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President Obama Needs to Intervene in Flint Water Crisis

President Obama Needs to Intervene in Flint Water Crisis

Wenonah Hauter

It’s hard to believe that in 2016, people in the United States are contending with poisoned water, but that’s the sad, frustrating, outrageous problem facing many today in Flint, Michigan. Although Governor Rick Snyder finally declared a state of emergency, the problem has persisted for over a year, affecting almost 100,000 people, many of whom will feel the repercussions of this for years to come in the form of chronic health problems from lead exposure.

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Obama is too busy promoting corporate tax cuts, TPP and his other “trade deals” to bother with this water issue.


What would that yahoo governor and yahoo legislature think if Obama declared a state of emergency covering the entire state, appointed an emergency Executive, dismissed the Legislature, brought in bottled water, provided public showers, and made the water infrastructure safe? If the state can not, or will not, stop poisoning its citizens, the Federal Government should step in, full force, no dithering around, this is serious stuff. Of course it ain’t gonna happen, elite politicians could care less about the welfare and lives of poor children or their parents. Eugenics never really left the U. S., it just went underground.


Does the Flint water disaster worry you?
Just wait until President Obama and our UK Prime Minister sign that notorious trade agreement between the USA and the EU, (the TTIP), Then, worry!. This treaty aims to take away your worker rights, as well as placing your environment at serious risk. Please get involved, along with the other 3 million of us who are fighting these treaties
I believe that although he will be disgraced, your Governor Rick Snyder may not suffer the fate that he would suffer here in the UK. Here we know how to treat such tripe. We wait a coupla weeks and then give them a knighthood, or similar honor.!


What’s happening is the beginning of deregulatory blowback.

Can the FED step in and take care of the giant methane plume not far from Los Angeles?

Has the FED done anything to alleviate the radiation gusher that’s still pumping lethal radiation into the atmosphere outside of Fukushima?

How much did the FED assist when B.P. penetrated the Gulf of Mexico bottom leading to that oil geyser that killed so much marine life?

And now, a city with poisoned water. The money that might have been spent to maintain fairly safe drinking water was dismissed and in its place a FAR more costly debacle has occurred.

This is the tip of the iceberg.

With unprecedented floods, fires, droughts, and earthquakes in formerly stable places… the fleet of aging nuclear power plants are sitting time bombs.

Unfortunately, the Republican majority in congress thinks that pretending there’s no such thing as global warming will cut costs! They’re so busy sucking up to their high-paying donors via cutting taxes on the rich that there are insufficient funds to take care of what matters. And what matters to most is basic security, as in national security.

Thus far, the term (national security) is reserved for building up a gigantic imperial martial force that goes about the world like some kind of drunken Goliath unleashing brutality and massive destruction (of lives & infrastructure) wherever it touches down.

But God forbid anyone even THINK of cutting the budgetary flow to this Beast!

Could our times be any sicker?

Could the best of sci-fi writers come up with any more diabolical plots?

NONE of this seems possible, and certainly not within the frame of what should pass for legal behaviors. And yet it is.

That’s what happens when so much wealth finds its way (through such elaborate, lobbyist-sponsored machinations) to the tippy top of the financial pyramid.

That kind of $ buys law, judges, media, politicians, armies, official stories, prisons… you name it.

…Help! I’m turning into Howard Beale… mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!


Obama siding with the people? That’s rich.


Question. Why in a country as wealthy as the USA is a city still using thousands of lead pipes to deliver its water?

I would have thought that umpteen years ago the city administration would have started a systematic programme of replacing its lead pipes with something a little less toxic. It’s not rocket science.

Which raises another question. How many cities in the USA use lead pipes to deliver water to households? Does sub-critical but low-level chronic lead poisononing explain the USA’s violent attitudes?

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You hit the Nail on the head. Thirty five years of Reagan Revolution brought us to this point. Libertarian Republicans are nothing short of Modern American Fascists.

“Privatization, Outsourcing and Deregulation” is about the systematic deconstruction of Civil Government via “Inverted Totalitarianism” (Sheldon Wolin)

I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more! When they throw Bernie under The Bus, and choose the Goldwater Girl (aka HRC) maybe all of this will become clearer.

