Generally counts are only done when the difference in the hundreds,

As example the margin in Wisconsin is 27000 votes. There was a recount in a past election in Minnesota over a 300 point margin. The Florida recount was for a margin under 2000 votes. New Hampshire was a difference of 3000 votes yet not included in the States Stein is requesting a recount in.


"Beyond this latest tirade, observers are noting how the president-elect's use of Twitter to spread misinformation may have dangerous implications under a Trump presidency.": In a nation of short attention span, yes, this would be dangerous. Twitter does not allow for in depth discourse and analysis but then folks do like their gadgets, etc., are made so busy working two or three jobs as to lack serious time for reflection so they resort to soundbites. To counter it I suggest we start a massive national campaign of letter writing to prominent papers in every state. Letter to the editors are read by many. Another is to start organizing Town Hall meetings about the lies from wherever they originate. At these meetings bring independent, local papers. Please add your ideas and suggestions. I am also thinking along the free schools promoted by SNCC now more than ever.


Not quite true on your Wisconsin #s; this is how it goes. Let it play out.


Well at least he recognizes that all he needed was the electorial college to win instead of actual votes.


Beyond this latest tirade, observers are noting how the president-elect's use of Twitter to spread misinformation may have dangerous implications under a Trump presidency.

But why are people paying any attention to Twrump's twitters? Best thing to do is ignore and take away this megaphone which only fuels his grandiosity.


So you're an accomplice to this fraud Sam? Does anyone know you have copies of their drivers licenses and are using them to check voter roles? Or is all this BS, because you have just uncovered more voter fraud in your town than hundreds of investigations have uncovered across the country.


That doesn't happen. He will be president.


This article makes the 27000 margin claim. I have sourced other sites as well and they range from 22000 and higher. In other words it not close which translates to yes Ms Stein is alleging fraud as this not close enough to warrant recount.


She wants to find out how she got so many votes.