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President-Reject: Don’t Say His Name


President-Reject: Don’t Say His Name

Randall Amster

This has to be a bad dream, right? Perhaps it’s the fault of shadowy hackers who juiced voting machines, spewed fake news everywhere, and/or exposed the Democrats for being—well, Democrats. Maybe it was just old-school electoral skullduggery designed to suppress the vote in strategic locales. Or perhaps it’s a plot by plutocratic climate deniers to implement their laissez-faire agenda and reign supreme with a free hand once and for all.


With Trump being president of the US there will be no way to deny hem attention. The problem for the people on the left is that they are deeply divided. This will help Trump and was probably an important factor why he won. However, I don't see how people on the left can unite against Trump. The divisions seem too deep. Bernie Sanders tried to bring people together during the general election without much luck. It appears the people on the left will have to do the best they can taking on Trump while still divided.


I like this idea!! It takes psychic power away from the minority Prez. You are onto something, Mr. Amster. Building alternative avenues for individuals and communities, as they lose the modicum of benefits they have currently, or for the environment and resource usage changes that we so badly need to address climate crises, that will be hard.


Dump the Rump! Boycott all products, hotels, casinos, anything associated with him! Do not walk in front of the buildings. Cross over to the other side of the street, walk across the length, then cross back. Let the sidewalks in front of all Rump properties be empty, unless you are holding a protest banner.



The problem is not that the Left is deeply divided.
The problem is that too many people willingly accept right-wing corporate friendly candidates.
Vote Percentages:
Right Wing Hillary Clinton 48%
Right Wing Donald Trump 46%
Libertarian Gary Johnson 3%
Left Wing Jill Stein 1%
Even assuming that the remaining 2% are Left wing, that only leaves 3% of the population as Liberals or Progressives.
Our Country has lost it way and has willingly surrendered its Freedom to the Right-Wing Demigods.
Welcome Big Brother - We Love You


The Republican Party rigged the election through voter-suppression. It is documented here how several states' results were changed in favor
of Trump by stopping over a million people from voting.


Trump did get millions of votes, almost enough to win in the electoral college. That brought him in range for cheating to go the rest of the way. But he did not actually win.


This seems to have been a little brainstorm by the author who wanted to produce an article because that's his income. Come on. You can do better than tell Americans not to say his name or talk about him. I can't boycott his products because I never could afford them anyhow.


Nearly half of registered voters didn't vote at all---most of them either disaffected or disenfranchised. That's a huge bloc of people!


I'm not sure I concur in the thesis here. It's an attractive notion -- I suppose narcissists do hate to be ignored. But brand-centered egomaniacs hate negative feed back, as well, perhaps even more. I think he is more vulnerable when criticized than when ignored. Every time, he, his cabinet members/appointees,or someone in the Republican party says or does something stupid, he should be called out for the stupidity -- and there should be plenty of opportunity for that. I think that will have more impact than ignoring him. It will also cause him to lash out, make more mistakes and provide more ammunition for more criticism.

The one thing that should never happen is to treat him with any sense of normalcy or to do anything that validates him.


Actually, I am working on developing a meme: when ever anyone says anything particularly dubious, I tell them that it's a load of bulltrump. I figure if we say it often enough, the (barely) subconscious association of the name with what he's really like will eventually set in.


The loathe that dare not speak its name


Amster is definitely on to something. You don't give a 4 year old what they are having a tantrum for and it really is a lot like that. Take away the attention and they are forced to change their behavior to get your attention.
I have been turning the channel every time his face appears since he first ran for office. There is nothing to hear, he's a con man.
Getting the press to back off, except for important issues, would be the trick.


I tend to agree with you. Treat him like the 3 year old he acts like.


He didn't offer up any "hows" other than "do the opposite" whenever possible.
I like the idea I heard on the radio last week, of playing along with their games! If he changes the tax structure to benefit one class, join that class! In name only of course. The same goes for any attempted persecution...join that group! I have studied religions my whole life and my opinion is that it's all bullshit dogma made up by folks seeking power over others. However, if he tries to start a Muslim registry, then this catholic raised man will become a Muslim!

For starters the best resistance is to organize labor, which really needs to regroup. The lords of business have dissected every class of worker and considers us to be resources to be used and then discarded once depreciated. It is at the point where manufacturing has gone and now professionals need to create, join and/or grow organizations affiliated with each discipline like he trades have done and respect other trades' strikes.


Randall Amster states his beliefs coherently. However, since Donald Trump heavily invests himself in media and opinion-shaping then it would seem likely to use this to the advantage of 'we the people'.

Stated variously, by philosophers, civic leaders and men of conscience like Edmund Burke and JFK: "For evil men to accomplish their purpose, it is only necessary that good men do nothing.”

One of the few 'lawful' things that can be done at this precipitous moment in time--because DJT is an avowed Twitter-pater--is to ask all your social media contacts to flood @realDonaldTrump, every day with concerns, demands, etc., and don't ever stop!

Perhaps, if enough of us cause a non-stop deluge of our concerns he just might start rethinking his programs, just maybe.


Sounds like a quote from Harry Potter: "He who must not be named."


It was a play on this

I had no idea as to its origin. I assumed it was from some romantic
novel or film.


It might be worth a try, but we must ask ourselves one question. It seems to me that any twitter activity is a distraction from the job. Do we want more of this, or is the calculus here that it may cause him to cease that behavior or take it underground?


At the recommendation of another commenter, I've been reading the book "The Sociopath Next Door," by Dr. Martha Stout. While somewhat of a "pop-psych" perspective, the woman has extensive experience treating that and similar pathologies. What she describes implies strongly that the writer of this article is on to something. Most sociopaths and just about all narcissists absolutely HATE to be ignored. It is their life's work to be recognized for their cleverness and "intelligent" behavior. Manipulating other folks' emotions and actions is a crusade with them. Even the ones who hide, like mass murderers, require some twisted social interaction to complete their mission.

It has occurred to me that one of the strongest ways to get Trump's attention is by turning one's back on him, in silence. For ex., during the inauguration ceremonies. And this strategy can be extrapolated to media denial of the constant attention he craves.

Dr. Stout claims that she has found that the one salient characteristic of sociopathy that looms over all others . . . the one way we can recognize these destructive people . . . is not what you'd think, but our PITY that they go for ultimately. When all else fails, when the rest of us begin to wise up, they prey upon our pity, often crying real tears to appeal to our compassionate side. Don't be fooled: it's totally manipulative. And it usually works. Witness how Trump tells us that "everyone is out to get him." His Twitters after SNL to protest that they misunderstand him and that he's being crucified.

This is vital behavior for him and all sociopaths. Without giving him that attention and pity, we will withdraw the support and adulation that he so craves and exaggerates even when confronted with many exceptions that he is not loved by all.

What does he do in the face of all those turned backs? Throw them all out? What does he do when he can't find any news about his marvelous self?

This alone will not destroy Trump, nor his political agenda. But it throws a very large screw into the works, enough for a loose cannon like Trump to waver, and possibly alter his tactics into a direction more productive for all of us.

And hopefully, we can get to this before Trump invents his own media and makes even less of this possible.


Like "he who should not be named" in Harry Potter, I have not used his name since November 8th. I choose insults as better than simply ignoring the simpleton. I'll call the idjit anything but president. My favorites list: Infant-In-Chief, the Dumpster, Der Pumkinfuhrer, Mango Mussolini, Mango Mephistopheles, Tangerine Tyrant, Tang Tyrant, Ochre Ogre, Corrupt Crush and a few more.