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President Obama Gives Shell Final Approval to Drill in the Arctic


President Obama Gives Shell Final Approval to Drill in the Arctic

Annie Leonard

Yesterday, President Obama said climate change puts Alaska at the “front lines of one of the greatest challenges we face this century,” and yet today he approved Shell’s plans to drill for oil in the Alaskan Arctic. The President cannot have it both ways.


Not the least bit surprising after the way that he and the other “Democrats” knuckled under to BP following the Horizon debacle…


My headline:



There is a story about an ancient arctic people and the coming of age of young man during a period when a group of marauders threatened their group, which the young man had seen and by which he had been arrowed while out hunting. The young man was an avid student, highly skilled and felt compelled to use those skills to protect the right of the group to stay and defend their land. After presenting his thoughts to the shaman of the group he collapsed into sleep. Later awakened by the shaman, during a discussion of the risks, what they knew, didn’t know; saw, and couldn’t see, the shaman suddenly clasped his hand tightly over the young man’s nose and mouth. The youth struggled to no avail and the shaman finally removed his hand. He asked the youth what he had taken from him by doing so. Clearly nothing had been taken, thought the youth. The shaman looked at him and said: air.

I look at the photograph with the article and am struck by the image of vast expanse of sea that feeds right into the pathos of the manifest destiny and terra nullis (land without inhabitants, no mans land) conquest mentality of predatory extractivist capital and the crews it employs including politicians. No conscience is needed - just follow orders and make pile to retire and tax free legacy for the next generation.

Not only is the invisible not seen, the painfully visible is ignored and willfully denied. When those ghosts begin to haunt, the holy grail of the spreadsheet is spoken of as if carved in stone. Externalized costs anyone?


Everyone has his price.


The US military and its corporate overlords in oil and gas are very much looking forward to the opportunities created by global warming:

All those melting glaciers make the sea more navigable for exploration and establishment of drilling rigs. Expect territorial disputes as well.


For all of his talk of energy independence and the dangers of fossil fuels causing climate change, he bowed to his “masta” hell oil. A foreign corporation using our natural resources for a tax exempt profit. World corporate politic in action! DI$GU$TING!


Obama is good, I mean real good at playing the con game. If I could think of a theme song that fits BO, it would be: THE GREAT PRETENDER!