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President’s Budget Would Cut and Radically Restructure SNAP Food Benefits


President’s Budget Would Cut and Radically Restructure SNAP Food Benefits

Stacy Dean
President Trump’s 2019 budget proposes to cut the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly food stamps) by more than $213 billion over the next ten years — or by nearly 30 percent.


By any other name this is a subsidy for profit-driven, predatory, deplorable, nutritional deficit militarized/weaponized agribusiness. IT IS UNSUSTAINABLE

Local farm Gleaning networks and Co-Ops are well worth becoming informed about.

Inform yourself and fight institutionalized Food waste built into the system


How many people out there have experienced true hunger? It gnaws at you so you cannot think of anything else. It can drive a sane man crazy. It is what the fascists are going to do to children right here in America while you sit and do nothing.

You will be as guilty as they are.Oh wait, I forgot…you are going to vote them out. Gee I am so relieved…not. While you pretend, people die. Get your heads out of your asses before it is your turn.


Why don’t we speed this process up ( no need to do this half-a$$ed ).
They should open a hunting season on poor people. You’re income would determine how many killing tags you get.

Seriously, I’m just about to my breaking point. So tired of a new threat to the poor every freaking day.
It’s time to encourage the wacko’s.


Perfectly understandable.

I can just imagine, but don’t really want to do so, what is in those boxes. A clue is the simultaneous cutting of the Nutrition Education. These folks rant against government controlled healthcare since single payer would actually benefit people and not the corporations but are the first in line to determine what we eat, never mind how much of it.

I eat only one meal a day and spend SNAP on healthy foods–fresh, organic and, yes, have noticed the look from some folks on the register line staring at me and what I buy. They don’t think the poor have the right to be healthy and buy healthy.

I think you meant it’s time not to encourage the wackos.


I don’t know you’re situation, not trying to preach. For you’re health, please look in ways to augment you’re diet with you’re own grown vegetables. Even apt. dwellers can grow greens for salads in containers. If you’re able to do this, it could possibly free up snap resources for other foods you’re unable to grow.
I like you’re posts, breaks my heart you only eat one meal a day.

I was referring to the wacko’s who might rid us of the scum who invent these heartless policies, not the jerks who look down their noses at you in the checkout line.


But…but…but…we can’t spend money on the poor. We have missiles and bombs and grenades and bullets and jets and tanks to buy!!!

What? Do you want to wreck our fine war economy by insisting that we actually take care of the poor?