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President Obama Should Change US Policy and Normalize Relations with Venezuela


President Obama Should Change US Policy and Normalize Relations with Venezuela

Mark Weisbrot

From March to July of last year, the United States had what Reuters reported as its "most extensive dialogue in years" with Venezuela.

President Barack Obama even met briefly with President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela at the Summit of the Americas in April. Remarkably, given that Venezuela has never posed any security threat to the United States, this was the first time since Maduro's predecessor, Hugo Chavez, took office in 1999 that a U.S. president met with a sitting Venezuelan president.


This article illustrates just how much Obama is entrenched within the establishment. A strong leader would have embraced Venezuela because it is a shinning beacon of democracy in an otherwise Latin-American landscape pitted with corporate beholden plutocrats that seek to emulate the American oligarchy that we're stuck with north of the Rio Grande. It is business as usual in D.C. in which only corporate approved foreign policies are permitted. We can only hope that future President Bernie Sanders can end this international embarrassment and open serious dialogue with all those countries that corporate America has deemed 'enemies of the State'.


And if a Bernie Sanders presidency emerges, the entrenched oligarchy in the USA will think and act a lot like the entrenched oligarchy in Venezuela as regards honoring or disrupting democracy and society...


Let's take a moment to savor the dark irony of the following in light of the U.S. Presidential election (vote count, outcome, legitimacy or its antithesis) in 2000 and 2004... with this:

"Venezuela had elections for its National Assembly scheduled for Dec. 6, and the Obama administration wanted to do what it could to influence, discredit and delegitimize these elections.

"This was done primarily through an international public relations campaign that argued the elections would not be credible without monitors from the Organization of American States, who have long been heavily influenced by Washington."

U.S. forces supervising a foreign nation's election reminds me of banks that took 15% interest on our credit cards, and upwards of 7% on our mortgage loans added to a variety of late fees, membership rates, and other usurious tactics... and STILL lost money into the many billions... these same entities demanded that the public bail THEM OUT, and then turned around and insisted they still were fit to determine which citizens are worthy of credit, and how much!