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President Moon's Unenviable Task

President Moon's Unenviable Task

Kevin Martin and Gabe Murphy

When President Moon Jae-in of South Korea meets with President Donald Trump at the White House this week, he may find himself fighting the urge to pour cold water all over Trump, because that’s what Trump did to the Korea peace process when he met with Kim Jong Un in Hanoi.

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When I was about 10 years old, somewhere around 1960, two local dogs were feeling their oats and got locked together in the passion of the moment, if you what I mean.

The male dog after rising to the occasion and apparently becoming bored once the humans decided to get involved, dismounted from his cowboy riding a horse position, and threw his leg over the other pooch.

They were completely locked together, each facing the opposite direction.

It was the damndest- sight I’d ever seen, as a 10 year old.

One of the ladies who’d gotten involved, came with a pot of cold water. In an effort to calm down the male dog, she proceeded pouring the pot of cold water over the locked section of the butt-to-butt canine lovers.

The two pooches remained in their locked together love embrace for another 5 minutes or so, both panting heavily.

Damndest sight I’d ever seen, to that point in my life.

I hope Moon does pour a pot of cold water on Trump this week.

Perhaps, it’ll have a similar effect on him as it did on those dogs.

Perhaps, it’ll help Trump separate himself from fucking us all with his position.

The so called “talks” with North Korea are nothing more than official rhetoric that the U.S. employs to bolster the U.S. image of a freedom loving nation. I say ‘so called talks’ because to actually have talks would be to imply that the two sides are working towards a common goal. In reality it is only the North and South Koreans who seek peace on the Peninsula. Nothing has ever been seriously negotiated since the Clinton administration and even then the U.S. refused to live up to its end of the bargain. In other words, the U.S. government doesn’t want peace in Korea at all.
The reasons the U.S. avoids a serious discussion of peace, and eventually reunification of the Korean peninsula, are varied, but they all lead back to U.S. Imperialism and the MIC. Bolton and Pompeo are both incredibly ignorant and philosophically bankrupt individuals, which is why the MIC has always backed them politically. The corporate media has always been careful not to place either one into a serious debate or to field difficult questions because everyone in D.C. knows that neither one is capable of defending their positions on anything at all. Instead the media presents these two imbeciles as shrewd and caring men that only put the interests of the American people first. In reality they’re nothing more than paid propagandists for military contractors across the American spectrum.
The question begs then as to HOW the current system benefits the American military industrial complex? To begin with, South Korea purchases massive amounts of American made weapons each and every year from the U.S. In addition to this, South Korea pays just under a billion dollars a year for the U.S. to keep about 28,500 troops on their soil. The irony here is that the U.S. wants U.S. troops in South Korea regardless of whether North Korea existed or not due to the fact that the U.S. wants to operate their military close to the Chinese border. America’s massive air power based in South Korea is well positioned to deliver a strategic blow to China in the event that the Americans decide that China has interfered with corporate commerce in the region. It wasn’t that long ago when the commander of the American forces in the Pacific (MacArthur) was urging the American President to use nuclear weapons against the Chinese. The Chinese have not forgotten.
South Korea currently agrees to pay roughly half the cost of stationing troops in South Korea due to the fact that the U.S. always threatens economic retaliation against their ‘allies’ in the event that South Korea refuses to pay. South Korea after all, exports over 68 billion dollars of goods to the U.S. each year. Despite off-setting some of that by importing U.S. weapons, South Korea still has a large surplus trade deficit with the U.S. This economic ‘sword of damocles’ that hangs over any South Korean administration, giving any American administration important leverage.
For real peace to be achieved on the Peninsula, the U.S. needs to abandon their aggressive military posture towards China and Russia. This is unlikely to happen until the American public is able to choose a government who is not beholden to the MIC, something no American government has been able to achieve since prior to the U.S. Civil War. Till then, the Korean people will have to either wait patiently for Americans to get rid of their corporate ruled oligarchy or else accept the economic consequences of pissing off corporate America.


Thanks for sharing this Space_Cadet. Right on point.

The Military has a stranglehold on our nation, aided and abetted by the ruling elite in the Duopoly.

We need people willing to take the fight for the truth to be told like Mike Gravel, ex-Senator from Alaska.

If anyone has a 5 or 6 minutes to watch this honest man who made it to the debate stage in 2008, you won’t be sorry…


Can’t imagine the article bashing Trump and gang and says nothing about the Democrats’ Congressional legislation in making illegal any withdrawal of US troops from South Korea. When supposedly pro-peace commentators write this way, there isn’t much hope for peace anywhere, much less the Korean region.


This proves that oosa government is not interested in Peace.
thanks for posting the video of Mike Gravel