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President Is a 'Walking Scam,' Says AOC as Records Show Trump Paid Just $750 in Federal Income Taxes in Both 2016 and 2017

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/28/president-walking-scam-says-aoc-records-show-trump-paid-just-750-federal-income


The NYT report reveals a lot more corruption, tax evasion and fraud beyond the fact that all of us working class Americans pay way more in taxes every year than the “billionaire” Orange Fuhrer, and we don’t qualify for loopholes that force the federal government to give us multi-million dollar tax rebates.
It’s obvious Trump is the classic greedy grifter, a soulless money-grubber who enjoys all the benefits of society without paying his fair share or any share, a gangster using the presidency as a cash machine.
Read the book White House Inc.
The evidence is clear: Trump is the most sinister, corrupt, dangerous president ever and must be purged from the White House like a cancer tumor is excised from the body.


“In 2016 and '17, I paid thousands of dollars a year in taxes as a bartender. Trump paid $750,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.

The thing is, AOC, how are we going to reach the lunatic, crazed fringe to oppose this con man supported by the most ruthless political party in our history? How do we reach those poor and yet adoring fans of this monster and wish to actually emulate him? And those that define the “right to life” to end after the child is born and, simultaneously, legitimize endless wars, and excuse the sexual predations of Trump? And those other billionaires that want to keep the status quo?

We can try to vote him out in spite of all the efforts to stop us from voting but it would be madness not to prepare for General Strikes to be followed by total, rolling non cooperation. Yes, we will fill the jails and ask yourself what would be the alternative if we do not revolt?


Would you buy a steak from that man? How about a university education (you know it will be the best in the world)? Great foundation you could contribute to (oh, wait. We don’t have that anymore) Healthcare plan, anyone? A really really good healthcare - in two weeks. He’s almost done with it. It’ll be out in about three or four weeks, at most. It’ll be the best healthcare you’ve ever seen. Only the best people working on it 'round the clock, by EXECUTIVE ORDER. Just in time for the vaccine©, which will be orange and taste like Orange Crush and bleach. And it whitens your teeth!


Yes, he MUSt be removed at all cost , even if it means putting corporate shill boy Biden in the WH for a few years . He at least can be influenced a tiny bit , unlike Donny Boy who’s only motive is to pay off his loans at the tax payers expense , with a side show of planetary destruction.


While Trump is a walking scam this is also a huge indictment of our tax code. Taxing income while providing, in many cases, needed breaks for businesses leads to this kind of fraud and Trump is just one of many who take advantage of that. So, yes send Trump packing but let’s design a tax system that forces billionaires to pay in relation to their actual worth. It can be done. Unfortunately Biden is probably not the leader who will do this.


“In 2016 and '17, I paid thousands of dollars a year in taxes as a bartender. Trump paid $750,”

Please, give him a chance here, that’s 1500 in federal taxes alone, including the sales tax he paid on all of his hamberders that would definitely put him over 2K which means he paid thousands too /snark

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I agree wholeheartedly with your post. I just want to point out that it’s not just Trump. Did Bezos or Zuckerberg or Gates or any other of the one-percenters pay their fair share in taxes? Of course not! This entire, neoliberal economy and its wholly-owned government in Washington, D.C. is designed to pump money from working people to the wealthy. That is why a rat turd like Trump is still in office. He’s every kind of vile you may describe, but he’s doing the work they want him to do, so they don’t care.

  1. No surprise here… Further Proof of his corruptness and lies.
  2. This could not happen unless he had a corrupt tax system and corrupt people supporting him, allowing this to happen, benefiting from this.
  3. Not to minimize his actions, but let’s take a look at all the Corporations which pay no taxes, or worse.
  4. Let’s not forget the 2017 Tax Assistance Plan of $1.5 Trillion handed to the Corporations and Elite of this country.
  5. All of this leading to the economic collapse of the US and Global Economy… all at Warp Speed.

Look what happened to this hapless employee:


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Well here is some good news. I don’t buy this prosecutor’s view that Biden will win in a landslide. But the rest of what he said is pretty encouraging.

Here’s Why Trump Will Lose ALL Court Battles Contesting the Election.




All in a day’s work for the propaganda machine, though man bites dog is news,while dog bites man is not news.

That’s easy. Offer a decent alternative.


How do ya think that corrupt liar paid-for his gold-plated toilet and other hideous garish crap he surround himself with?

His love for money and ego-mad narcissism above all else are the measure of his entire being. Everything the orange fuhrer does is geared toward political fraud like destroying the USPS so many depend-on, financial usury, exploitation, raping Mother Earth, and rolling-back health and safety protections for all of us and our families!

