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President Obama Aligns with Big Business to Smash Opposition to the TPP


President Obama Aligns with Big Business to Smash Opposition to the TPP

Jake Johnson

The Democratic primary of 2008, much like that of 2016, featured a sharp debate on global trade — about who writes the rules, who benefits, and who, ultimately, is harmed.

And like 2016, the 2008 discussion was largely dominated by so-called trade agreements, namely the North American Free Trade Agreement. Signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1993, NAFTA encompassed the economies of Mexico, Canada, and the United States, and its implementation was accompanied by the usual lofty promises.


TPP is for the corporations and the oligarchs

Refreshing last evening to hear Bernie's strong statement against TPP and call for action

Here is an 8 minute video which you won't see on main stream corporate media.

This is where many young people get their news

Obama Is Pushing the Trans-Pacific Partnership So Clinton Won’t Have To (Video)


The text for the 8 minute video did not get into the comment

President Obama is rushing to pass the sovereignty-crushing Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in the lame duck session of Congress in order to save Hillary Clinton from revealing that she supports it, which she’ll have to do if she wins the White House, says Cenk Uygur of “The Young Turks.”

Both Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump came out against the deal in the primary season. Critics, including Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren, say the TPP enables corporations to sue signatory governments that pass laws, rules and regulations that cut into their profits by protecting workers, the public or the environment


Good analysis, Jake, until this:

"Many have expressed genuine surprise that President Obama, ostensibly a progressive, would push so ardently for a deal shaped by and for the needs of capital."

Ostensibly a Progressive?


In what way, shape, or form do the following constitute Progressive postures:

  1. Tuesday drone death list dates
  2. Expanding wars
  3. Allotting ONE TRILLION to the MIC and its weapons contractors to build a "new generation" of nuclear weapons
  4. Promoting an all-out war on truth tellers, whistle blowers, and those who DARE to challenge Official Govt. (i.e. propaganda) narratives
  5. Presiding over a nation whose police departments have declared Open Season on Black citizens
  6. Granting the same oil companies that came close to turning the entire Gulf of Mexico into a Dead Zone, yet more oil drilling leases
  7. Presiding over a nation that rounds up Hispanic mothers and children and places them into detention camps

And this is a partial list!

The praise lavished on "Obama Care" is a sick joke, too. As many recognize, the entire boondoggle is little more than largess offered to Big Insurance.

And Obama's LIES about TPP and TIPP--when he obviously knew the score with NAFTA--hardly merit the "ostensible Progressive" characterization.

This is very problematic. Cons, frauds, and counterfeits "occupy" labels and in turn utterly distort what they mean. With this inversion of language, there ARE no words left to define the positions that decent persons identify with!

From the article's conclusion:

"But the fight over the TPP reaches beyond the confines of American electoral politics; it is, more broadly, a conflict between the forces of global capital — in partnership with political leaders — and the working class.

"Our solidarity must, therefore, extend beyond the borders of the United States to those marching in the streets to combat the scourge of corporate "trade" pacts that empower industry and silence, often violently, the voices of the most vulnerable."

The above 2 paragraphs affirm why I've been stating for some time that the NEXT revolution will be (and is) global in scope. It's either that, or "We're all Greeks now."


Yes, it is treasonous in every way. Not many will say the word and call it what it is. Another word that applies would be conspiracy. Also a word that is taboo in polite circles.
I appreciate your posts.


