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President Obama's Mortal Sin


President Obama's Mortal Sin

Bianca Jagger

President Obama is the first incumbent US President to cross the Arctic Circle. The purpose of his expedition was to "witness first-hand the impact of climate change on the region" and to announce new measures to address it.


Sorry to inform you Bianca, but Obama still serves corporate America first.


I was in Fairbanks the winter of 75/76...I can never go back, it would be too painful to see what we have destroyed...I felt it get to 80 degrees below freezing for 3 days, it never got above -80 degrees for 3 days, I cherish that memory because I went out in it, just to make damn sure I'd never forget, I still have the clothes I wore, museum pieces now, I guess


It's nice that Bianca cares about the environment, but I find ostensible liberals just now waking up to the pure rightist evil that is Barack Obama... I'll be kind and say that I find them a little naive.


As an aside, I find that photo of Obama standing haughtily in the pristine wilderness, hands on hips, very much akin to GWB, declaring victory in his codpiece on the aircraft carrier.

What pigs these meatuppets are...


Bianca has been an activist for a long time.


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The Empire will have its oil, period. The war machine used to enforce and police its dictates does not run on solar panels. Regardless of what the Master of Duplicity says, there will be no progress on cutting emissions until the Empire is disbanded and the war machine unplugged. Granting a license to Shell is just the Empire's opening gambit to exploit more of the Arctic.


Don't you realize that all that bombing, droning, killing and invading was all done for peace? That is why the anti-war movement committed suicide or went into a coma. The peace president is still at it with deals with Iran and Cuba and it is sold as making peace with those countries. It has little to do with peace but with the empire being able to do their business of taking advantage of the people and their resources.

Now some are upset with Obama because he did not hold true to his speeches. Where have these people been?


Bianca has been an activist for a long time.

I know she has. And that's great.

But it would have been helpful for BJ and other celebrity activists to have started resisting Obama publicly with his very first betrayals, in 2009.


Perhaps so but let's be fair, Bianca is not an American and has been deeply involved with Amazonian issues. Perhaps she did take a break from that vitally important work and send a shout out about Obama's betrayal but I'm not sure which forum would have published it or if you or I might have missed it if someone did.


As long as politicians take Big Fossil money for their campaigns, they will do what it asks. Trump is wrong on other issues, but he is right about that one.

Go Bernie!


I think everyone gets that Obama is two-faced and doesn't walk his talk.


"President Obama's approval of Shell's Arctic oil drilling has tarnished his environmental legacy."

You can't tarnish an oil spill.


" COP21 is the Presidents last chance to put his climate change legacy back on track."

May I ask: what climate change legacy ?


Bianca does a lot of good but she seems to be another intelligent person that has been conned by the consummate con man.


I was just thinking that exact same thing. Let's see...

Fracking the world? Coy silence on KXL? TPP? GMO/everything-cide agriculture?

Somehow I missed the good stuff.


Obama a contradiction-Orwellian-helping elect a rightest republican president in 2016 because of his con job. The first thing democrats should have done in 2009 was campaign finance reform-and they had the majority to do it---this is the austerity program we need.


I was in Anchorage in March and sweated through several days of 80 degree sunshine. Where the Mendenhall Glacier once resided is a glacial valley with blue green milky glacial runoff and the glacier has receded over 30 miles. Flying over Anchorage was almost like flying over California. Very little snow and ice.

I was also at the beautiful "Shell No" demonstration in Portland OR. when we tried to detain the newly repaired ice breaker from going to Alaska so that sHell could drill deeper. Many of the demonstrators are facing fines of over $2500 for their action to attempt to save the planet. Thanks to Obummer's political bullshit lies sHell will pollute the arctic and the world will suffer further tragic climate change.


Obama tells us what he thinks we want to hear and then acts oppositely.