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President Obama Finally Gets It Right On Expanding Social Security


President Obama Finally Gets It Right On Expanding Social Security

Isaiah Poole

President Obama on Wednesday did a remarkable 180-degree turn on Social Security, and since we have been dogging him for his earlier failed attempt at a “grand bargain” that would have cut Social Security benefits for future seniors, let’s give credit where credit is due.

Here’s what the president said at the Concord Community Elementary School in Elkhart, Ind.:


It rather easy to "get it right" when it too late to have to do anything about it.


His actions belie his rhetoric...too little, too late. The Repugs will dig in and stonewall with hopes of putting one of their own on the throne.

I am very skeptical and cautious as I have heard too many Obama speeches with little follow up in action.


As long as tens of thousands of people keep showing up and chanting "Bernie, Bernie, Bernie" the incumbent in the White House and his party's designated successor (that'd be Queen Hillary in waiting) will pretend to agree and play the game of "me too". For Obama "it's legacy time" and for dominatrix Hillary it is making sure nothing goes a foul for her coronation in Philadelphia in late July.

At 74 Bernie has nothing to lose and nothing much more to gain than maybe one term in his political life no matter which office he holds. That too is a difference (besides the policy differences) that distinguishes Bernie from the rest of the field.


We can always hope he'll change...


Give credit where credit is due?

Poole, don't be a fool.


Meant to reply to the article NCAgal.


This is the same president who proposed the chained CPI which would have made Social Security
payments smaller. People are barely surviving on Social Security as it is now. Chained CPI would have devastated millions of people. He also extended the Bush tax cuts which benefited the wealthy more than the middle class and poor and increased wealth inequality. I would take what he has to say with a grain of salt.


Better late than never. Don't forget, the president has a large enough staff to start cranking out reasons why secure citizens are more inventive and productive, All it takes is to remove the cap on contributions and articulate a legal reason why this benefits those with a higher income.


We need to acknowledge that the media marketed to liberals have been part of the problem. Social Security provides retirement, disability, and survivors' benefits. Note that the Great Society was built on the New Deal. What came to be called AFDC, in fact, was first included in FDR's Social Security Act.

After ending actual welfare, Bill Clinton had just enough time to begin similarly "reforming" Social Security, starting with the disabled. As a result, the disabled became the fastest-growing group of homeless people by 2000. Benefits were restored after Obama became president, but with the renewed efforts to market Hillary Clinton for president, the Clinton Dems in Congress resumed their focus on phasing out Social Security. In 2015, they voted with Republicans to virtually end food stamps to the elderly poor and the disabled (cut monthly allotments from $115 down to $10).

Liberal media do their part in support of dismantling what remains of the "safety net," mainly be ignoring the consequences. Piece by piece, bit by bit, the Clinton wing remain determined to "reform" Social Security the way the "reformed" welfare -- out of existence, redistributing those public dollars upward.


For years, the theme has been that people become much more creative and productive when there is nothing to fall back on. Sink or swim. In our case today, the boat sank, and there aren't enough life jackets. Those who have a life jacket will fight to the death to keep anyone else from grabbing it. Instead of getting creative as a nation, we've grown increasingly primitive, clinging to survival-of-the-fittest thinking.


The times they are a chang'n. We are only moments into the dawning of the age of aquarius. Be patient. Mark my words. Something good is happening 'round here.


Yep .


Age of Aquarius won't start for another 100yrs--we may not be here then????

Another speech by Obama wow-----why not propose legislation and challenge the republicans to pass it?????? because the plan is for Hillary to gut social security----the bankers have been drooling for this money.

Notice the employment numbers reported today----how long can they keep the illusion going????

Democrats better wake up this will be a change election and Clinton ain't change. If the economy is going down who will take the hit in Nov.-------Sanders would win in a landslide---Clinton has been rapping herself in Obama and would pay the price--------And since corporate media seems incapable to have any coherent political discussion---I think this will be a big mistake Clinton being to close to Obama---again this will be a change election.


It's CAF. They wouldn't last a day without at least one teat of the Democratic party firmly shoved down their gullet. They've made a "think tank" career out of being serially wrong.


Oboma isn't changing------he calculates and knows he is o.o.t. . ---
7 and 1/2 years ---and he wakes up to the fact that the "legacy" , whatever that is
will be incrementally disintegrated by Hill or quickly vaporized by Bernie. At best a continuous joke by Drumpf.
So this is only all that is left of the forgotten "Hope"---does anybody remember that little thing? Obama only had to say the word "peace"--and he got the Nobel. the latest version is now "Expand S.S."--it bought him some praise in these threads, That's the latest Believe it or Not.

(O.O.T.=out of time)


He has discouraged anything like this for 7.5 years. Now he talks. The value of that talk? Especially coming from Obomber? Absolutely nothing.

When the last of the new deal is destroyed, it will be a neo-liberal that does it (and has been doing it), Repiglicans just can't get away with it, hence the rise of neo-liberals...


I think this is a ploy by the Democratic Party. An attempt to attract voters to eventually vote for Clinton. After all, when Obama wanted to cut social security he proffered legislation .. he isn't proffering any new legislation to expand Social Security.. What appears instead is a slick attempt to campaign before the Convention in Philly... I find it disingenuous at best.. and at worse insulting. Obama has no intention of following through.. IMO


There's no specific agreed date for the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. You will find a wide variety of dates offered by different practitioners.


Obama is allied with Third Way and Pete Peterson. He created the Catfood Commission. Obviously cutting Social Security was his "mission" when he took office. So we know his actual sentiments on Social Security.

He also did nothing about the criminal Bush Administration or the criminal Wall Street fraudsters. He also did nothing to push for fair and transparent elections. He increased leases for drilling in environmentally sensitive areas.

Trade deals! Obama fails to see the connection between the loss of retirement savings and the loss of good paying jobs in manufacturing.

Obama is a huge disappointment. His entire presidency has been directed by right wing thinks tanks. From everything I can determine Hillary would be even worse.

The people are weary of this fucking Good Cop, Bad Cop.


My cost of living (especially the cost of food) continues to rise dramatically every year, but it's been some time since I saw any increase in my SS check...