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President Trump and His Businesses: Not So Separate After All


President Trump and His Businesses: Not So Separate After All

Max Yoeli

President Donald J.


Actually, the biggest problem is that his business is his brand, is his name. Having commercial real estate across the globe that's labeled "Trump" provides both the opportunity and the undeniable appearance of conflict of interest. It cannot be fixed. And we cannot accept it. But we can start with the lease on the Old Post Office building, which he violated on Jan.20th, and probably before as the scramble for bookings suddenly turned into overbooking. We're being distracted from it all.


Fascism is the merging of capitalist corporate and government interests. Mr. Trump is the personification of this, i.e., he's a fascist.


The naïveté that runs through this article promulgates the notion that Trump is "normal" and he most definitely and demonstrably is NOT. Bribery, collusion, coercion, lawsuits, and baksheesh are all established practices of his empire and integral parts of his corporate canon. He is 70 years old and knows no other way to conduct himself or behave like a decent human being and will not change even with a gun being held to his head. Besides, he has gotten away with it his entire life...why change now? Not in anyone's wildest dreams will the diabolical demagogue divest himself of that which he worships/covets most in his life...not gonna happen.


Right on!

His goal is not to divest. It is to acquire.

When the government of the United States is a wholly owned subsidiary of Trump Enterprises, he will have succeeded.


Nobody saw this coming whenTrump first threw his Hat in the Ring?

They make you jump through more Hoops if you just try to get a job as a Mailman.

Of course, the fact that Political Office Holders Unethically Profit from their Positions sure isn't anything Rare, or New.