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President, Plague, Bungler, Camera, TV

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/24/president-plague-bungler-camera-tv

This really goes beyond Trump. Trump is merely the conservative to the nth degree version. Thomas Franks’ (2008) The Wrecking Crew: How Conservatives Rule lays it out in great detail. Appoint incompetents and wait for the results (Heck of job there Brownie). They want to break government so its functions may more easily be privatized, such as Social Security, in which privateers from the likes of Merrill Lynch can help workers chose the “right” investments for them (here the them is the latter, of course). Sure, the corporate Dems are not much better, but at least they don’t have the ueber loyalty to party thing that the Republicans do. Blue tsunami is the best bet for this cycle. Next cycle needs to find a bluer blue.


As the extreme right looked down the road at their demographic demise; ya know, the dire situations facing white people, especially males, the Big Questions stuck out like large neon signs.
How best to eliminate " the other "? And, gain more wealth and power, simultaneously? Can the levers of The State be pushed, and pulled, to build a framework and structure which nurtures these goals? Will impeccable planning be sufficient or will leaders need to invoke the magic word, predestination.
The answer was, of course, to be found in the past. A new, and more refined, version of The Plague could very well do the trick. With a little nudge from benign neglect, for good measure.
Well, alrighty then. Let the Big Game begin, then.
" Kill them all and let God sort it out. "
Christopher Columbus
Sir Francis Drake
Gen. Robert E. Lee
Gen. George Armstrong Custer
Et al…


This craven fascist sociopath CANNOT be allowed to remain in office until Nov. At this point I believe that even the republicans understand this. The deployment of secret police stormtroopers across the country, in a blatant attempt to intimidate his opposition with terrorist tactics, is the last straw. The Powers-That-Be either find a way to remove the greatest threat that the country and the constitution has ever faced from office, or the whole country needs to shut down until it happens. We need to produce a viable threat of a general strike; shutting down all financial centers, all transportation and shipping, all government offices, and caging all Homeland tactical squads in their barracks until new leadership is installed. We can start by walking up to the Biggly New Fence around the courthouse in Portland and putting our chains and locks on it. Thank you for making it so easy.

Really, all it takes is enough people to decide to ‘just do it’.


Next cycle to please find Kaleidoscope of truth.
Enough with the monochromatic corruption.

I generally appreciate this writer/journalist but this time he has missed the steamboat. Like too many on the MSM luxury liner, one side is convinced a landslide win over DT will begin a “new normal” back to "normal:. Sorry. That is an opium dream. Of course, the other side is the cult hooked in DTs BS who swears he is next to God and the best monster, oops, godlike human the US has ever known or will ever know. Both camps are wrong. A landslide victory is not going to get him out of the Oval office. And he is a Destructor-in-Chief who has destroyed the US as a country world power and Americans as discardable trash. He has destroyed the US globally and turned the US into laughingstock, but worse, a FP threat to a global collapse.

Invading the Chinese embassy in Houston is illegal ad also an act of war. The reverse would never be tolerated by US officials,.which shows a complete lack of respect for China as well as the rule of law and international law. The US seems to want an alliance formed with other countries to rein in China(and Russia and Iran and Venezuela)) as it attacks them all, refuses global cooperation at the UN, denigrates world leaders, etc but wants to do the “deal” as long at it benefits the US. WTF is wrong with this? Everything. China, Russia, Venezuela are not the problems. DT and his rogue gallery Administration of outlaws are the problem. Guess What? A Biden win, a landslide DP win will not fix this mess either. They are no better at governing than DT is and that is one helluva statement. WTH, a blowout by the DP will be over and a bad dream in 4 years and the GOP will return even more rabid and insane.

The fascist repression by trump goons we are witnessing in Portland may be a turning point; forcing at least some Americans who have stood-by as they did not have the truth to guide them, or resolve enough to join the protests - sometimes one must act - this is that time!.
The linked story of two veterans who saw the truth, who stood-up to the masked attackers and witnessed their mindless premeditated violence attacks on ordinary protesters up close and personal, being viciously attacked with chemicals and batons, can be (and has been) a catalyst for other vets to see and understand what is being done to our nation and society - violent attacks on the Constitution for political gain must not be tolerated!

Those masked goons do not "understand what an illegal order is - military officers are required by law to disobey illegal or unconstitutional orders."
“Assaulting an unarmed protester who is exercising their first amendment rights is illegal, that’s an illegal order”