A truly evil and corrupt creature that never gives, only takes, as he serves wealth, tax-evasion by himself & others of his ilk, creating obscene profits from the misery of others - often the most vulnerable among us - the actions of a coward, like his military-service evasion, and destroying our common environment, air and water quality to serve Mammon and vast wealth in few hands, NOT for the public! All that and much more are threats to our Republic, people and planet!

Vote him out, refuse and fight against his right-wing SCOTUS extremist nominee (and the odious mitch mcconnell) that will affect us all for perhaps a half century! Vote them ALL out, and the party they all rode-in on!


If the DLC believed Trump must be removed at all costs, they would have a candidate in favor of universal health care, doing something real about global climate change, …

It doesn’t do us any good to replace a monster with a slightly different monster.

  1. Permanent thirdworldization of the tyranny formerly known as the world’s sole superpower.

All of your items are present-tense, not projections, and so is item six here. Kind of a big deal, historically. This is what happened to the USSR when it went poof! – that episode also had to do with public health incompetence (as detailed by Laurie Garret in Betrayal of Trust: the Collapse of Global Public Health).

Stick a fork in us, we’re done. However this electoral exercise shakes out, the Empire is already a thing of the past – like an itinerant theatrical troupe which is taking a little break before striking the set.

So it’s not all bad news, from the angle of human beings hoping for freedom. Dangerous as hell, though.


This is what I keep saying. Biden is obnoxiously DINO, and seems to be working hard lately to distance himself from progressives.
On the other hand, Trump is everything bad that Biden is, but much worse in unique ways.
I find it almost hilarious that the NYT report reveals Trump claimed $70,000 in deductions for hair care expenses, is paying his lover Lolita-Ivanka and writing off her salary as a business expense, and paid his stand-in porn star Ivankas more in hush money than he has paid in taxes.
Daddy’s unnatural love for dear Ivanka was further revealed by yet another report yesterday, in which we see that he wanted Ivanka as his vice presidential running mate instead of Pence.
He cited her hot body and beautiful face as reasons why she should be with him in the White House.
I can only imagine what Melanomia feels about all this. But given that the First “Lady” before she married Orange Fuhrer was a soft-porn star doing girl-girl sets, I wonder if she and dear Ivanka might be lovers too. Perhaps it’s a twist on the Jerry Falwell Jr. arrangement, with Trump, Vank-Vank and Melanomia in a trio sexual arrangement…Trump sitting in the corner like Jerry did watching his wife being poked by the pool boy.
Trump is a killer clown, and was parodied as the sinister protagonist in the American Horror Story: Cult season.


Strange to hear a left-wing moralizing pose. The way I’m put together, if the story about Melania being a “soft-core porn star” were true, it would be an indication to me that the woman has some history of abuse, like me. It would be something to sympathize with her about, something which humanizes her.

For me, her obviously deliberate choice of callousness as an infamous fashion choice when visiting officially abused migrant children told me everything I need to know about her – present-tense. Sharing salacious details of her “low” past is beneath decent people, and totally unnecessary, I’d think.

The harm that talk like this does is to sex workers, who already catch enough shit, thank you very much. Also, there’s collateral misogyny all over the goddam place. Uck! Did you really just try to out Ivanka or something? Cripes! That’s even worse: borderline homophobic in the conventional sex=scandal coinage. Again: any sign of activities resembling those of human beings would humanize this bunch of lost souls in the eyes of decent people, were they momentarily true.


Let this be the beginning of Americans great awakening. No, not the awakening that Trump is is a con man and a crook, as we have known that for decades. No, let this be the moment that regular Americans finally come to the realization that Trump is just an example of how the wealthy and the corporate have been cheating the US tax system since it’s inception.
It’s time to check the taxes of all of America’s oligarchy. One of the largest creators of America’s national debt is the fact that hundreds of billions of tax dollars goes uncollected every year, often hidden secretly in off shore tax shelters, more often just grifted from the national treasury through questionable accounting.
It’s become clear that the emperor has no clothes. And no wallet either. Like many of America’s wealthy, he started out with a lot of money but often because they are imbeciles they lose what Trust fund that were left, so they simply refinance their debt, over and over again, shopping from bank to bank. The problem Trump ran into about ten years ago was that American banks would no longer extend him credit. So, like many horrible businessmen, he went to a loan shark. This shark however, was a Personal loan backed by a Russian oil magnate. What could possibly go wrong?
Trump awoke recently to the realization that he is the night club owner from the movie Goodfellas. He took money from mobsters. Couldn’t pay them back, and then sat helplessly as they laundered money through the back door, and stole all the money from the cash register. The problem is that, eventually the mobsters bled the place dry, and burned it to the ground to cover their tracks. That is Donald trumps reality today. There are a few guys waiting behind trump tower with gas cans.