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President Obama: Will You Speak to the Civic Community?


President Obama: Will You Speak to the Civic Community?

Ralph Nader

Dear President Obama,

There is much commentary these days about your legacy and your continued strivings to further extend your administration’s reach in the remaining months of your second term of office. Your recent expansion of public land reserves and the large expansion of our country’s ocean sanctuaries in the regions surrounding Hawaii and Guam are described as part of your environmental legacy.


Of course it's a fine idea but, like the presidents before him (minus Carter), he would have no interest in doing it. Even if he were to think (reasonably) that it would be good for public relations, the mere fact that Nader recommended it would make it impossible to pursue. Power people, insecure by nature, are incapable of accepting suggestions unless they can present them as their own.


Obama may take you up on you're offer 'after' he leaves office Ralph, but he damn sure isn't going to address the "civic community" before next February.
Carter began doing the 'right thing' only after he left office because he, like all previous presidents, never do the 'right thing' while still in office.
A few have tried to do the 'right thing' while in office, but they were murdered for their trouble.


Speak? How about listening? That SOB doesn't even have press conferences. When was Obama ever confronted with an "uncomfortable" question by out craven so-called free press. When has he ever been publicly challenged, forced to answer questions about his assassination list, his bombing campaigns against seven countries, his boot liking support of Israel, Saudi Arabia? When do this son-of-a-bitch or even his press secretaries ever answer to the public. His entire MO is one-way communication. He speaks, we listen, no one asks questions.


Sorry, Ralph, but Obama wouldn't want to appear too progressive, right now, not with Hillary fishing for more endorsements from Republicans and former Bush staffers. It's that party unity thing, you know. Might want to check back with Obama after he gets his library built and a few speaking engagements under his belt, assuming Hillary hasn't blown us all to bits by then. Holding the meeting at a golf course might also be a good idea.


I have to suspect that Nader sits down and has a hard laugh after some of these.


Ralph, just sit down. After helping us get President W elected, your preachiness falls on deaf ears.


Non profits can't expect charity from corporations who by law are required to make as much money for their shareholders as possible. That is unless they can profit from their charity.


The election was stolen in Florida by Jeb Bush governor of Florida and their Sec of State. and then by Supremes. Not Ralph Nader.


Amen to that. Ralph Nader is a national treasure. BHO does himself a dishonor by pretending indifference to a very wise and dutiful public servant.


Obama IS working on his legacy by doing whatever it takes to get TPP delivered to his corporate paymasters before Janaury 19 so he can commend at least the $300k per hour for corporate speaking that the Clintons get.