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President Obama’s New, Long-Promised Drone “Transparency” Is Not Nearly Enough


President Obama’s New, Long-Promised Drone “Transparency” Is Not Nearly Enough

Brett Max Kaufman

The Obama administration released asummary today of the numbers of “non-combatants” it has killed outside actual war zones primarily through targeted killing strikes, as well as a new executive order aimed at creating new transparency and accountability rules for such strikes.


Don’t Drone You. Don’t Drone Me. Drone That Fellow Behind the Tree!


“For an administration that came to power on the strength of promises to unwind the Bush administration’s “Global War on Terror,” this remains a significant policy failure and disappointment.”

I’d call it what is actually is: A War Crime. And War of Aggression happens to constitute THE SUPREME crime against humanity since it entails all other criminal acts within itself.

Then, too, there’s the betrayal which is leaps more intense than mere “disappointment,” nor does disappointment capture the devastation to lives on the receiving end of those drones.

Many historians now explain that it was not necessary for the U.S. Military to drop bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, that the war was coming to an end and Japan was prepared to surrender. Furthermore, they understand with all appropriate cynicism, that the use of these weapons was done for show: the 20th century equivalent of hanging the town thief up for a week to remind other community members just what the rewards for poor conduct would be.

The drones work in a similar fashion. The random killing is part of the calculus of terror being spread by U.S. MIC forces under the guise of combating or correcting that very thing. It’s a psychological deterrent that essentially advertises the superior weapons at the disposal of those with the hubris to use them.

And this type of “Weapons Dominance” forces those within its sights to utilize far more ingenious means of combat like “the surprise element” along with age-old guerilla war tactics: the ones that WON in Vietnam to the chagrin of all of those highly decorated boy-men-soldiers-for-life who can ONLY identify with WAR as the force that gives THEIR lives meaning. And woe to the rest of the world!

Yesterday I was listening to “Science Friday” on Public Radio and the subject was traumatic brain injury. While this does occur in car crashes, it’s now become very typical in warfare, and of course, in football. What struck me was how insane it is to actually create contexts that would make brain injury all the more likely and THEN “search for a cure.”

The medical expert (I can’t recall his name) explained that even if soldiers were given better headgear, there was nothing that could pad the human brain from the skull and it was the battery that occurred between the two–like say when a soldier was close to some kind of explosion of ordnance–that was the problem.

Of course it wouldn’t dawn on those inside the paradigm that makes war inevitable that taking away the cause for those brain injuries might be superior to “seeking a cure.”

I feel the same way about the TONNAGE of toxic chemicals tossed into our air, water, food, and soil all to become part of our actual cellular biology. That so many people are succumbing to various forms of Cancer is no surprise. However, in the same way that Big Oil largely muzzled media–including The Weather Channel–never to utter the words “global warming” (until relatively recently); seldom to never is the link between this deluge of toxic chemicals and the STATE of OUR bodies mentioned. What we hear instead is all this pink cheer-leading aimed at supposedly “finding a cure.”

So-called “free enterprise” has been set free to poison people, make them obese, dull the life from their spirits, and burden them with often meaningless labors. Instead of creating a paradigm that SUPPORTS life from the ground up, out of this carnival of insults to our senses, we’re supposed to send donations to “find a cure.”

Like Lily Tomlin once said, “No matter how cynical you get… you can never keep up.” (Or something along those lines.)


“The government claims that it has taken into account credible reports of civilian deaths from such groups, but its explanation for the vast discrepancy — that it has “information that is generally unavailable to non-governmental organizations” — boils down to “trust us.” The government should not only take credible outside reports into account when releasing summarized statistics, it should investigate and publicly explain such strikes to the fullest extent possible.”

Let’s put the above in context.

While “The Lancet” estimated several hundred thousand killed during the Iraqi War, the U.S. “official sources” own up to far fewer “casualties.”

Although the Doctors Without Borders Hospital made its location known and made calls for over an HOUR, that facility was deliberately bombed or droned away; nor was it the ONLY hospital targeted as part of the “War Against Terror.”

This is the same government that manufactured evidence intended to FIX a case FOR war. It made sure that weapons inspectors like Scott Ritter and Hans Blix would be out of the picture or discredited.

In short, there is NO credibility when government forces have fused themselves–like Siamese Twins–to the Military Industrial Complex, that entity that receives a blank check, is never audited, is purported to have lost billions of dollars, gives contracts out to firms so incompetent as to cause soldiers to become electrocuted while showering and many other unscrupulous deeds.

That Trust was violated long ago. Winning it requires so total a course correction that within the existing paradigm such remedial action is rendered impossible.

However, Mother Nature has other plans for that beast of surplus hubris… in the form of what SHE will take apart to show men with guns just how IMPOTENT they are in the face of True Forces of Power.

Watch for falling debris!


Obama: Great! now I know everything I wanted to know about drones killing innocent people around the globe!

~ who were the innocent dead?
~ what countries where those killed from ?
~ any proof ?
WOW! our government is insulting our intelligence!