Thank you Jake. Obama is sitting in that chair right now because he fooled so many into thinking he was progressive. His betrayal of the American people will be remembered and hopefully his legacy.
The TPP must die. It is a treasonous betrayal of all we hold dear and I will never forget who brought us to this place. His speeches sicken me and I can barely look at him without getting angry. He sold out our kids to the corporations as well as our food, our safety, our health and our homes. There is no part of our lives today that he hasn't touched in one way or another.
Social Security is on the chopping block now thanks to him and it would be cut already if the Republicans had taken the Grand Bargain. No worries, Clinton can do that. I'm pretty sure he'll find enough sell outs to get it passed and our lives will be forever changed. It galls me every time I hear that his approval ratings are still high. (If it's true) It means the PR is working and most will go quietly into the night as they decimate the rest of the constitution.
He is every bit as evil as Clinton and this sick trade deal will unleash the greed that is killing this planet. I will never vote for another Democrat.
Jill Stein carries the banner of hope and revolution now and she will have all my support.


Good post. Obama fully understands who he works for. Why is it that his Liberal supporters don't???


Free trade is a driver of a global gilded age ~ this is nothing less than a battle between democracy and plutocracy ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDtSSFEZY38


It must be obvious by now that when politicians are held hostage by Mammon, we need to stop relying on them.

Direct Democracy


Your question can only be answered when you define what you mean by "Liberal Supporters."

Those who chastise Black citizens for supporting Obama or Hillary for that matter don't understand the very real fears and threats faced by the Black Community when the party of George Wallace stands to gain control of all four (I count the press, as Fourth Estate) branches of government.

The wealthy professional class which takes comfort in the existing status quo is showing the same tunnel vision style self-interest as is typically shown by Republican business types... in their support of Clinton and/or Obama.

(But this is not surprising since Big Money owns both parties and thereby controls an agenda that favors those with Money.)

The pragmatists like George Clooney and Michael Moore (both Taurus natives, by the way) face the likelihood that only one of the pre-vetted anointed ones CAN win. Therefore, they view a vote not made for Clinton as one thrown away.

My analysis is pivoted more towards the systemic corruptions that so unnaturally limit the voting pool for voters and STILL claim it's a Democracy.

I also take umbrage at the way the media gets to demonize or prematurely crown candidates.

I find the endless Team Sports analyses paralyzing and I think that's the point of them: any frame that is by nature antithetical and only allows for "2 sides of the issue" is destined to remain gridlocked (now and forever).

And I will continue to call out the use of stealth posters since their presence on this particular site flies in the face of its polled constituency.

In these times where Unfair Play has been refined to a fine art, and where corporations have the big bucks to pay people to pose as everyday commentators, many unfair advantages and prejudices can be tied to High Tech stealth performances.

Does THAT answer your question?

I am not a one-trick Pony. I look for the various causative factors that together work to generate events, outcomes, and even opinions.

This just came to me to make MY case clearer:

If you are hungry and you walk into the only open cafe where only Tuna fish sandwiches or steak sandwiches are offered... and while you prefer to eat vegetarian, you are very hungry...

Are you to be blamed for what's available on the menu?

That's how I view the comments that critique those who back Clinton.

People are largely TRAPPED.

At this point in time, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson are making more headway and there's LOTS of untapped fuel that could push both of them further. I hope that happens. But rather than blame The People for why they choose tuna or steak when they'd prefer tofu... I think those who control the restaurant should be the focus of any complaints.


"Obama aligns with big business"? Now there's a revelation!

The Great Progressive Fraud, Barack Obama, revealed himself immediately after inauguration appointing not progressives, but corporate/banker/wall street toadies and principles. We just saw HRC appoint her "tell" in the odious Ken Salazar, a supporter of the TPP, fracking and oil conglomerate, but before her coronation - same difference, both HRC and BO are NeoLiberal/NeoCon tools of business as usual and profits before people and the environment. The Great Corporate Hope, just another black sell-out empty suit.....

The arrogance of Obama to continue to ram the TPP down America's throat - with his RepubliCon allies - is only equaled by his utter contempt for all the major groups, experts in various fields, and individuals adamantly opposed to the TPP, and his rubbish justifications/rationale for the TPP!

The Trojan Horse threats of the TPP were known since at least 2013 even tho it remained ultra-secret until only months ago.


