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President Obama's Coddling of Saudi Arabia


President Obama's Coddling of Saudi Arabia

Jake Johnson

Much has been made of President Obama's lengthy interview with Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic, in which he argues that many American allies have become "free-riders" — allies content to receive military, strategic, and financial assistance while offering little or nothing in return.


ALL of our ME allies use the US as a source for arms, billions annually in foreign aid, political support, and turning a blind eye to their war crimes/crimes against humanity and/or repression of MENA populations/states under their economic or military control, domestic populations, or outright coups & destruction of functional stable societies/nations.

US politicians have been complicit to this state of affairs for decades and/or tolerant of the subversion of US foreign policy, including treasonous support for foreign regimes (read Israel) by Congress & WH.

The major players are Israel, Turkey, Egypt and the Saudis - victims include Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Yemen, and various minority communities without a state of their own: including Palestinians, Kurds, Yazidi, Tuareg, Houthi, and Bedou.

The war criminal aggressor states (including the US) are fully protected by the US, especially regarding ICJ criminal prosecutions and UN resolutions. Even when US citizens are murdered by Israel, or our own Navy (USS Liberty attack & cover-up) is attacked in an attempted Israeli false-flag op the incidents are swept under the rug, never condemned or fully exposed - the very essence of corruption of government by foreign states/powers!
When US elected officials commit these outrages the accurate descriptive is treason!


I would add NATO to the list. The French and English (and possibly the Germans) have a stake in the current Middle East bonanza.


I do not give a damn what the Saudi's threaten, as Bernie says. This can not be allowed by that cowardly traitor, Obama...
People who died on 9/11 and their families, and the hundreds of thousands who died in Iraq, along with American troops who died, for nothing ...deserve justice! The Saudi's should be held accountable for their part in 9/11., and their continued teaching of Wahabiism....which Bush (who once again LIED) said would be done away with after 9/11.
I don't care if the economy suffers because of the Saudis.so I have less money, ...how about JUSTICE (remember that word)....JUSTICE....FOR ONCE!


Rest assured, once the Kingdom is no longer sitting on top of 25% of the remaining easy oil reserves (about 25 to 30 years) we will cut them loose. Like an old skanky girlfriend, we will not even acknowledge that we ever knew them, as the pissed off Shiites storm their castles and chop of their heads and hands.
Good times. It's a shame we will have to wait.


Let's fly an airplane or a cruise missile through the front door of the King's palace in Riyadh. Nobody will ever figure out who did it.