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President Obama Wants to Continue Imprisoning Immigrant Families


President Obama Wants to Continue Imprisoning Immigrant Families

Michael Tan

The Obama administration doubled down on one of its worst immigration legacies: the return and expansion of family detention.


Family camps…stupid, wasteful idea. Still, most immigrants trying to get into the country illegally are not fleeing violence as much as they are seeking economic improvement. Same as Western Europe trying to deal with mass immigration from Eastern Europe. Our borders are already riddled with more holes than a swiss cheese, there has to be a better way to encourage people to stay in their own countries and apply for legal immigrant status.


You have zero empathy and very little understanding of what NAFTA wrought in those nations. And there’s plenty of gang violence… that’s the main reason why all those unaccompanied youngsters risked their lives on trains in attempts to escape their native lands. These lands were broken–politically, socially, culturally, and economically by Western intervention primarily in furthering the agenda of Corporations, i.e. Big Capital.


I figured I would hear from you Sioux. If I have zero empathy, then you have zero common sense. I imagine you are referring to “The Beast”, the special through trains that the Mexicans have provided to ferry all these people to the border from Central America. .Are you aware that according to studies something like 80% of the immigrants are robbed and 50% of the women are raped during their passage through Mexico? Are you good with this? What is wrong with the U.S. spending some of the enforcement money to improve economic opportunities in the immigrants home countries?


Our policies in those nations are much of the cause these people have to leave their homes. Who would leave their homes and risk all this crap if they weren’t fleeing for their lives?! If the US government would leave other nations alone, there wouldn’t BE the need for families to flee their own homelands.
Amerika’s chickens are coming home to roost, and all we do is roast those chickens for more profit. For-profit prisons that make billions on housing innocent families fleeing for their lives because of our atrocious policies, is as Immoral as it gets. But that’s the Amerikan Way! Profit above all. Especially above morality.


Well hmmm. So the cubans that wash up in their inner tubes for the last 40 years were fleeing for their lives? No, the Syrians are fleeing for their lives, The Iraqi’s are fleeing for their lives, the Christians in much of the Middle East are fleeing for their lives. but the Central Americans are fleeing primarily, not entirely, for economic reasons to this country. It doesnt have to be like this. Costa Rico is a stable, democratic state that attracts foreign investment including many high tech firms. They have a per capita income 6 times that of their neighbors (which explains why they have their own large problems with illegal immigration). There has to be a better solution than either throwing open the borders to the tens of millions that would like to come to this country on the one hand, and locking them up or sending them back over the fence to try again in a week on the other… Perhaps a funding of initiatives that the members of CRAFTA and Mexico would give the people opportunities in their own countries.