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President Trump and the Crisis of Governance


President Trump and the Crisis of Governance

Robert Reich

America is in a crisis of governance. There is no adult in charge.

Instead, we have as president an unhinged narcissistic child who tweets absurd lies and holds rallies to prop up his fragile ego, whose conflicts of financial interest are ubiquitous, and whose presidency is under a “gray cloud” of suspicion (according to the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee) for colluding with Russian agents to obtain office in the 2016 election.

He’s advised by his daughter, his son-in-law, and an oddball who once ran a white supremacist fake-news outlet.


Yes, Yes, Yes! Prof. Reich--we KNOW this. So What more do you suggest? We the People cannot impeach--that's for Congress, which you just described as the negative of what it's supposed to be. More Demonstrations? More letters to our Reps? More Town Halls? Inquiring minds want to know.


"for colluding with Russian agents to obtain office in the 2016 election." Atta boy Bob, keep it up. Join Michael Moore, Rachel Maddow, Bill Moyers, etc pushing us closer to a Nuclear confrontation with Russia. What the heck, who needs the planet anyway?

Hey, you lost the election. Get over it. Making Putin and Russia the enemy is a dangerous game. You are playing right in the hands of the neocons/war party who want war.....forever!

Shame on all those contributing to what could mean the end of it all.


If Trump runs the country into the ground or even triggers a nuclear war, let him. This is what the buffoons voted in to office. Give them what they want,


Are you really that clueless? The Trump campaign worked with a undemocratic foreign power that worked in all sorts of internet-psychological ways to get Trump elected - and it is Trump, not Putin who is being attacked here (Putin is worthy of attack, but he outside of US legal jurisdiction - although some of the criminal hacker-scammer-thiefs he employs - like that guy caught in Canada, are not). Had it been 1980 and Pinochet or the Argentine Junta were directly helping Reagan to get elected would you still be dismissive of them too?

And no, there is no danger of a nuclear war with Russia. We are going after Trump, not Putin. It's the Russian people's job to go after him.

And why does the US-left love Putin? I guess they loved the Philippine's Marcos, too?


Robert, you had me at, "unhinged narcissistic child."


Surely you jest Gerry. A nuclear war?

Might as well cash in your 401K now and have an 'End of the World' party.

No. It would be better if a 'Martyr' stepped forward.



Shame on anyone who votes for the Duopoly ever again.

Both parties Establishment hate each other so fiercely, this should never be a basis for our governance.

Hate breeds more hate.

This is why America maintains 700+ Military bases.

They call it 'Security.' I call it Empire.

The need for dominance all around the world is literally killing us in more ways than one.

We need to dispel with dominance. We need to coexist.

When I was a child I played with little plastic Army Men. When I grew up I put away childish toys.

The Duopoly never grew up.


Please, everyone, look for Greener pastures.


I fear you may be the clueless one. I guess you're not paying attention to the recent troop build up aimed at Russia.

"Britain is taking a leading role in the Estonia Battlegroup, while other nations are deploying troops to Latvia, Lithuania and Poland as part of Nato's Enhanced Forward Presence battalion."

If your wish is to have all out nuclear war, you may get it.


Why sure. Let Putin do whatever he wishes, cause of your nightmares.


You will have to ask the Baltic states why they are taking this defensive posture. The topic here is Trumps breathtaking levels of corruption and the US left's strange support of it, out of an absurd fear of a nuclear war - when in reality it is Trump who is the biggest threat of the use of nuclear weapons.


Dear Mr. Speechless,
You said, "Hey, you lost the election. Get over it."
I say, "Not so fast".
Let's first see if the Dems lost the election (or was it rigged?
If its proved that Trump won it fair and square, I think most people would "get over it".
However, if its proven that Trump won unfairly, guess what? Trump would NEVER accept it...he said so himself before the election.If HIllary had won, Trump and his supporters would have been up in arms crying foul with conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory.
Its this hypocritical double-standard of all things Trump, that irks me more than anything else.

So, hold on to your horses and be prepared to either accept Trump as a legitimate president (after the investigation is over) OR accept that he is illegitimate and make him go quietly into the dark never to enter politics again.


Until the investigation is their anyway we could block some of this executive order or Supreme Court nominee


I have to simi-agree with speechless. Hillary was going to go after Russia/Putin and that is just a fact not clueless. Both party elites are war mongers except for a few sane ones.


What would the US do if we had aggressive troops on our north and south borders? Our neighbors?

Sorry our nightmares are warranted, US empire over stepped it reach and arming Russia border is one of those oversteps.


I think people on this board forget, or won't acknowledge, that the US is an Empire, bent on full spectrum dominance. Look at what we did in the Mid East. Destroyed the place. Not one country there a true threat to the US.

I detest Trump, but he's one of the few to call our foreign policy what it is; and was trying to change course. God forbid! Make peace with Russia? That's unacceptable.

And all these liberal democrats getting in line to further the Empire's agenda. Pretty pathetic.


You hit that nail on the head kathrynh1. Reich's sure aim spoke truth to power in a superbly concise and telling piece but ...um? Then what?

I agree with you that we as a people need some concrete mechanism to rid the country of this scoundrel but what?

Maybe Reich is calling for more demonstrations and maybe he is calling for more than that? Are we really at that point so quickly? In any case, I am joining with all the others who are calling for impeachment! Why aren't the Dems going all out against Trump given the mounting evidence? The Repubs would have forced an impeachment hearing weeks ago.

The world as history tells us is in great flux. Too much destabilization causes cracks to appear in the dam that holds back chaos.

Trump seems hell bent on creating chaos and usually such 'royal' recklessness is amply repaid by history. What worries me most is that as we head into catastrophic climate change that an arrogant fool like Trump will precipitate a crisis through his reckless policies even after his term in office.

Maybe those who seem to be suggesting more (whatever the definition of more is) are right.

To paraphrase - Let's not go quietly into that long night of climate change.

Let's not go quietly into chaos!


You seem to be deaf to the many threats Trump has made against foreign nations. All Trump cares about with Putin is sharing the wealth they hope to gain with assorted "deals." Pretty pathetic.


You seem to imagine that democrats have some kind of magical power.


I know that after Bush/Cheney that the Republican Party was dead in the water and the Dems allowed the Repubs to reinvigorate themselves and then they were soon stymying Obama and taking over again as if nothing had happened.

I do not believe that mainstream Dems mind what Repubs do. At best the Dems play this game of 'I tried to fight the Repubs and lost but I managed to get at least this much!' Except that they usually get the pyrrhic minimum. The Conservative Dems side with Republicans so often that respect for the Dems as a party is being destroyed in the public' mind. Repubs will recklessly threaten to shut down government and a host of other legislative dirty tricks and Dems just wring their hands and give in to the Repubs.

It is getting to seem like the Dems are like a very shy and weak willed person who doesn't like to argue that has been appointed your lawyer at your murder trial and is facing a bulldog unethical prosecutor.