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President 'Not Above the Law,' Say Groups, as Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Trump Subpeona Cases With Vast Implications

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/12/president-not-above-law-say-groups-supreme-court-hears-arguments-trump-subpeona

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I’d love to see the SCOTUS rule against the trumpster in one of the arguments. It’s pretty well clear that there is much he has been hiding tax-wise since his run for office. Little doubt in my mind that he’s and his business adventures have been receiving refunds every year while raking in the bucks. It would be good for his hard-working, tax-paying supporters to see how this weasel doesn’t pay while they get to pay for his share.

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It would be great if Deutsche Bank releases it’s paper trail of trump transactions.


Roberts will do what he was put there to do – help create corporate-fascist
America – and that means protecting Trump to create the GOP’s dream of
a “third world America” for Elites.

gand –

Many of the questions re Russia’s financing of Trump’s business activities might
be answered – after banks in USA refused to deal any further with Trump’s
bankruptcies and Trump suing banks who demanded payment of loans –

"Cases With Vast Implications"
Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that this case will have any such vast implications for the
criminals involved – either Trump or Roberts.

Just what kind of leverage is it that we have over Roberts or Trump?

NONE – this is an oligarchy – not a democracy.

so far trump still in office and he,s gotten away with…murder