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President to Help Dem Lawmakers Strategize on Saving Obamacare

President to Help Dem Lawmakers Strategize on Saving Obamacare

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Aiming to stave off Republican efforts to swiftly repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) upon returning to Capitol Hill next week, President Barack Obama will meet with congressional Democrats on Wednesday morning for an urgent strategy session.


I already know the republican plan. It’s called “personal responsibility”, a catchword euphemism for the most vile social Darwinism, a law of the jungle created by the haves who fashion themselves the lords of creation. In other words, if you are too poor to afford health care, FUCK YOU AND DIE ALREADY! And, if you must die starving and in excruciating pain, so much the better. Now get your cancer-ridden hand out of my pocket and let me finish my $1000 bottle of wine. The republican plan in a nutshell.


Well, that pretty much sums it up…


well, that’s a timely strategy…

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One thing is for certain. Obama is strategizing to save the individual mandate first conceived by corporate think tankers at the right wing Heritage Foundation, and to ensure the corporate servicing core of the Democratic Party remains absolutely committed to kill any resurgence of a “public option” or any move whatsoever toward any utterance of Single Payer Universal coverage.

He wants to guarantee his legacy of having secured corporate sanctioned healthcare delivery for generations.


At this point in time do you have a better plan? The past is past and the lack of public option, while agreeably misplaced, is water under the bridge. If Obama is working to protect his legacy isn’t that better than doing nothing and allowing the Republicans to sink the whole healthcare ship?


The most extensive increase in coverage has been Medicaid, where accepted by the states. The public option, when considered, was also a part of the individual mandate requirement. Real benefits were obtained for real people. Bernie introduced, and withdrew, a single payer amendment because it quickly became a poison pill. The alternative, the only alternative, to individual mandates is a single payer system. Which has never come close to a vote in any congress. Horse before cart. People really want single payer, they gotta elect people who will pass it, and a president who will sign it. We are not close.


What a ridiculous rhetorical question.

Whats your plan there buddy? Detail it for us all and then provide a pdf file with steps to follow, AND don’t forget to throw in some power to make it all happen.

The reason we don’t have a public option has every-clucking-thing to do with the present, and every-clucking-thing to do with Obama who guaranteed in private, that there would be no such thing.

What you are doing here, is apologizing for that sordid reality, that the TRUTH of the matter is there is complete corporate control of the current power center of the Democratic Party, whether you intend such apologetics or not.

How that power CURRENTLY relates to WHAT legacy Obama will work to ensure survives HAS EVERYTHING TO DO with formulating any political strategy by the masses to counter such.

Without a solid understanding of how gargantuan the betrayal was by Obama and other Corporate servicing Democrats, then no actual political strategy can be employed to counter such.

ACA represents on of THE biggest scams every unleashed on the US citizenry. The individual mandate will remain, and the Republicans along with corporate servicing Democrats will kill what good there was in the bill, such as expanded Medicaid coverage. Medicaid coverage that was so poorly drafted in the bill that many millions who would have been eligible were denied such coverage by right wing political hacks, mainly identified as Republican governors.


Since we are having this debate all over again then it is time to push for Single-Payer:


Some education on Single-Payer



As I just stated in another comment, the reason why Medicaid has been denied, was because the bill was so poorly written in the first place, regarding such.

The reason it was so poorly written with such gaping holes through which corporate lobbyists could pass, has everything to do with how the corporate sellouts in the Democratic Party worked with the Obama Administration to craft the bill along the lines of what the Big Insurers and Big Pharma wanted in the first place.

The sordid details of such have been reported on extensively, relative to Baucus, Fowler, and the rest of the revolving door individuals between Baucus’s Senate office and the Big Insurers.

The individual mandate WAS NOT the only model proposed within the envelope of a corporate profit driven system. The employer mandate was the model that Obama ran on, until of course he got in the White House. He also ran on the public option until of course he got in the White House.

“Real benefits were obtained by real people.”

Related to justice, and healthcare needs of a nation of almost 300 million, with over 10 percent of that population lacking any coverage whatsoever STILL, is like feeding the masses nothing but molded bread, but insisting that the bread between the blue fuzz is nonetheless nutritious.