We can only hope. http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/sheldon_wolin_and_inverted_totalitarianism_20151101


If Obama had any guts he would appoint an emergency manager to replace Gov Snyder. It would call attention to what has been happening in Michigan. The people of Michigan voted and won by ballot to get rid of this emergency manager law-Snyder and the legislature reversed the outcome of this measure.–Recognition to Democracy Now for digging into this issue. From what I understand an administrator at the EPA aided and abetted the Gov. in covering this poisoning of the people up.

Snyder should go to jail for this. But also this emergency manager thing should be front and center-talk about fascism. The Gov appoints his buddies to run cities of mostly poor people and steal the assets of these cities. Of course no one cares because its poor people. And don’t think others are not watching to see what Snyder is getting away with.

.** Fairgrove and Akron Michigan can not drink there water either. **
and there paying a water bill. No one cares to help the people.I think it’s very sad.

Headline sez: “President Obama needs to …”

It’s actually rather startling how many commentaries on this site have begun with those exact words over the last seven years. Somewhat less startling is how rarely the accompanying demand has been acted upon.

Turd world America.

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Thanks… I tend to forget the literary source, but the adage conveyed relates that when a century (or time period) features a continuous chain of tragedies, then nothing is considered as tragic any longer.

It’s the psychological equivalent of the addict who builds up tolerance for the drug.

My point is that human beings are being bludgeoned by so many repeated traumas (and those of us who have open “gates to empathy” certainly DO experience the refugee horror, the habitat loss to so many, the despair of poverty, the terror of spreading wars), that the reflex is to become inured. It’s a survival mechanism.

One could think of it as a tragedy overload with ensuing “Stockholm Syndrome” in response.

There are millions, if not billions, who believe in a God-source of redemption. And their prayers and supplications ring out into the ethers on a daily basis.

I have been the recipient of what certainly felt like Divine Intervention. A major car accident that left me largely unscathed, certain exotic travels where I did not cross paths with a rapist, money that arrived just in the nick of time… often from an unexpected source.

To anyone who’s had that type of experience, the sense that our universe is benign and that there is some form of Divine Order remains real.

Einstein said THAT was the fundamental question: Is the universe benign?

If thinking persons agree that it is, then so much calamitous violence conducted by empowered State Players has to meet up with redress.

I believe that the upping of the ante to dangerous climate AND earth/geological changes is going to do a lot in the way of equalizing the old power structures. They have spread misery, poverty, war, weapons, privation and brutal horrors to persons of color and too many of the world’s females. (Male laborers are also recipients of all the not exactly good fortune.)

It is not a moral or sustainable system. Yet it reflects what elite interests have for years been putting into operation using stealth, bribery, payoffs to elected “representatives of the people,” assassinations, rumor, official press narratives, and so much else.

This reign of terror is facing its expiration date. And I state this as one who has spent her life studying the LAW of CYCLES. They are as real as the shift between night and day.


Evidently, Michigan was long ago chosen as a sacrifice zone, in order to test the outcome of policies just like this.
At least “the game” is still on TV.

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Your last sentence spot on.

Very good question.

Yep. More of us need to come to terms with that.

Picture a US population of 3 million or more people living in a contaminated infrastructure area, pouring in just a few months, into a neighboring state. This Spring maybe? What could stop that at this point? Sure hope they don’t come to my house lookin’ for sky fairies.

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Obama can cry on cue all he wants but the evidence historically is that he just doesn’t care about us citizens (or those in other countries even worse). Flint is bad enough, but the methane leak in L.A. is as bad and has been going on for months, and there is no relief in sight for more months. Blues (cops) murdering blacks is on the rise and there is no involvement there, just more investigations that will go nowhere. Fracking? On-going, and he’s been silent on that which includes earthquakes, poisoned water supplies, etc. He never held the banking elites responsible for torching the economy or creating the housing crisis, so why is he going to be concerned about drinking water? He’s got a Kill List to study. More drones to launch. More crimes to commit. If he doesn’t give a sh** about drowned children escaping the horrors of war (by the US and the West), millions who have lost their lives and way of life, millions killed (and Bush did a hand-off to him so those killed became his legacy), millions of refugees who have nowhere to go (and the US isn’t about to take them in) why is he going to care about us? Sorry. He doesn’t.

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