This is a little off topic, but: does anyone else think that ever since he has abandoned his man of the people pose and publicly gone over to the dark side, Obama is even beginning to look evil? Seriously.


Yes, people are trapped as long as they choose to eat at the restaurant rather than cook their own food. People finally deciding not to patronize a restaurant where they can't get what they want is where the hope lies for Jill Stein and other third party candidates. The good news is that people are finally being forced to pass the restaurant because of its lousy menu. Let's hope they don't starve before they get something good cooked up.


With Democrats like Obama, who needs Republicans?


I suspect that what is meant by ostensibly here is that Obama is said to be progressive although he is not.


I wonder how much Obama has been bribed/threatened to see this passes before he leaves office since the push is on? A cushy job. The library. A new home and a massive retirement package. All the above? Oh, and how much was the paid to protect Hillary for her criminal conduct as SoS since documents prove he knew what she was doing and failing to provide full disclosure on all those donors? It's always about the money.


The fix was in for her to win the White House before she became SoS. She knew what she intended to do with the creation of the Foundation which was make herself wealthy and be in debt to all those to "donated" willingly. She has to be desperate to win in order to make all those promises and bribes offered her, to make good on all of it. Can you imagine the nightmare of her losing and all those donors wanting their pound of flesh and money back? Gives me chills to think on that. She can't quit. They own her.


This was his job, period. Pass TPP and lay the road for a Global economy where the US eventually controls Eurasia. He was completely ineffective for 8 years on anything else.

Tobacco companies "complain" because they can't have captive audiences to kill. This is very telling of the mindset behind TPP.
"tobacco companies would be barred from using international trade tribunals to sue countries that restrict smoking."

A segment of the article in "Counterpunch" today summarizes the need for Obama's Global economy and TPP. TPP has made ground work and pressure to eventually bring in China and Russia into the fold.

"Compare Clinton’s speech to comments Brzezinski made in Chessboard 14 years earlier:

“For America, the chief geopolitical prize is Eurasia… (p.30)….. Eurasia is the globe’s largest continent and is geopolitically axial. A power that dominates Eurasia would control two of the world’s three most advanced and economically productive regions. ….About 75 per cent of the world’s people live in Eurasia, and most of the world’s physical wealth is there as well, both in its enterprises and underneath its soil. Eurasia accounts for 60 per cent of the world’s GNP and about three-fourths of the world’s known energy resources.” (p.31)"

So the push for TPP is all about tapping into the vast resources that America can get their hands on and control. TPP is the bridge to ultimately controlling Eurasia. SO no little surprise that American working class and poor are of little concern and quite frankly on the shopping block. We are a mere pittance compared to what prize awaits. With the largest emerging economy on the planet at their feet we could bare arms at the white gates and they will still try and find a way to pass this. They salivate and wet themselves at the shear notion of "About 75 per cent of the world’s people live in Eurasia, and most of the world’s physical wealth is there as well, both in its enterprises and underneath its soil. Eurasia accounts for 60 per cent of the world’s GNP and about three-fourths of the world’s known energy resources.”

It will not be tanks that roll in for a one world dominance, it will be corporations.

All that Cheddar.............


And yet a lot of the people posting comments since yesterday and since the video of Bernie speaking on the issues, have been focused on hatred and ugly comments towards him and US, those who will be involved and taking action on YOUR BEHALF! How do you expect to stand up against Obama's horrible behavior on TPP, when you cannot be strong in dedication to uniting and working together? Foolish.


There's no need for that. Think about it. Hillary Clinton worked very hard through 2015 to sell the TPP to Congress -- made some 45 efforts on behalf of the TPP, according to CNN. No one was surprised, since her husband had already stuck us with NAFTA. While HC was working on behalf of the TPP, liberal media began redefining Clinton as a "bold progressive." Democrats chose Hillary Clinton as their candidate, indicating that they have few or no objections to the TPP. This shows that there is simply no need to "smash" whatever opposition exists.