I’m not picking a fight with you, however I have been impacted greatly in my middle life years by not being able to afford healthcare coverage, and being relegated to yes, Medicaid (at least I have that) at overrun urban clinics where tests get lost, appointments not met, and there is no wonder as these workers are stressed to the limit and get little pay.

Having friends in Austria and Germany to compare healthcare stories with, is even more of a human insult.

I’ll never forgive Obama for such a betrayal, nor should anyone else having realized such in their life experience.

Ryan has even worse in store, yes. So I suppose I should take that as some kind of medicine to cheer me up relative of how the oligarchs of both stripes have royally screwed everyone.


Not going to happen in the near term.
Obama is right to be pushing to save what we already have. The ACA has always been a foot in the door on the way to single payer so right now the fight is to keep a foot in the door.

Yes, for me it was being overcome with chronic physical pain which led me to walk away from a job I could no longer do and losing my home where I could no longer afford the rent, and moving that enabled me to get coverage. Prior to that I did not cooperate as my premiums would have swallowed up almost my entire food budget–no kidding.


How so? This is exactly the time to be fighting–when it seems impossible. It is going to take a lot of educating the public, door to door that is for sure.



The ACA was a bridgehead on the way to single payer. Right now the bridgehead is being attacked and needs to be defended, not expanded. This is war and so being you don’t take more ground than you can hold and defend. You also don’t wallow in regret over mistakes and lost battles in the past. The future is forward and the strategy is based on the reality that exists today.

My story is very similar to yours, regarding how I lost my income at a job I had worked at for 15 years. “Quitting” on “good terms” isn’t exactly beneficial compared to if I had simply been fired and then been able to collect unemployment.

Finding out what dimensions “being between a rock and a hard place” can take, and in the later years in life, has been and still is a slow moving crisis.

I’m still working toward some kind of income I can make with my limitations. Still keeping a roof over my head but not sure how long the generosity of family can hold out.

I wish us both luck.


Right now we are fighting to keep what we have. Hopefully those who voted for Trump and benefit from the ACA will raise a fuss. Fighting when it seems impossible is a last stand. As long as we hold a position we need to defend it and then stabilize it before going on the offensive.

Remember Trump saying “Thank God for the uneducated”? Trump supporters are best educated by the school of hard knocks not logical arguments.

When I was in my late 50’s I was fired for union organizing but also my age along with many other older colleagues . The employer, a non profit ‘spiritual’ center, said we were laid-off so we were able to get some pittance for unemployment. But guess what? When I was forced into early retirement because of pain I discovered that my SS was reduced by a good deal. The conscience and heart of too many ‘Americans’ is a hard as the pavements of its streets.

Wishing you the strength of unfailing courage.


Actually, a public option would have been such an opening toward single payer, and that is THE REASON Obama killed it behind closed doors, at the behest of the Big Insurers and Big Pharma.

Wallow in regret?

You have some nerve to put that bullshit on me.

I have had to live in utter hell the last 6 years since having been injured, and that injury occurred after my employer cut my hours prior to my turning 50, because her rates on my insurance were going up, and that gave her the reason for dropping my insurance, that I was not longer working full time hours. When I finally did get some coverage, some moldy bread tossed my direction in the form of Medicaid, after two years of waiting for that part of ACA to engage, all of my chronic pain had become essentially set in stone in my system. Like if you don’t tend to an injured foot, you can end up with life long back problems.

Stuck with decreased income at the same time needing medical care, made my life a living hell and I still struggle with all of the implications that followed from that, including being suicidal and the rest.

If you want to approach this issue like your sitting in some clucking think tank, go ahead.

Go talk to someone else about embracing reality.

In the meantime, criticisms of WHO Obama is, relative to his motives and his corruption borne of corporate servitude are absolutely relevant to the discussion that needs to be had on “moving forward”.


I wish you luck, and I mean that.

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I thought one of the Republicans arguments against the ACA was that government would be deciding whether people live or die. Wait, doesn’t repealing the ACA make life a government decision for some?

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