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President-Elect Trump's Pro-Oil Stance Looms Over #NoDAPL Day of Action


President-Elect Trump's Pro-Oil Stance Looms Over #NoDAPL Day of Action

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

One day after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers again delayed construction of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)—and one week after the election of Donald Trump all but ensured the project's eventual completion—actions are taking place in hundreds of cities across the United States and around the world on Tuesday calling for the crude oil pipeline to be rejected.


I have listened to Trump's speech.

He can sure talk the talk - identifying many of the things that are afflicting the America of today.

But the walk - that is another story.

So far the walk and the talk may as well be on different planets.

Undoubtedly some of us would now prefer to be on a "habitable planet", to use the words of James Kasting in his book "How to Find a Habitable Planet", which is on the surface all about exo-planets - but I can't help but wonder if James, also an environmentalist, did not see the tongue in cheek reference to this planet, which we can't get off just yet, and which is being rendered largely uninhabitable as we speak.

Trump is just the last and worst in a long line of American Presidents to facilitate Armageddon.

You have to go back all the way to Jimmy Carter before you find a one who understood the situation and really did try to make things better.

Jim Carter was a naval officer and a nuclear engineer, and he experienced first hand the first nuclear disaster of the commercial nuclear era - the Chalk River accident in Canada in 1952. He thought he had been sterilized for life - but was lucky.

He stopped the breeder program from making inroads in the United States, for which I am eternally grateful.

As for #NODAPL - best of luck - a search for golden horseshoes would not be inappropriate just now.


It looks like we are getting down to the wire. Either We the People can band together to make this a nation in revolt, or just sit back and watch it continue to grow as the most revolting nation on earth.
* I think the choice is ours.


Yes - but the words of de Touqueville haunt:

"In a democracy - the people get the government they deserve."

I understand Clinton got the majority of the popular vote, by about half a million.

Why so close, and even more important - why would electing Clinton have been better than Trump?

Both parties are effectively identical.

Why did Jill Stein garner only 0.96% of the popular vote?

I will give you my thought as I await yours:

The American public is, in the majority, and I mean 99%, functionally either scientifically illiterate or easily misled.

This is the 99% we should have been talking about during OCCUPY.

My God, the United States is officially metric - and except for a few scientists, you wouldn't know it.


Since Trump has about $1 million invested in this pipeline he certainly will want it to be completed so he doesn't lose moneyl. Who knows how much he stands to make if the pipeline starts carrying oil. The country needs to know how much he has invested in the fossil fuel industry and where his investments are. For those who voted for Jill Stein, big mistake.


Here's the problem I have with the headline:

While it's important to call attention to Trump's anti-environmentalism, we cannot let that overshadow the responsibility/culpability of the one person who can currently stop this, Obama. The more this becomes about the future of President Trump, the less pressure there will be on President Obama today.

It is depressing that we're only going from one pro-oil president to another. At least during Trump's term, more people will actually criticize the fact that we have a pro-oil president.


If you like Trumps talk you're in the right place.


The stein vote didn't really count for much. It didn't turn the election. Johnson/Weld is a harder call. Maybe someone will do some actual research.


Because people wasted their votes on Clinton and Trump out of fear.
Clinton and Trump were the spoilers in this election.


Time to give that tired rant up. Anything Obama could by himself could be reversed by Trump immediately. If you think there has been no change with this election maybe you can sleep more soundly than many others.


Jill Stein was the only principled candidate on the ballot.
For those who voted for Hillary Clinton, big mistake.
For those who voted for Donald Trump, big mistake.
If you did not vote for Jill Stein, then you just voted for continuing the same old system with the same old bosses.

In light of the stunning defeat of Hillary Clinton to the horrible Donald Trump, do you think that the Democratic Party will change? Of course not. They will say - "We just have to move closer to the Republicans and since the Country will be in tatters in four years, we can put up any candidate, even if he or she is as bad as Hillary Clinton, because we will surely win then". Woe is us as long as the Democratic Party continues as the DINO Branch of the Corporation Party.

If you don't want evil to win, then you HAVE to vote for good.

I am disappointed that so many people voted only out of fear for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.


Jill Stein didn't give the election to Trump. Green voters didn't either. It's mathematically groundless.

Your girl Clinton did. Her vocal supporters and the media, who refused to shape Clinton into a better, more viable candidate through criticism, absolutely did. As a matter of fact, the Clinton campaign's collusion with the mainstream media to boost the Pied Piper Candidate is probably why Trump was a contender in the first place. Not to mention how decades of lesser evilism and its accompanying classism has led to this reactionary backlash in the first place. You don't have Trump without the Clintons and Obama, and the neoliberal establishment as a whole.

If you need to place the blame on someone for Trump, place it where it belongs. When you deflect it onto those not responsible, or even those least responsible, you come off as a coward. You have much bigger targets to punch up to, and you only have the guts to punch down? Cowardice.


Actually, it now looks like Clinton will win the popular vote by about 2 million votes and Stein will get about 1.1% of the vote (around 1.4 million votes). Stein did about twice as well in California as in the rest of the country and 30% of California votes are still uncounted. Similar story in Oregon and Washington where the part of the vote that still needs to be counted are the most liberal counties.


I would like to see Obama close the coaling station in Cuba as he promised and immediately give it back to the rightful owner (Cuba).
If he did that, it would be very difficult for Trump to reverse without invading Cuba.

But that would never happen. Our Nobel Peace Prize winning President does not have that strong of a backbone and never has believed in Peace. Otherwise, he would have closed Guantanamo years ago.
Every American should be proud as punch to know that the US still runs one of the most notorious concentration and torture camps in the world.


If anything, Obama demonstrates the failure of incrementalism. Though for it to be called "incrementalism," I think it requires a genuine effort to increment toward something.


Some research was done. Part of the exit polling asked Stein and Johnson voters what they would have done if their candidate was not on the ballot.

Johnson voters:
25% Clinton
20% Trump
55% would not have voted

Stein voters:
25% clinton
14% Trump
61% would not have voted

The Stein voters gave the Democrats one Senate seat and two or three congressional seats by showing up to vote for Stein and voting mostly for Democrats in down\ballot races.

You may thank them now if you wish.


Trump is a pure Capitalist.

Profit comes first. If you have to build with Chinese steel to make money, even though American steel workers are suffering, you make the profit.

If you have to tell your potential marks that you've hand picked the finest experts in the field (even though you've never even met them) to teach them to be rich in order to make YOUR profit, you do that.

If there's hydrocarbon fuel to be extracted and money to be made at it, you do that.

We've been blasting the tops off mountains for years ... for profit. In Florida they remove as much as thirty feet of what they call "overburden" (what WE call "Florida") to get to the phosphate bearing rocks ... for profit.

Trump doesn't care what the END product is ... a planet likely uninhabitable by humans ... he cares for BIDNIZZ.


It would appear a substantial number of Green Voters were inclined to vote for Trump. Even more to skip voting altogether. The Democrats carried the day, but thanks to any Libertarian, independent, or Green voters who took the Senate seriously.


Your boulder awaits.


Most of us simply didn't buy into the Hillary hate that passes for thought here. The 62,000,000? I'm with them.