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'President Hate Not Welcome in Our State': Thousands Counter Trump With March for Love and Solidarity in Pittsburgh

'President Hate Not Welcome in Our State': Thousands Counter Trump With March for Love and Solidarity in Pittsburgh

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As President Donald Trump arrived in Pittsburgh on Tuesday amid opposition from local officials and activists who argued the man responsible for stirring so much racist hatred should not visit the site of a deadly mass shooting motivated by anti-Semitism, thousands of peaceful demonstrators flooded the streets near the Tree of

This morning, I heard on my local cable news channel that Pwesident Twump felt “humbled” after his visit to Pittsburgh, proving —once again—that every word he utters is a lie, with the possible exceptions of a, an, and the.


Love and solidarity with these mourners and protestors. Words do have power and something we each need to consider.

A report today from CNN is also another hopeful sign that another tragedy and injustice–war on Yemen–is being called to a halt by the US no less. Let us send thoughts and actions to aid this movement toward peace wherever we are.


Monday night I went to a vigil in the city where I live. Attendance was in the thousands and to be in the midst of a sea of love was empowering and gave me some hope. The disturbing thing were the local politicians with their usual blah blah and justifications. Maybe, just maybe, we the people can turn it around. Solidarity!


Completely agree.

From the article:

"White nationalism targets a rotating cast of scapegoats with violence," IfNotNow, an American Jewish advocacy group that helped organize Tuesday’s protests, declared in a series of tweets on Tuesday.

We need to address the very real needs of everyone so that there are precious few excuses to hate and resent others. Time we placed foundation under the dream of a just, free, peaceful world.


This protest crowd of thousands allowed Trump and Wife to enter their Synogogue? That’s an outrage! They should have blocked them from entering the City!


Singing, not yelling at each other but singing. In Estonia the whole nation sings on their Independence Day. The whole nation sings in unison. Sing it out folks. “This Land is Your Land” might be a good song, as an example.


It’s important at this time to remember that the State of Israel will never be the entity that truly represents the Jewish people. The government there has it’s own Pittsburg on Palistinians. There’s a danger at this sad time that there will be a let up of vigilance on it’s actions. Antisemitism has zero to do with criticism of Israeli government. Don’t be fooled.


I would love to see a national referendum that says: PRESIDENT HATE NOT WELCOME IN ANY STATE! Trump would then become a man without country and have to become an immigrant…wishful thinking but nonetheless, a nice pipe dream!


Important to fully acknowledge that the Trump team are big friends of Russia. Russian oligarchs apparently have loaned Big Orange big money because some banks have soured on this repeat defaulter.
This is a huge deal - the Russian political philosophy is openly and virulently anti Semitic. Russia is also violently homophobic and angrily anti LGBTQ. Paul Manafort ensured a Russian extremist stooge was elected in the Ukraine (as Pres. Yanukovych’s chief strategist), all a prelude to the Russian invasion shortly thereafter. Manafort must have known this.

Trump and his circle have no ethics nor morality. They are bald faced power brokers, oligarchs and money-sucks by any other name. He has sold out America to a violent extremist ideology that empowers his rule by any tactics necessary. This is where American politics is right now. Don’t ignore this moment where white nationalism, anti semitism and anti LGBTQ now dominate within an undemocratic authoritarian governance. This is as clear as night and day . . . . just ask Richard Spencer.


I can’t believe this post was flagged.


Do you (or anyone else here) know whether the Rabbi did not object to Rump’s appearance? I have conflicting information on that.

Make it so Number One…great bumper sticker, says I.

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Why was this post flagged? This is censorship of the worst kind.


Are you referring to the rabbi of the Tree of Life? If so, he welcomed Trump.

As a paying contributor to Common Dreams I ask them to reinstate the flagged post of
Dan_Harris or at least give this community a valid reason why it was flagged !!!


CNN reports that Trump was ‘greeted’ by rabbi Jeffrey Myers and lit candles in the entryway of the synagogue but did not venture into the sanctuary:

Thank you. I suppose it’s a challenge to spurn a president…like it’s a challenge to Congressional Democrats to try to remove him from office.

I would add the Pittsburgh murders also show the need to stand up to the gun industry and the gun zealots by restricting assault weapons and other common sense prevention measures to reduce gun violence.


“We do bridges, not walls” – what an awesome sign from the city of bridges. I work in Allegheny County between the city and the airport.